Monday 31 March 2008


Lot of problems with our computers last weeks, so Rune try to buy some new things so we can use it like before again.


Sunny weather outside....spring is here!


Rolex in his own strange sleeping positions (YES, he was sleeping like this for 45 min)*S*!!!



Photo from Annemiek of Rolex when he was just some weeks old, he has always been a sleepy one *S*






Bosson and Daddy on the bed.





Sunday 30 March 2008






Gwynmor At Your Request is 12 month next week.

He is more like a teddy bear or a porselindog, always so calm and nice.


We have now two bitches in season, but they do not bother Yet....!





Elsa with Sperm and Hildegun with Bell, they were all tired after two days course.




Rune took a picture while he was driving, of the lovely weather.




Saturday 29 March 2008




Only 9 dogs at home today, when Bell and Sperm were on course. It was nothing??? We almost have to look for the dogs in the house *S*!



Both Devlina and Gloria in heat....so good to have it on the same time. They sleep together and eat together. Something to eat???


Many was waiting for dinner.........but not Gloria, she think she HAVE to lay down all day long when she is in heat..normally she is more high than low *S*!!!




Friday 28 March 2008




Rune up VERY early and drive to Gothenburg to pick up a friend from the airport.


In the afternoon Rune made dinner for us all. We were home just in time to se the final of "Let's Dance"....30 minutes later Hildegun and Elsa came here to stay over the weekend. Tomorrow and at sunday they will enjoy a handler course one hours drive from us. They are going to borrow two of our dogs, Bell and Sperm.



Friday evening in front of the TV. Bell and Elsa played.


Bell got a toy from Elsa.               Lovely flowers from Hildegun.               Devlina and Bell in a chair and Gloria at the floor.


I try to look at TV. But Daddy want my attention.



Even Bosson would like to lay down in my knee, on top of heavy Daddy. Puh!!!!



I try to follow some program, but after it was finished I couldn't remember anything of what I have seen, wonder why *S*!


It is hard work to look at TV, now I understand why I am so tired after some hours in front of the TV.....




Thursday 27 March 2008



Up 4.30, I have been sleeping for some hours in front of the TV, and then try to go to sleep, but it was to light out and I was just thinking about how much I/we have to do today.

For once in a while I have cleaned all over before 9.30, when I wake Rune up to start this day.

Just before 12 o'clock Annette with Star/Diezel and almost the whole family was coming for visit..They have to drive in two cars because they are so many in their family *S*! But it is nothing that are difficult for them. Annette solve all things that make other families crazy with a shrug of her shoulders and say...no problem...she is soo calm in the middle of her big family *S*! I admire that......



Moa, Joel, Annette, Haldór, Linn och Mimmi.....                          Mini love to eat children!!!


Star/Diezel (J Somebodys Star) and Gloria are sister and brother.                  All dogs were in the kitchen to say hallo to our visitors. Puh!!!



At 15.00 the family and Rune drive to Vara to our vet. to get a health control of Star.


At 17.00 Rune have to be at Skaraborgs Kennel Club meeting.


At 17.00 Jenny came to me with the most wonderful flowers (sweet girl)!!!!


Then I go with her to Larv and a large hotel were our Kennelclub will have their Meeting of the year with dinner after.




At 18.00 the meeting start and we met Rune there.



Look at all crystal lamps in the roof. As always at the same table as Per Ove for the dinner. I will give fortune to be a owner to one of this crowns....(if I could).


One of the best hotels to eat dinner on. So much fresh fruit to eat and super food. Even Jenny was very pleased over her vegetarian dinner. At most places we go to there is just something dull to eat for her, but this dinner was perfect!!!




So very proud of Darling (Such Jilloc´s A Match Made in Heaven) she was Skaraborgs Kennel Clubs BEST VETERAN 2007.




But Darling didn't bother about that, she is soooo tired after collecting and guarding her shoes and bowls.

She will do anything to collect her bowls etc. Once she wanted to carry her water bowl up to the first floor. At the first attempt she got all the water over her when she started on the stairs - next time she reversed up the stairs, and she managed to bring a full bowl of water up the stairs. Clever girl. 


