Thursday 31 January 2008



Storm and snow, it was really beautiful in the garden!


Inside the dogs played.




Gloria is always falling down...


Hallo....come up again!


Hey......think about I´m Your sister!!!!!!


Please move Your ass away from my face...it smell not that good!


Hoooly Shit...my ears are blowing away...puuuuh!!!!!


Some of the older dogs had Work Out too.


Jonnie say hallo to Donna, Bosson, Rolex, Sperm, Diamond and Star.




Wednesday 30 January 2008



This is specially dedicated to Jacquie in Scotland, I promise to not let You wait so long again for my Diary. Hope to meet You and Your dogs, sometime in near future!



Today we got a visitor from Scotland. He and two young ladies drove here to stay with us for some days (but as You will find out....they liked Götene so much so they stayed for 10 !!!!!!! days). It is hard to be popular *S*!!!

The trip here took them 28 hours on the road plus ferries and some times sleep in the car (there were no hotels open when they want to sleep).



Our new friend Mark showed to be very pleasant to get to know. It was so funny to hear about England and Scotland and the shows and dogs over there.

 I have never been there, and Rune have only been  in England once in 2001, but then Crufts was closed because of ........... In 2005 Rune and I was on our way there but Rune get caught in the custom because his passport was to old. He know that but he (as an expert) told me that HE do not need one to England. I have asked him for some months to please....renew it in case of........But absolutely not, it was not necessary.

So in the pass control they told us that only I can go on board at the airplane. Normally You can renew a passport at the airport for just that trip if this happened, but Rune is an Norwegian citizen so that was not possible for him. We drove in to Gothenburg to find the Norwegian Embassy, but it was not open.......Then we decide to go back home, No Crufts for him this time again.. I haven't been in mood to travel because my father was not that well then so this was probably meant to be, that we will stay home. Always a meaning with everything I say...and so it was. My father was very sick the morning after and he died three days later. If we have take the plane to England I have had to go back immediately anyway. So this was meant to be.....! (So Rune, that was VERY good that You do not listened to me this time, even if we loose lot of money. It have been more expensive to go back the day after without booking).


Because Mark was coming one and a half day earlier than expected nothing was prepared here (as usually)*s*! He and the girls were going to stay in our caravan so we have to move it close to our house because of the stormy weather. After lot of trouble and help we get it in right position.


We tried to pull the caravan with the small truck.



But we had to call Mr Roy with the Big King, then it was no problem (or was it the driver who was the problem)? *S*





After eating dinner (well actually it was breakfast, lunch and dinner for us at 18:00 o'clock) and a long day we all went to bed and slept well.




Tuesday 29 January 2008


Now I can tell You a wonderful news. Andreas have got his new heart some time ago and recovered soo unbelievable quickly this time. He is a fantastic young patient guy that we wish all good for the future and a long and happy life. And his mother Sissel get an extra star in heaven because she had sacrificed a great deal to stay with Andreas in Oslo for almost five months. It is not that easy with younger children at home and many dogs to be so far from the rest of the family such a long time.



Kai, Andreas and Billy (Jilloc´s Mr Perfect) 2004.              Sissel my crazy friend Ljungbyhed 2005.


Andreas is so anxious to go to dog show as soon as possible, and he is waiting so much for the families ordinary trip to Sweden this summer.

But he said that he and Kai probably come earlier.


We wish the whole family the best summer ever!


Today Rune did a new Eu control at our car, of course it was lot of things to repair even if we just have repaired it for LOT of money, damned!



Monday 28 January 2008



Hard to admit, but we and our dogs was sleeping most of the day.... And to You that have tried to call us, we can only say... PLEASE send e-mail instead, just now. Then we can answer them when we have time and energy. (Mostly in the middle of the night).


All snow is gone, but spring flowers is already here.




Sunday 27 January 2008


Up and away. One positive thing is that it was snow outside, it was beautiful.




Gloria was BIS 3 Puppy, Mini was BOB, BIG and in late afternoon BIS for Nina Karlsdotter.


In Finland at an International show Jilloc´s Stand By Me became BOB Puppy, Congratulations to Taisto and his owner. (In Finland there is no competition in the big ring for puppies so this was the best he can be today).


And Niina and Mette.......don't forget to enter Neela next time *S*!!! (J Scandal Beauty)


Jilloc´s Sperm Bank was there just for fun.



Saturday 26 January 2008



I was sleeping most of the day. Rune watched TV.


We have entered to a small show tomorrow but we just want to stay home.


