Saturday 30 June 2007


Dogshow in Borås, Runes was going to make his first practices to judging dalmations today for Eva Mjelde, Norway. I decide in the last minute to go there with him even if I still had some fever and was very tired... It was raining like hell and I braught three winter coat with me and lot of clothes. Two hour later in Borås it was summer!!!!!


Devlins son "Bruno"           Bosson son "Gizzmo"                     Devlins daughter "Milda"                    Devlins daughter "Molly"  



Four young sisters after "Tutta" and "Devlins"                                Rune watch and learn.




From the beginning it was kaos in the BREEDINGGROUP........BUT in the finalcompetitions we became BEST IN SHOW 2 !!!!!!!



Friday 29 June 2007


At 11.30 when Rune and I was ready with all dogs for the morning we have to wake Ellie up because we were on our way to Lidköping to shop and Rune was going to his hairdresser to cut his hair, and ask if she can cut Ellies fringe(lugg), while I was buying  some presents from Ellie to Jennie and some flowers of course....Jennie have asked me to by salmon and make dinner (the same as we eat on midsummer) she say she will try to come to us to eat and take Ellie home...she is crazy!!


Eating breakfast in Lidköping                           Best Mummy in Whole World is MINE               Top Model in Lidköping





Both Donna and Jills stitch is now taken away        Jenny is showing her boyfriend HER puppy *S*!         Donnas litter 15 days.      


Thursday 28 June 2007


Ellie and I was in my store some hours, it was raining all day and in the evening we looked at some family movies. Jennie was send home from the hospital and she and Ellie spoke to each other in phone for a long time and Ellie was very happy about that. She went to bed with a smile in her face.....tomorrow they will meet again.



Wednesday 27 June 2007


Today we have entered most of our dogs to the specialshow in Ljungbyhed 21 and 22 July, a very nice place ...and we really look forward to that weekend.

We called the hospital and asked about Jennie, everything went well so far with her but they have to give her some extra blood  during the day.

We decide to go shopping to Skövde and maybee buy us a navigator because we are thinking about to enter to more dogshows in Europe, and East Europe. We find one that seams to be very ok on discount, and at the same time we bought a DVD camera, our old one is broken. and then Ellie got some new clothes and she tricked Rune into a toy store...so he HAD TO buy he a movie and some other things....*S*

Then home to make dinner and Jenny was here some hours to look for Donnas puppies, she will have one of the bitches in this litter. IF there is someone that she likes *S* (she already love them all).

Later Hanna came her after she stopped working at 22....to kiss a little at Chrissie and HER puppies.


In Skövde shopping....................Europe here we come!...............Jenny and her bitch from Holland, Kassie.


We have tested Chrissi´s litter here at home for hearing and my beautiful first choice bitch is probably totally deaf.


Tuesday 26 June 2007


My Brave Daughter.


Poor Rune, up 6 o´clock to drive Roy to Landvetter Airport close to Gothenburg, we haven´t slept more than three hours...tooooooo little as always! I planned to sleep until he was back about 12 am...BUT one of the Timanka dogs (of course) try to make me crazy...until 8.30 he try to play with the other dogs that want to sleep, and he bark att them all the time and run in and out all the time that my headace almost killed me....then I was so awake and angry that I couldn´t think about sleeping anymore. The meaning was that Ellie would go home this morning to Gothenburg, BUT she have to stay here because her mother Jennie will have an emergence  operation this morning. Some weeks ago she decide to give herself a present, and was operated on a very wellknown and recommended plastic surgery clinic, to make a makover of her body, they cut away 6 kg fat from her waist. She have not been afraide to do anything in her life, and she is 34 years old now and make her own decitions...I have begged her to wait with this huge operation until october or november, because I was so afraide that this terrible heat this month will give her an infection in so many wounds that was necesary afther this op. After ONE DAY they sent her home....she had lot of pain..and try to sleep as much as she could, but the problem was that she could not sleep on her back for all stichs and not on her stommac for the wounds was all around her body....oh my god...my crazy daughter,....."Vill man vara fin....får man lida pin", / "If you want to look nice, you must pay the price" ...that has always been her motto even if it hurts like hell!