Very late in the evening I have to go to a house and put the last touch with a room that I made as a office....







Wednesday 26 March 2008



15.00 Bride on visit to look for a dress.

17.00 Helped a girl that have bought a prom dress to change her dress and to chose accessories....

18.00 Girl and her mother and grandmother here for 2,5 hours to try prom dresses.


So funny to see sweet girls try dresses like they are real top models.



I am tired all the time now, if I have to go to a 8 to 5 work I have probably been home and sick all time (poor employer), so it is good that I can chose my own working days in my business, but sometimes I wonder what I am doing...many dresses 50% discount and that means that I do not earn any money at all, so most of what I am doing is for free. But I love what I do so there is probably some meaning with it *S*!



Lina cut all tulle away from her dress, and it looked very different, just the way she want it.








Tuesday 25 March 2008








Jilloc´s R-litter 2 Years Today, and Runes Mother have Birthday too.



Devlina with her fathers toy.




Devlin is back home again to rest in peace.








We will try to eat only soup for some days/weeks now to get in better shape before next dog show....do You believe in that????


When I was in my store this afternoon I got a sms from Rune it sounded like this -:Now I have been shopping colour for the computer and more paper.....It have been damned good with pizza tonight!!!! Do You want any????

I answered NO!!! Then I get a new sms back -:Can I have one please???????? You do as You witch....IF you go for pizza so please buy me a salad. It is no sacrifice for me to eat salad...it is my favourite food....BUT to let be to eat bread it is really hard for me, even if I love dark bread I can't eat 1 cm of any kind of bread without gaining 2 kg the next day...crazy? Yes I know but it is the fact. Maybe it depends on that I use half a package of butter on my very small sandwich....I don't know!!?!!



Albert (Int N S Ch Timanka´s Wonder Bird) 12 years today too (the cocker..)

Here with Tobine and her little brother.




Monday 24 March 2008



Early in the morning Kai and his family were going back to Norway.....it have been snowing all night so they had to let their caravan stay here until summer *S*!!!! Thank You - we will use it for our bitches when they are in season so it will be calmer inside for all our males *S*!!


Our new kennel *S*!



We got those lovely photos of Jilloc´s Roller Coaster today, thank You Ulrika and Kent.



Bruno in his garden, first we thought it was Jill at the picture....     Photo: Ulrika Bjursten



BRUNO happy...tomorrow it is his Birthday, maybe he got cake then??          DORI back in England......in February...


It's good that Bruno isn't the father of Doris coming litter, they probably have look like rabbits and with flying ears *S*!

Now DORI only have nine days to go before she get her litter with Bosson!



Some hours in the morning I was at hospital, and they did lot of tests on me. It was very good that they couldn't find anything wrong, but I'm still not well so they will continue with some other tests in some weeks. I need to be in good condition before all shows this summer *S*!


Three booked customers this afternoon/evening.....I was sooo tired that I fell asleep immediately when I sat down in front of the TV.





Sunday 23 March 2008


Int Show in Stockholm.


Outside the ring are we friends, within the ring we are hard competitions!!!


Jenny showed her/mine Dezibel (Jilloc's Top winning Trophy) & Kristina with Breeze (Jilloc´s Super Model) she have been to many inoff.shows always placed in BIS. Today junior with ck/5th best bitch, shown by Pia L.



Rune had to show Gloria, my heal string was hurting after being in the ring with Daddy (he became nr 3 best male with another CAC). Pia with Breeze!!!




Expo and Pia.                                              Jilloc´s Right Here right Now (Milda).


Most pictures by Teemu



Time for workout......I have to do it EXCATLY at 10 o'clock every morning....WHO CARES WHERE I AM *S*!!!


I have to stretch before I start to run....today it was "only" good enough to be nr 3 best bitch. (Mummy told me that it was very good, but I would like to run in front of everybody else. Maybe it was wrong handler today mummy said *S*! She was only jealous that she couldn't show me and that I did exactly as good as with her..



BOB Helena o Molly     Judge G Nyman, Denmark      BOS Int o Nord Uch Lovindas Fridtjof, Zid and Kai.