Late in the night Rune get some of the dogs a shower, because he think that we should go to Örebro for the show anyway.





 Friday 25 January 2008



Last night we got an answer from the kennel were Oliver is/was living.


Oliver is dead, TWO MONTHS AGO, but they have not have the time to tell us!!!!


We are chocked, said, angry and VERY disappointed!





This is one of the reasons that I haven't  had energy enough to write in my diary for a long time (I know there are many that wonder what have happened here, thank You All that was concerned about us) This really knock me down as never before...so much more I would like to tell, but I'll wait for an answer from the Kennel first.



Hanna came with lovely spring flowers for me, sweet girl.




We have already decide to make dinner for Hanna, Jens and Roy tonight so we did. Even Devlin got chicken.



 Thursday 24 January 2008


Up early and back to the specialist south of Gothenburg with my heal string again.. Then to Ikea and did some shopping for Jimmies house that he move in to next week.



Father and Son, Devlin and Rolex sleeping at the coach.




 Wednesday 23 January 2008


Today I will get a girl to my store that will take the chance to propose to her boyfriend, because it is LEAP Year this year.


She had a photographer with her and we dressed her in wedding dress, veil and flowers. Can't show pictures of this yet maybe someone read here and then it is not a surprise for her coming husband anymore...



Rune and Hanna exercising, Devlina and Gloria didn't understand what they were doing...



Tuesday 22 January 2008


We are so proud to present this photo we got from Inna and Carl in Usa.


Disco with his handler, Greg Strong, In Cleveland Ohio.


He received Winners Dog & Best of Winners Award



Photo by:????








We are planning to bring our Oliver home again for the World Winner Show. The 16 of January this year he became a VETERAN, so it will be fun showing him here in the Nordic countries again as a veteran. He have been away from home some years and get some litters (six or seven) at kennel Pantera Unica. He was a little bit to heavy to get success down there and no one was interested of using him for breeding, as we were hoping for.


SUCH NUCH Curia´s Outstanding Oliver (Ch J A Man In The Mirror & Ch Perditas K    )



Some days ago my friend told me that she found some breeders that have been using Oliver for breeding 2005 and 2007!???!


And she was in contact with the kennel that have Oliver, because she is looking for a new male for breeding, and then she told me and said that they only have three dogs at home and no one was named Oliver??

Then we contacted the kennel but haven´t still got an answer. We are really worried, and Runes is going to fly down as soon as possible and bring Oliver home immediately! We don't wait until July now!




Monday 21 January 2008


I was in the bed almost all day, sleeping. I think I got fever and didn't feel well at all. Poor Rune have a meeting early in the morning and later he have to go for more dog food and some other things that we have to make today. In the afternoon Trumph Card was coming back, she want to go back with her family since a week when they were going home Rune told me. I feel so sorry for her even if she is happy to be with her dog friends and us here they really need an own family at this age.


In the evening I went to the bathroom and look my selves into the mirror OH MY GOOD!! I decide to put colour in my hair, and to take a shower....even if I was very tired. I feel a little better after doing this and then I went down to eat something for the first time today. We eat taco at 7 o'clock. I got 40 g ground beef, 20 g cheese, tomato, paprika, lot of salad and one small taco shell, that was good. No exercise today I was to shaky in my legs.


Sorry for You that I don't show You a picture of me today*S*, but lucky for me!!!


Trumph and Bell in there bed again.




Sunday 20 January 2008



Nothing new, just try to exercise a little and eat healthy things.


We got this lovely photo from Anita Whitmarsh of Harry and his little brother.


January 2008.





Saturday 19 January 2008



Nothing special happend today.


Rolex, Bell and Gloria want the same ball, Jill just looking at the stupid youngsters.


Devlin, Daddy, Devlina and Mini playing.



In the evening Trump Cards new owner called and say that they think it was toooo much work to have a dog again??!!?? This is the first time in MANY, MANY years that we got a dog back, and it is the worst thing I think. And this time after 5 !!! days. This was people that have had Dalmatians in the past and always dogs in there home so we are really disappointed! Poor Trumph, I'm sure that she love to have her own family, and when they called after two days everything was soooo good!?!




Friday 18 January 2008


Today I was in my store for some hours and Rune promise to make dinner when I was back. Ok I say, but nothing with lot of fat (which is his favourite food *S*).



He have bought white flowers for the table and made pasta with paprika and chicken filet with paprika and cheese in the oven. He made a special sauce for him self that he always buy from Norway. The dinner was really good!!!


Mini was hungry and want dinner too!