We understand that it was not that easy as she thought it was ( she have looked at every  program and makeovers on tv for many years, and it is not often you se problems after operations, but of course it happends she was completley clear about that).  We got an sms from her after 20 hours ...I die... Ten hours later...Don´t do this.....And SHE NEVER admit that anything is difficult......we talked to her every day and we understand that something was wrong...the wounds on back was no problem at all almost healed after 10 days, BUT at her stommac there was an 40 cm long wound that was infected an opened up more and more each day, I told her to emidiatelly show it for some other doctors..please this is NOT ok, at sunday she been at hospital and they told her that this will take months to heal and then thay have to start to do plastic surgery on this awful wound.....ok she say....and say that she know that one person at 1000 cases got problem, and this time it was  unfortinally me she said. I was so very afraid for the inside inflammation you have not belive me if I told you what it lookes like, even in your wildest dream you haven´t seen anything like this. It weld up fluid as soon as she try to move....

Yesterday afternoon she was back at the clinic again....and this time the plastic surgeon was really stressed and told her that they will EMIDIATELLY operate her again.....I have to go back home and close my tv, and take in my rabbits she says... They say NO, but she did it..anyway!!!! This morning se was re-operated at Sahlgrenska , one of the largest specialist hospitals in Sweden.

Thay have to cut away very much sick skin, and operated  in a tube with a pump in the open wound now, and she have to have it like this for many months, and the pump is in a bag that she have to carry day and night all the time.



Jennie 7 year ca with Pongolands Urci Will and today Ellie 7 year old a copy of her mum.



Monday 25 June 2007


Up early to ask the vet if it is time for us to take Donna and Jills stitch today, but she told us to wait two days more. Ellie and Rune made paper frogs to play with in the morning, then they went in to Götene for a visit to the dietist, to buy lot of food to barbeque this evening for Skaraborgs Kennelklubs Committee Meeting here in the evening, later we will put up a large tent at the terass and make the table with lot of flowers etc. The meeting will start 19.30, Rune told me...fine I got a delivery for two weddingdresses at 18 o´clock and we really had to clean the house again.....and start to make sallad and more to eat. Exactley at six o´clock the first lady came, the meeting was much earlier than he remember...grrrrrr I still have so much to do, because I have lot of pain in my throat, and have some fever...I do everything very slow today.


During the day Ellies grandpa came with marsipancake (as almost every day) and she got the rose...Rune was jellous *s*.





Sunday 24 June 2007


Sun again most of the day. Jennie back home early in the morning, but Ellie stay with us for some days...  She love to be here, and order Runes bacon and egg every morning for breakfast *S*

A farmer close to us deliver lot of wood in the morning and then Ellie and Rune built on the pooldeck and cut all grass again..











                                   Ellie fall in sleep at half past eleven (very late for her), and asked only once for her mom! 


Saturday 23 June 2007



It was raining like Hell....the same as in Thailand when the monsoonrain is coming...and we are in Sweden, and it is Midsummer!!!!

So we decided to set the table indoor again...nothing else to do.

Jennie and Ellie came first, the dogs was so happy to meet them again, and Ellie is the best little kennelmaid..and hopefully a juniorhandler in some years.



Ellie and Jill                                                                 Donnas litter 10 days.




Favorite place for all guests/visitors.....



Friday 22 June 2007, Midsummer Eve


En skön Midsommar önskar vi Er Alla!



Idag har det varit lugnet före stormen...I morgon kommer Hanna o Jens, Rebecka, Jenny, Jennie o Ellie o Roy igen......då har vi tänkt grilla på altanen om vi nu får den färdig o om det håller upp så pass att vi hinner få upp det stora tältet. Sista dagarna har regnet strilat ner i o för sej bra för trädgården men nu räcker det på ett tag.

Satt o uppdaterade dagboken tills kl 5 i morse o gick upp halv nio igen så jag kommer bara att lägga in lite bilder från dagen som varit...är ganska trötta efter att ha städat tre timmar i morse innan Nathalie o Jimmie o Roy o Jonnie var här o åt en tidig middag.   

Jimmie o Roy jämförde sina bilar!



Nathalie gosar med hundarna................Vackra blommor från Carola...............Chrissi med valparna o Storken som kom med dem!



Jimmies nystrippade bil. I den får man inte ha skorna på, men han går gärna in hemma med skor på fötterna..suck!


You are NOT allowed to have your shoes on in Jimmies car, but HE always go into my house with his shoes on *S*!




Några av Jonnies leksaker. Jonnies Toys..


Chrissi's Första cert, Bir o BIG 4 i 2004

Chrissi's first CAC, BOB, BIG4 in 2004

Neo's första cert i 2004
Neo's first CAC in 2004

Bonnie @ Clyde in 2004


Ellie o dalmatinervalpar  2002

Ellie & dalmatian puppies in 2002



   Thursday 21 June 2007


We woke up at 8 o´clock and had to go up immediately...because we had to go to the seamstress store,with the weddingdresses. But first Rune went to get all dogfood that we ordered yesterday.