J Key To Success and her owner Hanna. With J Sugardaddy, Fairytaile Spot's A Key To My Heart, J Super Model & J Splendid Choice.

This progencygroup was BIS 5! We were not placed with our breeders group (and we shouldn't be..they were so different in size).


Ch Timanka´s Movie Star BOB and later BIG 3, Congratulation Helena!!     Photo: Teemu




Helena with some of our dogs..........here Bosson and Bell.



This is one of the best things with dog shows..........time to meet your friends.






Today in Holland!!!





Jilloc´s Seventh Heaven 9 m 3 weeks old, was BOB, and BIG 5!!!



Photo by Diana.


We Congratulate Seven, Diana and André.



Breed Judge: Mevr. de Vries-Hoogland/Holland


Group Judge: Dhr. P Muntean/Romania



Seven was so happy for her day so she can't stop kissing her dad/handler Andr'e *S*!

Photo by Diana.




From last weekend in Finland!!!





Jilloc´s Scandal Beauty 9,5 month old was BOB, and BIG 1!!!


Photo by


We Congratulate Neela, Niina and Mette.



Breed Judge: Marie-Christine de Labelle/Belgium


Group Judge: Annukka Paloheimo/Finland






Saturday 22 March 2008





Picture from 2004.






But it was more like Christmas







Carola o Peter came to get some dogfood, and braught their new puppy with them.     Nathalie wanted to show her new T-shirt.......



Jimmie and Jonnie where out spinning with their cars in the snow - they better do it, because any day the snow will be gone. Some kids never grow up.......(Runes comments).....that came from right person *S*(Flo´s comments).


Bosson and Jill clean up before I put the dish washer on.



We wish Camilla and Andreas all the best for the future!



Pictures we got from friends!!



Photo: Helena B                                                                                                                                     Photo: Kentin


Milda at the subway carrying Metro.     Shadow and Dusty in Holland sleeping, Shadow was not allowed to go up before the curtain was gone *S*!!!



Star is now named Diezel...here in his new home looking for Easter Eggs in the garden!!!

Photo: Annette P


Shadow in Holland. Photo by Kentin.                                            Edna and Seven in Holland. Photo by Kok.                                        


Shadow 11 months and Dusty almost 11 years. Photo: Kentin.



We all went to bed early because tomorrow we all will go to Dog Show in Stockholm.




Friday 21 March 2008



This evening we had dinner before we all look at "Let's Dance" at TV.


Mari didn't seam to like the food, Jens was very happy when he saw the wine and Anita was just tired after her long trip to Cyprus.


Kai try to break into a locked cupboard to get more wine....then he enjoyed the dinner. Lot of snow outside, but warm inside with lot of candles.



Hanna is fantastic, she have made panties for Devlina that start her heat today!!!! It was fancy!!!




We all look at TV and eat and drink, and Devlina was everybody's baby.


Hanna and Jens have made a fantastic Easter Cake today for us!!!  Jens and Devlina looked at TV.


Devlina was just as happy as we were to have ANDREAS on visit!!!






Thursday 20 March 2008




We are still sleeping in the guestroom!



Mattias o Jonnie wash some cars..


It start to look much better in our living room now...


And we bought a new cupboard on the internet for nothing!!!! But it looks nice I think.

The family that sold it had so less space in their new house that Rune got the table and chairs free...that is good business!



I love to collect different kind of things, they do not have to be expensive, just special for me!



We served Swedish "Smörgåstårta" (directly translated - sandwich cake) for our Norwegian friends!!






Wednesday 19 March 2008




Our dogs really love each other!

Devlina use Gloria as a blanket!



We Congratulate!


Picture from Latvia of Bossons son at a puppy show. Vitalight Aragorn the King and Svetlana.

BIS 3 Puppy!




                                               Lacy dogs.                       Bosson and Daddy behind a dirty window ( it was clean one hour before *S*).



We were so happy to get friends on visit from Norway today. (Especially Andreas)!

Kai and Mari.                                               Andreas and Camilla.