Thursday 17 January 2008


Talked to my doctor this morning, she would like me to eat some medicines because "of my age" to make me feel better, but then I will be more disposed to get cancer both here and there she said, so I decide not to......


The whole days now take time for us to make healthy food and eat it, I wrote down everything I eat and the doctor and dietist say it is impossible that I eat what I say and don't lose weight, probably an age problem too they say. I think IF I can eat this way I have to lose some kg in the future but the problem is that after 3-4 weeks diet and nothings happened with Your weight You get ABSTINENT and lose all control over Your self and start to eat everything You don't even like.....I know I have been there many times before. But this time I WILL CONTINUE....I hope*S*!




Jonnie took a photo of a Truck that was driving thru!     And he is busy with preparing the garden with a mini-digger.



Wednesday 16 January 2008


More fantastic photos taken by Pia Laurila of Expo!




Tuesday 15 January 2008


Happy to be home today with all dogs today. Talked to Trumph Cards owner, her new name is now SESSAN, maybe they think she is a little princess. She have been so curious and nice and they was really impressed. So happy to hear that, it is so much harder to leave a puppy that You have had in Your home for over 7 months, than a small puppy.


She was very curious here to...looking for something to eat on the bench in the bathroom.


Picture from Norway, Runes mother is now home with her broken leg. Collect take care of her.




Monday 14 January 2008



Today Ellie is 8 years old, Hurray!


Up after two hours sleep.....tired!!! Away from home 7.30 and directly to our vet to get a new health declaration for Trumph Card today.

We are going to go 250 km to Kungsbacka to a specialist osteopath to look over our Rolex and my heal string.

It was painful, but hopefully it helps we have to go there some more times for some weeks both Rolex and I, it is very expensive but hopefully I can show as much dogs as I want in some months, we have to wait and see.


Rolex is wagging his tail all the time *S*!


Darling lived 4 years with Veronica  that also work on the same clinic, they haven't seen each other since 2002, a special moment today!



We met Ellie at her school two o´clock.


Lovely flowers for a very nice Granddaughter!


Ellie would like to keep the Christmas tree until we have seen it.



Ellie opened Jennies Christmas present!                                      A new kind of rose.



Ellie wish herself a chocolate cake from her great grand mother with strawberries and cream, it was so thin that the candles couldn´t stand up.  But it looked just the way she want so she eat it up almost by her selves *S*!


Behind the flowers a painting of Ch Jilloc´s Jennifer Heart.



On our way back home we met Trumph Cards new owners in Gothenburg. She was so happy to follow them home today.


After that we drove to Trollhättan to meet Louice and Nils (her baby boy) and Darling was happy to see them...


Then one and a half more hour home...finally. We enter the house at nine o'clock in the evening. Thank You Hanna and Roy that take care of our dogs today.


Jonnie took care of Mini after she had an injury today!




Sunday 13 January 2008



Today we bought a Crosstrainer, guess who was the first person to try it *S* NO more cakes here!!!



                                                                 I gave Trumph Card a bath because tomorrow she will go to her new family.


She found her twin sister in the Mirror!!! Strange! Darling is also going back to Louice tomorrow, so then it is only 13 dogs left here.


We get so many mails with results from Devlins children and grandchildren all over, thank You all for sending this to us, some day we will put all offspring together here at our homepage so we can read and enjoy it year after year.


Ch Ottopoijan Thättimäkki was Dalmatian of the Year in Finland 2001 (Devlins Son)


Ch Marnellin Investimalies was Dalmatian of the Year in Finland 2005 (Devlins Daughter)


Ch Zabavan Uliana was Dalmatian of the Year in Finland 2007 (Devlins Daughter)


Congratulations to You All!!!


And he have only three litters in Finland, and many in every litter is champions and top winning in their countries.

We think it is really fantastic, and we are so sorry that we have to say no this week to one bitch from Finland and one from Russia that would like to come here to mate with him, when we decides those combinations earlier last year we really hope that he should be in condition to mate, but unfortunately not anymore.



We are proud to Present


INT & FIN & EST & LTU & LV & BALT & S CH BALTW-05 LVW-07 Zabavan Uliana


Congratulations to Breeder and Owner



Saturday 12 January 2008


Yesterday when I was at my dentist I walk out close to the library.....suddenly I was thinking about our House that is a very old property here and I have been thinking about to know a little bit more about the house. The owner before us have lived here for 52 years but before that we didn't know so much.

There were lot of books about most of the buildings here close to us, but the owner of our house in the 40 ´s  have to pay to get there houses into the book , so unfortunately I couldn´t find our house there of some reason they haven't paid to get Fogdagården into that book.