I make breakfast to all our dogs, and packed everything that we need today, because we were going to see our friend Annickas dalmation litter before the puppies start to leave for their new homes, and help her to take nice standing pictures of them *S*, she lives 100 km from us. First to a flower store to buy flowers for Annicka, my Mother and for Roy (my ex.) And for our own Midsummer table...I love flowers, and  buy toooooo much every week. My dream is to have my own flowerstore but NO, I have decided that it is enough with things to do now..*S* there is NO MORE TIME for that...

I am really a VERY lazy person....but I can´t stay still...always want to do something...making neckles....help people to find their dream dress for prom or wedding...try to find some new nice things to buy for the store...play  and be with my dogs, planned for new trips with our dogs, and planned for new litters in future. Look at other breeders homepage (but I still havn´t had the time..) try to hold contact with puppybuyers and breeders and friends....I have a problem that I never say NO....that is really a problem...and I feel tired all the time just to think about all things I have promised to do...

After visiting Annicka and her loveley dogs.....drive like hell to my mum 50 km more where we have ordered dinner at half past two...poh!!!! We have some of our dogs with us so we let them play when we arrived at my mothers place....Eat dinner...coffe...bla bla bla bla and help her to try a dress that she got from us today (it was her birthday)....Hurry, hurry again..on our way home...we need to be home before six when the store who had the weddingdresses close... After 30 minutes we realized that we are to late for that...called Roy to ask him to go there...no answer..probably he was sleeping, we know that he had been working since two o´clock last night..called Jonnie so he could wake Roy up.. because Jonnie DID NOT want to go to a store only for women *S*ok after 45 min both dresses was delivered at my home..VERY good.. Then we go to a supermarket to buy food for the weekend.....and later home..finally. Thank god that Hanna is living so close to us (800 m) that she always can help us with the dogs. (We love You!!!!) And Hanna is the owner of Chrissy so now it is extra nice for her to be here following her puppies.

We have started to feed the oldest litter now and started to look a little bit more on them tonight...and A MIRACLE HAPPEND HERE TONIGHT!!One of Chrissis malepuppy is now a FEMALE!!!!!  So it is 5+5 instead....of 6+4 *S*.

Clock is now over 3 in the night and we know that normally people is in their bed sleeping...but I´m sitting here at computer try to update a little, and Rune is eating chips and drink soda and look at a film that just started....some weeks ago I start to brush my teaths early in the evening so I only drink water after that....do You think that it was a good ide´....I think it was very good, but I forget it most of the time *S*!!!

Tomorrow morning we have to clean the house and clean up in the garden, at one o´clock Jimmie (oldest son 23) and his girlfriend is coming to eat dinner...he want the same food every Midsummer *S*and Jonnie and Roy eat here most of the days during a week.. Rune also have to finish the terrasse so we can put our new very big party-tent up before the rain is coming ...hopefully we can stay out in the garden...


Thank You All for Your concerne about Jill......She is Almost Well again!!!!




Wednesday 20 June 2007




Busy, busy, busy......Rune continue to build at the pooldeck....ofcourse there were to less of wood and some other things so he have to go to store and buy more. I´m on my way to my hairdresser to cover the gray autobahn in my head....as usual every 5 week. I really have no time for this today, but it was neccessary!!!!! First I went to a store and buy things for Midsummer....after 2,5 hour at the hairdresser I was really stressed, because I have costumer in my store at five o´clock!!!! Normally it takes most 1,5 hour! I was home half past five!!! But I called Rune (he was trimming three cockers at home, and he been at his doctor and at drugstore and at the sopstationen and throw lot of garbage, at the lady who helps me to alter(ändra) the dresses....and pick up two dresses for me) He called me because he forgot to go to the cateringshop and take home food that we ordered yesterday, so I have to go there too before I was home.... In the store for 3 hours, one of the dresses didn´t fit at all...back to the store and the girl tried it again and the seamstress (sömmerskan) change it but it was not better...we almost got panik...she will married in some day and her store is closed over Midsummer..Back home to my store and find some other dresses...now a white one that she remember that she liked first time...it was to big and we will try to change it quickley. Her friend changed dress too then, because they would like to be similar while they will married at the same time.. After two hours all three of us was very pleased about the result, ofcourse both dresses need to be changed (unfortunatelly)!