Sissel have sent presents for me, a lovely scarf that was made by her with lot of love, and rubber boots so I can walk around in the Swedish summer *S*!

We miss You, but understand that You have to stay home with Your other dogs and children.



Kai was so happy to be here and to carry furniture around in the house. Here he is sitting with someone and cuddle in the sofa!!!!!


Ha ha, it was only me!                                Rune was looking for fish behind our TV!!!



Jill and Andreas looking at tv.




Tuesday 18 March 2008



Today we try to start a diet again *S*. After soup in the evening....I saw that Rune eat at something else.....peanuts????? this was not in the diet??!!??

He try to hide behind a paper, but I saw him!




Tjo hooooo it was NOT meeeeeeee *S*!!


Rune away to Karlstad to buy some glass tables that I found at internet...this is fantastic how cheep You can buy....you have to drive some hours but if things are really nice and cheep it is worth it.


I talked to many friends at phone and try to answer some mails.


When Rune was back in the afternoon we drove to Lidköping to buy another cupboard for all things we have won to our dogs. We saw exactly the same in a store some months ago for over 10.000 kr, and this was only some years old and they only asked for 2.000 kr..




Monday 17 March 2008





Yesterday when we drove out of Malmö, Jenny suddenly said that there were an clear and colourful rainbow on the right side of the road....It's not often rainbows this time of the year...but it just were there so we have to see it.

Then at the same time we got the same thought .......of course it was  DEVLIN that will show that he was with us, and probably this was his way to show how proud he was of his son Daddy, that he behave so well today, and that he always will be at our side wherever we are.


This warm our harts!



We were home all day long and just didn't do anything else than try to clean up a little ..


I have really problems with my legs today, and that make me soooo angry, so I try to walk a little at my cross trainer even if it hurts.




Finally we got snow...I love it, but poor flowers!!!



Sunday 16 March 2008


At half past five it was no use to stay in the bed anymore...better to go up and start to make us ready for the show. I was already longing for my bed at home in the evening.. 

 There were 36 Dalmatian entered and maybe we can go home early because I have only entered three dogs. Two juniors and Donna in champion class and she was not in top condition because of her phantom pregnancy.

It was really hard to walk in and out with all things to the ringside. We even have to walk into another show ring to go get to our ring.



I got a message: Seven (Jilloc´s Seventh Heaven 9 months and 10 days) was second best bitch on her first show yesterday in Belgium or Holland, and she got her first junior CAC, and a reserve CAC.  She was only beaten by  Gwynmor Ysgawen, topwinning last year!!! What can we say....more than CONGRATULATIONS André and Diana, we are so proud to hear that even Seven love to be in the ring....and that the judge loved her.



           At the show.  Photos by Diana.                                           Edna was so happy when Seven came home, that she mated her *S*.




Ok, now back to our show......Daddy was in junior class, he behaved well but it was not that easy to try to run into this small ring with this "moving machine", he need much more space. I was happy when he won the class as the only one with ck. And he was happy too because then he will get more meatballs, when we go back for best male competition in a while.



I think it was seven males with ck in the last competition. I was so concentrated at Daddy that I only saw that he start to pick up dogs on a line, but not us.....ok..Daddy behave very well in the ring today, and that was my motivation this first time, so I have to be pleased anyway. I saw that he put up the top winning champion dog in front of the others.....AND then the judge came to me and point at first place, so far........I was ready to start run together with the others when I heard Zacco's handler said - Congratulations...but it is not ready I said and probably looked stupid, we have to run again....The secretary in the ring said....haven´t You heard him say that You are the winner, I was sooooooooo surprised and of course very happy, this was almost to much (NO, it can't be *S*) this weekend became even better and better...


Thank You Rebecka for filming all the time so we can enjoy this moment of Daddy's first official show in the future.



Then out to change dog, now it was Gloria's turn in the junior class of eight bitches. In the end, we were only three left .....Lena E with a daughter of Pumba, Jenny with her and mine Dezibel, and Me with Gloria.

Gloria was the winner with CK.