I got a phone number from a lady that work there to the home district association, so I will try to call there some day to maybe get some more information. But in another book we found a note about a lily-stone the only one in Vättlösa Götene should be at our property somewhere??? And we have already found a large grave stone in the garden behind our house. And between the barn and our house there is a underground storehouse with a door from one of the old churches here. The hinge and the decorations are from early 1400. And the very old lock is still there. This is soooo mighty!!!!! I have been thinking about to bring the old door into my house and put it up on a wall or something, I don't want it to be out there in the rain. I would like to protect it for the future!




Today we try to make a lot of paperwork, there is always so much that You haven't time to take care of.....why? (I know..it is not funny *S*) Rune was sitting at the computer many, many hours but I found out that he was looking for dog shows in Europe instead of making our bills and other dull things...



Friday 11 January 2008


Nord UCh SV-07 Export Selection The Astonishing


Picture by Pia Laurila, I can't even imagine how she can get Expo soooo calm on every photo???


Expo, our sweetheart, thank You André and Diana for this FANTASTIC dog!




Thursday 10 January 2008


                                                                                                     Photo by Pia Laurila.

Pia and Teemus two bitches and Expo.   



Than it was breakfast....guess who bought those to the coffe?


This is "Runes famous Cirspy Bacon fried in BUTTER!"                            Everyday he start with at least six eggs...*S*!!!


 There where too many dogs on the coach so Gloria have to stay with her hind legs on the floor while she was taking a nap!






Wednesday 9 January 2008


Today it was time to vaccinations again. We need lot of space when we are coming with six dogs at the same time.


Mini, Bell, Star, Gloria, Daddy and behind is Rolex.               And........WHO IS WHO........??? *S*





Every room was to small for us, that is why Bell is standing over Rolex so the other dogs get more space.


Cake Man is back today. I told him before his trip, PLEASE no chocolate!!! Buy some vodka for Rune instead, but of course

he forgot, and in the evening he came with more flowers and MORE chocolate *S*like if this was not more then enough!


We made dinner with Christmas food, because he have longing for ham and Swedish food for six weeks now when he was only eating corn, rise and some strange things. (This time in Asia there were no accidents with strange food, but last year he was at hospital after eating on palm leaves and was toxicated of bad chicken liver, I can tell You this was not the first time....*S*)


Daughter and father. Trumph and Bosson.                                  Jill and Trumph.



A looooooooooong Trumph Card.


Where is Darling?????               Look behind the garbage, close to the dog food *S*!


So good to be together!





Tuesday 8 January 2008


Last weeks we have renovate a bathroom from 70´s in a house, and today the plummer was ready with all his work, finally! So it was time for me to shop the last necessary things and for us to put all things together tonight, because tomorrow it have to be ready.


This is what it looked like six weeks ago.



Some small things are still missing, there will be a wider door of oak into the bathroom and a wall of glass to the shower, but the window in the roof is change and a little big larger so this small room feel so different. I love those kind of job!!!





Monday 7 January 2008



Up early to go to the hospital to take lot of test, blood pressure and more.... I think it is almost the same every week now..maybe it is so it is to be older *S*!


Got a new picture from Norway of Collect and Synnöve. Took a picture of Trumph-Card and of our hall.




Found those lovely photos from Tina of her Gonzo (J Speedy Gonzales)


A real Devlin son, with a teddy close to him all the time *S*!






Sunday 6 January 2008



Very lacy day, but in the afternoon we were going to Hanna (800 m *S*) it was her 26 Birthday today. Jens have made a very good dinner and a cake.


Jens was the chef for the dinner. I took picture of Rune and Jenny when she came, but forget to take a photo of Hanna*S*!


Under the table in the kitchen we found Tindra and Hjärtat.






Saturday 5 January 2008



Rune, Pia and Teemu drive away from our home at 6 o'clock. The dogs and I stayed in bed for many hours until they called and told me that EXPO got his last CAC today and he is now Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian =Nordic Champion at the same time! Hurray!!!


Photo by Teemu



Puppies J Super Model, Topwinning Trophy and Truly In Love





Pia showed Breeze today (Super Model) Jenny with Dezibel (Topwinning Trophy)



J Hole In One Cacib today, J In The Spotlight no ck in champion class, but he can run *S*!


And so can Expo too...


BOB Bell Amir Elegant Envoy Judge F Sommerfield BOS Timanka´s Moviestar.