Rune was also on his way into the house at same time as me , and we started to make dinner, but first dinner for all dogs..... We were so tired and I was thinking about how in hell I will get the dresses ready tomorrow...... We went to bed tooooo late as always..about 3 o´clock...

And Jenny (friend and kennelhelp and owner of Expos sister from Holland and soon owner of one of Donnas puppies) thank You for coming here many tims every week, even if You live 50 km from here, just to be with our dogs and specially Donna....your favourite...it is so good to know that they have company when we are running in and out, some days, like this day. Last week when Donna expecting her litter Jenny took holiday from her work all week, and Martin her boyfriend have to take free too to take care of Kassie their dog because Jenny stayed her all the time, day and night, she don´t want to miss anything, and she was helping Rune, all hours at vet when Donna was caesarean.We are so happy to know You!




Tuesday 19 June 2007


I woke up with a terrible headache as usual...and realized that I had slept almost ten hours, that was not good...Rune was snoring in a bed at the other side of the room and nobody of us have heard anything from the dogs..probably all of them have slept well all night for the first time last weeks. Even Diamond and Rolex was still asleep.... I looked at Jill and she was still in her bed, but she was shaking her whole body and looked very unhappy. Ok...up and take temp on her....no fever today, but what was wrong??? Took her under my quilt and tried to warm her up while Rune called the vet again... after 5 minutes she stopped shaking and relaxed a little. Half an hour later she and Rune was on their way back to vet again..they would like to take a x-ray of her stommac in case something is wrong.

I started to make breakfast for all other dogs and go to store to buy something for us..so we can eat when Rune is back..and I have to go to the drugstore to get more medicine for Jill....but first I had to clean up in the kitchen...I have to do that many times during the day but it is so much easier when the dogs are out...and the sun is shining today again so only Donna is here with her puppies. Chrissi is in one of our big halls close to us with her litter....her puppies are two weeks today and we will start to hearing test them during this week.

Now a shower for me and, hurry hurry....during the day many of young girls that have their first prom are coming back with their dresses to my store...so I have to dress up a little more than when I´m in the house with all dogs *S*!!!

And still waiting for a call from Rune what the vet find out about Jill........


Rune called just now and something was wrong....it  seams that nothing could pass through her stommac so she have to stay there...during the day...poor Jill..she is so unhappy without us.


18:30 Jill is home again!!! Probably Constipation (förstoppning)...was her diagnose...and they give her extra fluid, enema...and some injections so we hope everything will be ok with her now.

The sun is still shining...I have been in my shop for two hours and Rune is now making dinner...I hope he will continue to build our new terrace after dinner because we have promised to barbeque there at Midsummer Day with some of our friends and family...






Monday 18 June 2007


  All puppies are well, and they grow a lot every day........Chrissi and Donna is in very good condition and take care of their puppies perfectley... Even Devlin is a very good babysitter.

But Jill who was sterilized at friday got fever today and started to throw upp everything that she try to eat.....when I was out with her she started to scream when she try to pee. My poor sweet darling......this was not good at all. I called the vet and Rune already started to drive there while I was calling...At the vet she got injections with antibiotic and something against the pain, every medicine we try to give her she throw up after a little while because it haven´t had any effect for her...

During the evening she eat a little, but after some hours she throw it up all over Rune that was trying to sleep beside her in a bed at the floor in the kitchen (the kitchen is almost 50 sqm) and we live our whole life here everytime we got puppies..it is because we don´t want to leave newborn puppies and mom´s the first weeks. We have everything that we need here two TV, one where we make food and one where we sleep and eat, so we don´t miss anything *S*, the computer is here, everything to drink and eat. Telephone and everything that we need during the day and night. We have large windows so we can see the other dogs when they are out playing..and they can see us. Just two meters to a toilet and three meters to the indoor kennel.




Sunday 17 June 2007


This morning....I woke up to a loveley smell of dogshit ....when we finally fall in sleep last night the puppies continue to play some more hours...*s*





Under dagen kom det flera som ville hälsa på oss...det tyckte vi om.





Vi fick även gå ut i den hemska rastgården där det fanns bamse STORA lejon på båda sidor som ville leka med oss, fast matte tyckte det räckte med nya bekantskaper för idag....så vi busade med pappa istället resten av dagen.







Saturday 16 June 2007


A day in hell, but it was worth it!