In the last competition with MANY bitches that got ck, the result was as follows: Nr 5 was my Donna that Jenny showed as well as always, nr 4 Puzzle and Rebecka, Nr 3 Inger H with one of her bitches. Then the last competition was between Gloria and our Danish friends with Oriana Traceable Titania - we had to run a lot. In the end the Danish bitch was nr one, with both CAC and CACIB, BUT how can I be anything else than very pleased with today's fantastic result. And I'm so happy to be into the ring with Gloria she is such a funny show dog that love this as much as I do.



The Danish bitch was BOS.                                           Jenny and Donna.





Zamzons son from Dalanyas showed by Catarina(breeder).                 Rebecca and Puzzel.                    Bobby and Catarina again.




I was already so pleased with the result so I didn't ask for more....BUT DADDY became BOB...my new "little baby" (I know his father was more than proud for us, in his heaven)!



Judge from Rumania Mr L C Zsolt and BOB, Jilloc's Sugardaddy (e Multi Ch J A Man In the Mirror & Ch J Key To Success)

9 months and 11 days old!



Most of all I was so grateful that I have managed to run in the ring with my heal string..Ok, this running was too much for my leg but I love it.

It really hurt after showing in the ring of honour some hours later, even if I try to rest my legs during the time it is not enough. Daddy was picked out in the final even if I think he was so un concentrated and would like to turn around and lick on the other dogs close to us *S*. He ended as BIG 5, what a day!!!



                                                                                                                                                 Photos by Jenny


At our way back home Niina send us a message that Neela wasn't placed in BIS, but who cares *S* we can't ask for more.

This weekend have given us so many fantastic results, more than we ever can ask for!!!


At ten o'clock in the evening we were home...very tired, but very happy!




Of course we had to check our e-mail immediately when we came home, and there we got another show result from this weekend from Russia!



                                                                                          hoto: Aljushina Lubov

Tyson (Timanka´s Real Power), 12 months old won JCAC, and became Russian Junior Champion!
 Jun BOB and Junior BIS




Best of Breed and no 1 BEST of Group and no 4 Best In Show!!!!

Judge was L. Smirnova.



                                              Photo by Aljushina Ljubov


Congratulation Evgeniya for your great results with Tyson, we are so proud of you both.

When we see the photo's of him, we remember how sweet and lovely he is.




 Saturday 15 March 2008




Up at half past nine....but I wasn't ready to go until 12.30 (Rune was ready much before that *S* even if he is the one that do the most things in the morning with our dogs) I just take care of my self that time, and I promise You that it take more and more hours to be ready in the morning. The largest problem is to find any clothes that feel comfortable to sit many hours in the car with. Ok, I can use jogging clothes that is nice and cosy??, but when we stop to fill gas or something and I will shop a little during the way.....I have to be dressed in something little more normal for me *S*....Ok someone probably will call it "Glitter and Glamour" but who cares *S*!!!



I got a message on my phone: Neela (Jilloc´s Scandal Beauty, 9 months and 10 days) has been BOB in Finland..JUST NOW, at her first offical show. There were 54 Dalmatian entered...sooo very PROUD of both Neela, Niina and Mette. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Judge was Marie Christine De La Belle from Belgium.


What a good start for this weekend!       Hope to get pictures of this later!




We met Jenny and Dezibel in Skara, so now we were "only" 7 dogs and three people in the car. The other dogs was with Hanna and Jonnie..



In Falkenberg there is a restaurant/store that only sell things made out from salmon, and last summer Jenny and I found a "cheesecake with red onion, salmon and prawns and it tasted sooo good that we have been talking about it since then, so we have decide to stop there and buy some today. But we haven't been thinking about the fact that it was Saturday and everyone want to buy something good to eat for the evening.....there were no cheesecakes left. We were so disappointed!!!! Why didn't we call in the morning to reserve some?? too late now.

When we went out from the store we saw that they have a 24 hour Automatic shop with delicates....


How funny let's try it. I drew my bankcard and the first door automatically opened, then we were standing between two doors. When the first door closed behind us, door nr two opened by it self. YES, we were IN!!!!!!! It was cold and I told Jenny, IF we cannot come out again I will freeze to death...BUT we will have a LOT to eat but nothing to drink, and I promise You that we never will eat anything with salmon after spending many ours there eating *S*!