I was happy to be home with the dogs today after all running yesterday I really feel it in my heal string. Rune slept together with Devlina as soon as he was back home.




Friday 4 January 2008



Dog show with Sandra Mashford from Austria. Twelve puppies first.


Most of the photos from today is taken by Pia and Teemu Laurila.



Our Daddy was nr 3 of three because he didn´t move well enough???     Winner of the class was a male from Pongolands.



Daddy showed him selves very well and when he didn't win he was afraid that I didn't love him anymore...but it was not hard to show him that he always is my favourite. After some meatballs he believed me and now we are looking forward to next show.


There was nine puppybitches, here J Splendid Choice, J Super Model, J Top Model and J Topwinning Trophy.


J Super Model was shown by Hanna and she was so happy for that and give her lot of kisses. Top Model behind.


The judge thought that most of the dogs here was tooooo fat today, but this it the way we want them.



Anyway I´m very proud of my new puppies and they have such a wonderful showtemperament.


In the end my Gloria was beaten by the male from Kennel Pongolands. The judge think he moved better and was thinner...



Pia and Teemu have drive 10 hours in snowstorm to try to get the last CAC for Expo, but he was only nr 4 in open. So we have to save the bottle of Champagne they have bring to the show till another day!


 Ekryda Nanook, Expo and a male from Ivarsbo.


Jenny, Helenas mother and Helena, Ellie eating and my mother.               Jenny and Hanna was dogsitter for Per-Owes dogs.


My grandchild told me that there were one more of me in the ring..first we didn't understand what she mean, but she showed me that one of my friends Jill and I have almost the same hair! Ok, we could have been mother and daughter *S*!!!!!! And Jill, next time we can dress in similar clothes and You will be a perfect member in my breeding groups !


Helle hurt her leg when she was running with Zacco, so Rune have to go in and show him in champion class and later on to Best Male *S*!


Three young bitches J Right Here Right Now, J Roses To My Lovely Angie and J Run Wild Run Free.


Milda got her first CAC today and became nr 4 Best Bitch!



Donna running in the championclass (Alphadirato Evedence Of Love).



Donna start to look at something and then Molly was curious what it could be......it was a hotdog hanging in the handlers hand *S*!!!




Faster, faster otherwise I bite You in your tail ...do You have bad condition??   Last round Runes tail/tie was flying he and Molly was nr 1 Best Bitch (later on BOB) and Hanna and Donna was nr two and she got the CACIB so both was pleased.


 Bitches from my R, P,J and R litter in the Breedinggroup today!



A Happy Day for Helena Milda and Molly (She was BIG 2). Congratulations from Us, Your Breeders!!!


After that we start to drive home again (Pia,Teemu and Expo was already there since many hours, sleeping in our caravan)*S*!


Two hours later we were at home and start to make dinner, it was nice to sit down and rest our tired legs.


Expo was so happy to meet all his friends.                                  Devlina take the best seat.




 I hope You haven't forgot me....I haven't forgot You....hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!!!!! And look.. I have brushed my teeth today*S*!



Ha ha, I have the possibility to be a champion soon....but not You!!! Your daddy have forgot to enter to the show tomorrow......





Thursday 3 January 2008


Today we expect visitors, so I have to go up early this morning. About 11 o'clock Maria, David and Little Rolex came from Västerås.

And they was so kind and stopped in Mariestad and bring our car back here from the work shop, so we do not need to go there in the afternoon to take it home. We need it tomorrow when we are going to Gothenburg for a Dog show.





Sweet Little Rolex is from Kennel Skvå in Norway he is a son after our Loverboy and CH Jilloc´s Puzzle Pice for Skvaa, we looking forward to follow his future.


He feel at home immediately here with us and if we haven't had sooo many males already we have hide him somewhere in the house when Maria and David was going back home in the evening. I feed him all the day and he lay down close to my feet all the time, so I think he like me as much as I like him *S*.




Gloria try to impress of him and was standing at the coach with only one paw...that is good balance *S*!!!



Our dogs are happy for visitors but Devlin is only interested in if he can get something from the freezer.  Devlina kiss everyone. Rolex try to mate Gloria...she didn't understand anything.


Gloria looks like a "Dumbo" or something?



Little Rolex found a toy, and keep it in his mouth, so no one else can play with it.



Wednesday 2 January 2008



I found a sweet picture of my new little Darling Gloria when she was about 8 weeks old.



Tuesday 1 January 2008


First day of a hopeful new year. Here was very calm and it was stormy and cold outside.


We did as less as possible!


We got a picture from Carola. Perfect and Eddie on the trailer.



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