My birthdaygift was to go to Amsterdam and bring our 2 new puppies from kennel Gwynmor home. I got up half past 3 in the morning and went to the airport, Landvetter. I was there 1,5 hour early, but it was a line out the doors for check in with SAS. I tried to check in on the machines, and realized that I forgot my mobile in the car. I had to bring the cage back to the car and get the phone with all the flight information etc. Back again and try to do the check in. Not possible! Then it was only to go back to the looooong line and hope for the best. I realized that it would not be possible to check in in time standing in this line and asked for help. A friendly person helped me, but said it was too late for check in. She still managed to do it and checked the cage all the way to Amsterdam, but I was only checked in to Copenhagen. I ran and dropped of the cage and ran to the securety control. It was 200 people in line before me, but I ran through and was allowed to go first. I only had wallet, mobile and camera, but didn't get through the scanning! I had to take off my shoes and when I was cleared I had to run without my shoes to the gate. All well! At Copenhagen I had to check in my self to Amsterdam and had to wait in another line again. I was checked in 5 minutes before departure and when I entered the gate, they had checked me in wrong! I was checked in back to Landvetter and they had taken away the reservation for the puppies on the journey back! So at the gate, they had to check me in again to Amsterdam. Ok so far so good, but I had to contact SAS to re reseve the transport for the puppies. I had an economy ticket, but was placed behind the economy extra seats, so I got breakfast even if I should'nt. Thank you! Well at the airport, I was waiting for my luggage/cage, but it never came. Then another line to report missing luggage. Now I had some hours before Annemiek and Rhys came with the puppies and could relax a little, but of course contact Annemiek to bring another cage just in case.

At 13 o'clock Annemiek and Rhys came with the little ones. They where very tired so we let them sleep in the cage, and sat down to have a cup of coffe/Coca Cola. Henk that bought Gwynmor A Shadaow in A Mirror, came to show me his puppy. Thank you for letting me see him. It was nice to meet you and Shadow. After spending some time together we said goodbye to Henk and Shadow and went for the check in. More problems. They could not accept 2 puppies in 1 cage! But as they lost my cage we could not do anything about it. After a lot of discussons, it was ok. They tried to check me in all the way, but it was not possible, so I had to check in again in Copenhagen. I said goodbye to Annemiek and Rhys and went for some taxfree shopping and everything seemed to be ok for the rest of the journey.  I had only 45 minutes to check in and go to the gate, and I belived that it could not be any more problems so it wouldn't be any more stress! I could see the puppies was transported into the plane and was very satisfied with that.


 Well seated and ready for take off - did I say ready? It was problems with the brakes and they had to fix it before we could leave! Then I became quite stressed again. Now I also had to think about the puppies and what would happen if I missed the last plane to Landvetter and the puppies got to go with the plane to Landvetter or even worse if I got on the plane and the puppies didn't!!!! Couldn't take any more now. I called Florence and asked her to check for alternative flights etc. I did not want to alarm Annemiek and Rhys before I knew how it would be, and make them stressed about the situation. It took more than 1 hour to fix the plane and I guessed that the last plane to Landvetter would have left already when we arrived Copenhagen so I prepered my self for a night in Copenhagen! But during the flight they said that the plane for Landvetter was waiting for us because the crew had to go with that flight. I asked if I had time to do the check in and go with the plane, and I would not have the time. What will happen with the puppies, I asked. Most likely they will be transported to Landvetter, and I got angry and said that the puppies WILL NOT GO ON A PLANE WITHOUT ME!!! After a while they said I could run to the gate and it would be ok and the captain would personally make shure that the puppies would be on the plane with me. Ok out running again. My plane was next to our gate, and I ran there, but no one was to be seen. Then I ran the other way, but no staff anywhere. I ran back to the first gate, and a nice lady asked if I was Johansen! I've never been so happy to hear my name! She checked me in and then I asked about the puppies. She looked at me with a big questionmark on her face! She said go on the plane and I will make shure that if the puppies are not on the plane, she will take me off the plane. Finally I was on the plane and waited for a confirmation that the puppies was on the plane too. Then I could see that they carried the cage from the other airplane to my plane. I called Florence and said that finally it was ok. From there I had no more problems.

The puppies and I arrived at midnight in Götene after 20 hours of travelling. We are so satisfied with the puppies. They slept with us in the kitchen (as we sleep there to be close to Donna with her newborn puppies). Rolex and Diamond had a lot of energy after sleeping and travelling all day so it was no time to sleep for us either! In the middle of the night, I finally got my birthdaycake! Thank you Annemiek and Rhys for all your help and for two wonderful puppies and my beautiful birthday gift!!!