And guess what we found!!!!! There were two "cheesecakes" left, guess who was HAPPY!!!!!


Then we had to put them into a plastic bag - there were signs all over what to do to buy something (just wondering what happened if we didn't bought anything????? Maybe we would still been there)*S* ...then we should put the bag on a scale and immediately the price was shown on a screen and that we had bought cheesecakes......we couldn't understand how it could now that - this was magic!!!! But probably the scale feel what kind of dish this was, so no food can have exactly the same weight. And then I had to write my name under the bill on a screen, and accept the total. I was really impressed!!!! After I have paid, the first door opened and when we have walked through it and when it closed, next door opened and let us out to the FREEDOM, with our "cheesecakes"!!!!



Then we drove directly to the Mess hall in Malmö, to put our cages in today so we will not have that much to do tomorrow morning.

Rebecka and Puzzel have now arrived in Malmö too and we all drive to the hotel...




Another message from Niina: NEELA WAS NUMBER ONE IN THE GROUP, amazing. I called Niina immediately, she was tired of all running and couldn't almost talk and I was so happy that I almost couldn't talk *S*....


What can I say....it doesn't matter what we get tomorrow, we couldn't ask for more this weekend!




First of all we went out with all dogs...I take care of Jill, she run free and Devlina was on a lead. We try to go in different directions so our dogs do what they were out to do!


There were ONE bush in the very large field. Of course Devlina have to run around it when Jill was jumping around us. Guess who was caught by the bush..I was caught by it for about 15 minutes..I try to come loose from it,  but it hurt a lot, and when I came loose on one side the branch grabbed my hair...I was like it would eat me up and was alive! *S*...Rune, Jenny and Rebecka was laughing, but after 10 minutes they understood that I really was stuck to the tree. Rebecka came to help me, but she was caught tooo. We couldn't believe this...why haven't anyone cut this dangerous tree/busch down. IF I have been there alone I have probably still been stuck to the three. It must have been thorn bushes like those that the prince that came to save Sleeping Beauty was caught in.........




Ajjjjjjjjjjj, it hurts! Devlina didn't understand what I was doing.



Rebecca try to help...and many times I have to help her when the branches caught her....crazy!!!!




This is the cue to the toilet, but they didn't need to pee *S* they were thirsty and we have forgot their water cup in the car....Donna and Bell think it was sooooo good and funny when I flush the toilet and they get more water!!!



After a while Rebecka went out for pizza, but she was not hungry, she is on diet (But she eat up more than half of mine *S*). In her right hand she had a salad and in the other hand a bag of crisps *S*, what a combination!!


Hey..here comes the pizza delivery for us ! 




Jenny and Donna looking at TV...          Rebecca found a nice table for her new apartment, but we told her not to take anything from our room, than it will be to expensive for us to check out.....


We looked at the Swedish Song Contest Final...and Rune eat chips together with our 6 Dalmatians.. Dezibel was screaming in Rebecca and Jennys room next to ours so we had to bring her into our room too. Puzzle was pleased to be alone in "her suite" like a queen.



It was impossible to sleep.....to many dogs on my legs and the bed seams like it was 40 cm wide....and Runes "breathing machine" 10 cm from my ear........oh it will be a terrible day tomorrow....




Friday 14 March 2008


This afternoon I have a Bride in my store for some hours, and

 Rune trimmed one of our friends cockers at the same time.


Then we saw "Let's Dance" at TV and both of us fell asleep at the couch.


Up in the middle of the night and start to pack clothes, iron trousers and wash dogs. I was not really in the mood to go to a show just now, but of course we will, even if it was change of judge in the last minute to a judge from Rumania. He has never judged in Sweden before and it was his first time to judge Dalmatians, so we thought that he maybe prefer thin and small Dalmatians (for some reason that is what we think, do not know why, but we have to wait and see). Back to bed at five o'clock in the morning and sleep for some hours.




Thursday 13 March 2008



Today we had to go to Gothenburg for some medical treatments...but most of all we would like to stay in the bed today......


We even met my mother and aunt and give them flowers because at Easter we are not at home..


In the afternoon on our way back home I found out that I have lost my "agenda" somewhere during this day.....on the way to Gothenburg this morning I read in it, so then it was in my bag.......but where was it now??????? I can't remember anything without that, and I take care of every person in our large family, what to do or to remember...so no one have any idea now when they have to go to the dentist or doctor or time to inspect their car for ex. This is really terrible (even if there are much more terrible things in life) I have no back up for phone numbers, day to leave dresses from my store etc etc etc (and my head can not keep this information anymore *S*!!!) And I try to remember when our bitches were in season last time......and I have nooooo idea!!!




Wednesday 12 March 2008



To write a diary like this is to let people (not only those that are your friends) take acquaint with (ta del av) your everyday things that happened in your life.

Even people that hate You of some reason or don't know You at all, and just make up their own mind of who You are.. can read the diary...but "that's on the house"(det bjuder vi på)!!


So between all those fantastic mail to us during those sad days..there came even a "hate letter" (but it is not the first time) from a possibly sick or evil person!! So sorry for You that You do not have a better life yourself , so You use your spear time to try to hurt people that just try to be your "friend" (even if we shouldn't after all things You send to us - we are not alone being "victims" of this evil tongue).



Tuesday 11 March 2008



So tired after all that happened yesterday..we just walk around at home with our dogs.. Bosson was so happy to be "rule the roost" (herre på täppan) here now.

Hanna our Darling came with flowers and hugs.

Lot of sms, e mails and phone calls, cards and letters from friends all over the world about Devlin.



                                                                                                                                            Thank You Pia & Teemu for this!



And we are so grateful for all roses and wishes from You All in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Holland, Kazakhstan, Austria, Australia, England, Germany, Usa, New Zealand, Scotland....


We never understood, until now that so many people around the world knew who Devlin was...

We are so happy that so many of you have met him in our home, so you also learned to know him outside the show ring, and saw what a great personality he had.





Monday 10 March 2008




This is the Day we never wanted to come!






Forever I My Heart




1996-10-09 2008-03-10



Devlins Guardian Angel that we bought for him last year.



Jill whisper in Devlins ear that she will always love him!



Devlin took his "I Love You Teddy bear" with him so he never forget that we will think about him everyday, until we meet again. And we told him to tell all our friends on the other side of "Rainbow Bridge" that we love them all forever.



Click under here to listen

The Rainbow Bridge





Jonnie was here in the night to say Goodbye to his best friend for over 11 years.



Under the table.....if someone drop something on the floor....(in his mouth *S*)!


Devlin as a show dog.                           He was my best shoe watcher.








Sunday 9 March 2008



Today we took lot of pictures.

This is for sale because it take too much space, it will fit better at a conference room or in a reception...



Rune have some numbers of Swedish "Hundsport" from 1920!!!!!!


For sale!





Saturday 8 March 2008



Up too early when yesterdays birthday child wake us up with fresh breakfast....we understand why she was up early..she fell asleep many hours before us *S*!!! But the breakfast was very good....


We continue to make some changes in our own house....Now you understand why we have to be home for a while before we continue with the other house.



I really do not know where to start. Rune carry "new" furniture and carpets and things into the house so it was really hard to move around.

In some weeks I hope to show You the result....




Friday 7 March 2008


Up tooooo early to shower and dress. Hanna and Jenny came here and we all go with the Big King and a trailer to SHOP, in Trollhättan.


Hanna think she have to pose every time on photo now *S*! I try to find underpants in a green "spring" colour, but they were to big *S*!!!


PS do you see the trailer behind the car - the pick up was too small to bring all the things they bought home!!!!



 We have fun when we tried clothes (to use at dog shows) as always. I cant understand why the dresses didn't look the same on Hanna and me????? Maybe it is because she has a round bottom behind and I have one behind AND in front.....damned!!!! What to do??????


I know....eat more cakes!



Today we have two friends that have birthday, one of them Anne Karin in Norway is 60 today!!!


Congratulations, we are so sorry that we live soooo far from each other so we couldn´t be there with You today.