Wednesday 13 June 2007


Finally Donnas Puppies are here!!!


She got 11 puppies 3 males and 8 bitches, we have now 1 male and 7 bitches most of them are blackspotted.



Tuesday 12 June 2007


I called the vet in the morning and ask a little about my fright about why Donna havn´t started to get birth to her puppies..Don´t worry he say and ask me to call again tomorrow if nothing have happend.. During the weekend (when I was home and Rune in Norway on dogshow and at his brothers oldest son´s confirmation) she stopped to eat and more things that I think was a sign that she was ready to start. But yesterday and today she eat like a HORSE!

In the afternoon a man with a  machine was here to dig a large hole so the small fun/pool we bought will be standing a bit better. We have sold the caravan Rune renovate some month ago, so he have to drive to the new owner and deliver it. After that he was driving to Jönköping to a store that have almost 40% discount if You buy things there during just that night. He bought a shower to put up in the garden for very hot days, lot of duckboard for the pooldeck and fence for Hanna and Jens garden, they really need it for their dogs.



Carola and Hannie as puppy 2004.



Monday 11 June 2007


In the house with Donna whole day..still waiting for her puppies to come out. It was really hot, hot, hot. Poor Donna and Chrissi and Us. Rune called a store to buy an aircondition that will be very good (we bought one last summer, and it was really shit)..Ok in about two days they will delivery it her, thank good!!!!!!


Donna still in very good condition and play even if it is a terrible heat.


Sunday 10 June 2007


On our way to Norrköping at a Dogshow... Jenny home with the dogs...and Donnas temp was not low enough that I need to stay home. Today we have Expo, Devlina, Perfect, Jill and Darling with us..


Expo                          Devlina                               Milda



Perfect and Darling                                    Changing trousers beforethe final, with LOT of help!!!!!


Super final today too, BIS 2 Breeding Group!           




    Many thanks to Helena A, Helena B, Jenny A, Hanna and all of You that make it possible for me to show my breedinggroups!

And ofcourse to my Darling Rune that show most of the dogs, in a perfect way.


Congratulations to one of our Best Friends Mr Dragon himself,  his loveley bitch Spotnik´s Coffe Cream was Best Of Breed.





Saturday 9 June 2007


On my way to Dogshow i Vänersborg, only Expo was entered. Rune was home with all other dogs and the newborn litter.


Judge was Cecilia Ringstrom from Canada..almost 40 dalmations entered.


Expo Best Of Breed again and Ch Jilloc´s Hothouse Flower BOS (Topwinning Dal in Sweden 2003)


Jilloc´s Run Wild Run Free 7 w old..and then 14 month old today.


Citykids bitch after our Dennis from his last litter.   Handlers/puppybuyers on a hot day.   Hanna and Rebecka some years ago..


Jilloc´s Matchmaker fick sitt andra cert idag...här 7 v gammal. Second CAC today in Vänersborg.


Perfekt Ending of the day. BIS BREEDINGGROUP!!!!!



Friday 8 June 2007


Today lot of teenagers in Sweden celebrate their last day in Highschool, and end it with a prom.


Lot of girls have been in my store this week to take home their dresses they have bought or hired.


In the afternoon a garden party at Rebeckas home (Rune was still home watching for puppies)



Thursday 7 June 2007



We are now two days old...hungry and sleepy all the time..... 


The smartest guy..already AT THE TOP..on the best pillow in whole world. Mom´s warm and soft back....



Wednesday 6 June 2007


Back to the vet again to check that Chrissi really is empty. She was.






Tuesday 5 June 2007



Finally Chrissi got her puppies.


Everything started very good, but after some hours we understand that there were some problems because no puppies arrived.... I called the vet and she felt the same as us that is wasn´t ok...so we drove there and x-rayed Chrissi and saw LOT of puppies...probably  they hadn't had space enough to turn around and come out...and the first puppy was in a very strange position....  After 1,5 hours the vet got that dead puppy out, just have to tell You that Chrissi was wagging her tail almost all time during that unplesant treatment. The vet had never seen such a happy and friendly dog......when the puppy came out. Emediately after that it came two living and healthy  puppies......so we drove

home again and everything went perfectly well. Early this morning nr 11 came out, so we have now 5 males and 5 bitches...not sure of the colour yet..only know that the dead nr 1 was a blackspotted male.

Mother and children are now in perfect condition..

Late in the night vi finally Celebrate Jenny with her birthdaycake, she became 22 years old!



May 2007


Rolex and After Eight resting before their long trip to Sweden!


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