In the evening we went to the catering shop because we have ordered something for the party of our other friend that is 65 today!!


Even if You are late,  the dogs are happy as always to meet you, but the hostess complained over destroyed food, but we liked it VERY much


Of course we were two hours late because of all shopping. While Jenny, Hanna and I have been shopping Rune was at an island called Lysekil and bought some cheep furniture we have found on internet. (Well we were more than 1 hour late from home this morning. Jenny, Hanna and I was ready as we had decided...... Rune).


At half past twelve in the evening we drove back home again, because the birthday child was so tired and fell asleep in her beloved armchair*S*!

When we came home we continue to look at TV with our dogs.





Thursday 6 March 2008






We send Millions of Congratulations to our friend Mark and Magic


They were BOB for the THIRD YEAR in a row!!!





We Celebrate You Both with a Cake especially for YOU!


And we will promise that it taste sooooooo good *S*!




Wednesday 5 March 2008


We haven't heard anything from Discos owner in USA, so now we are sure that it will NOT be any Crufts for us this year either...


The cleaning lady that helped us was in the house for some hours and did some work.


I was home all day and try to start clean our own house.

I look for nice things sometimes at www.blocket.se, that is a market place on the internet,  and it is fantastic how cheep You can buy almost new things, that You  JUST have to buy *S*!




Tuesday 4 March 2008


When we have start to clean the floors in the evening, the dog in the house came smygande in..a soon as we opened a door he went out and runs around the house and in again in another open door.... Every time we scream to him...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and then he start to look around to se who one that have done those leriga footprints at the clean floor..He thought that it was one of us people....BUT we try to show him that we have feet...and he was the only one in the house with PAWS!!!!! But he didn't believe that!!


Too late tonight too, but much better already.



Now we are going to buy some nice furniture's and paintings and pillows etc to make it real nice.


Hildegunn's bitch J Journey to Your Heart start to give birth to her first litter in the evening, so we talked every hour until five in the morning when I went to sleep for some hours.




Monday 3 March 2008


We was home at three o'clock in the morning and slept for some hours. Then back to the house again and today we will be three people cleaning, it was to much for us to take care of every things and to clean at the same time, so we got help with the cleaning. Rune was at the dump 7 times today with things to throw away...

I was home at 5 o'clock in the morning..but it start to be much better in some rooms now. How it looks in our house You do not want to know *S*!!!


Today we are waiting for message from Discos owner in USA if they are going to Crufts (Disco is entered), then we are flying to England at Wednesday to meet them and to show Disco on Thursday.......at Crufts! My only problem is that I really do not know how to leave Devlin at home....even if I know that my friends will take good care of him (maybe Rune have to go by him self).



Sunday 2 March 2008


Today we start to clean and furnish a house. You can't even believe how much work it was, and we just have start to throw garbage and things away. it will take many days/weeks. It have to be ready in the beginning of April..


Day number one, hard to know where to start!


After 9 hours we could reach the computer, and Rune have to do some entries to the WW show..



We try to wash clothes and fabric...but it wasn't clean, then Rune took this out of the washing machine and we understand why!!! The Machine is only 5 months old, but the family in the house have always washed with washing powder....I told them that fluid is much better and now they understand why *S*!!!




Saturday 1 March 2008


We got nice news from Finland, Jilloc´s Scandal Beauty became BOB puppy at her last puppy show with over 1000 puppies....next week Jilloc´s S-litter is 9 months old and their journey start to be top winning Stars (hopefully)!!! In the afternoon Neela was BIG 1, and later on Best In Show 2, that was a good final....



We are so curious to meet her at the World Winner Show in Stockholm in July!!! My Sweet Tuttilutt...She was my own choice of bitch in that litter, but Niina have been waiting for many years to get a really good puppy so she and Mette try to prepare me for a whole night to let them bring her back to Finland with them....In the morning I was so tired of them that I said - YES..take her...but You have to show her all over the world then*S*!!! And Niina promised.....I know that she will do that, if Neela is good enough. And she seams like a very good bitch in MY eyes so far, we have to wait and se!



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