Wednesday 30 April 2008



You may believe me or not......every morning for over a week now I have start my days with some hour in the bathroom. I can't tell You how many times I have changed and folded my towels to get them in the perfect position...for me *S*!!! I told Rune one morning when he woke up and came into the bathroom that I already have been up for two hours to clean and fix here. He think I am crazy because he can't se the difference from one hour to another. If I tell people what I am doing for so many hours and days before I think it is good enough....do You think someone will believe me??????? YES, I'm sure they will...he said!!! Am I that crazy???? Yes, probably....and god help that person that use any of my towels that are in perfect position *S*! (You can ask Mark, he knows)!





This is "Tafsen" my first Teddy bear, he is still alive even if I kissed him so much when I was a little child that he have open wounds all over. Today he is sitting in one of my shelf's with glass and he have spotlights over his head. He will soon be 55 years old!




Tuesday 29 April 2008



Lovely summer weather, Bell resting inside.



Jill happy to be with us in the garden, Rune cut all grass and it start to look really nice.




Monday 28 April 2008



Rune was tired today and so were all our dogs. Rune Nyhammer got this salmon in Norway yesterday, he will bring it her to Sweden in some weeks and make a delicious dinner for us...we look forward to that!!!




Sunday 27 April 2008


Today Neela (Jilloc´s Scandal Beauty) in Finland, was BOS at an International Show in Lahti, Congratulations, even to Danny that was BOB!


Last week Neela was BIS 2 at Royal Canine Best In Show Junior Contest, Judge Kari Järvinen.


Photo:Sanni Muurmäki



Look at Bossons puppies in England here!!!


We think they are really cute!



Jonnie came for breakfast at 4 o'clock....he came in his "new" fancy car with air-condition (no windows) *S*!


Lucky us that we own the field now, because he love to drive rally there!


Juan and Roy came for coffee (without cake!!!).


One more outstanding picture from Joke and Henk Kentin in Holland of Dusty and Shadow!

Look at the colour of the grass in Holland, they are so many weeks before us!


We got this mobile photo from Helena Berg and Helena Thörnqvist, and their four dogs. One from Ridotto, one from Timanka and two from Jillocs.



Saturday 26 April 2008


Yesterday Nathalie and Jimmie was at the first ultrasound at the hospital.


My next grandchild is going to be born in the beginning of October!



Some weeks ago Nathalie was already this big because she is very short and thin. Here You can see the baby's foot (they think it is a boy so Jimmie hope this is the gas foot)!

And here is a dress for the "machine driver", and a protecting Teddy Bear Angel!



Nathalie work very close to the Scandic hotel where we have the meeting so she came there to meet us.


Ann Olsson speak about Mental test before the meeting. About 25 people were there.


Jenny and I got a very nice salad with shrimps. Ann, Hanna, Hildegun and Ewa B. Rune talking with Helena C and Annika N.



 Catarina and Maria was sitting together with the owners of last years best obedience Dalmatian. Then Catarina and I booked a time for her and Maria to come and try dresses in some weeks. We both have to check in our agendas because every day is full of all things that You have to do...




Bla bla bla bla as always..........I got prize for Best Breeder 2007, Best Veteran and Best Liver spotted Dalmatian. In the middle chairman of SDS Inger Hagbohm and Winner of Obedience Dalmatian 2007 Susanne G.


After that it was time for SHOPPING!


I just walk out and my "daughters" have to carry my FOUR handbags...Yes you read it right *S* I have had two for many years but now it is three big and one smaller, so You understand that I have use for carriers....



Rune couldn´t decide what to buy!     And he was soooooo tired after our shopping round *S*! Poor man.


It was really hard for us to manage to get everything in this small car on our way back home. It looks very BIG, but is very small inside for shopping! We have to drive home with open doors....




Friday 25 April 2008


In the middle of the day Jennie (my daughter) called and ask if we were coming to Gothenburg some day..yes tomorrow at Swedish Dalmatian clubs annual meeting I told her. Ellie my grandchild has been on holiday for skiing in north of Sweden and the only thing she ask her dad about for many days was, When can I go to Grandma and Rune????? We immediately called Håkan (Ellies father) and say, just drive to us so can Ellie stay here until tomorrow and go back to Gothenburg with us.


Jill thought that Sandra's boots was a dog *S*!            Ellie was hungry and we had some bacon left since breakfast (her favourite food).


Ellie called Jennie and told her that she was here now. Rolex and Jill are her favourites, they are most calm...



We bought a glass that twinkle in red every time You fill it with something to drink, Ellie think it was funny!


She was tired after all skiing and fell asleep at ten o'clock in Jonnies crib...*S* she love to sleep there with all the teddy bears and funny things. But it is of course to small for her, she ask me to take away some sprinklers next time she is coming so she can but her long legs out *S*....she love to sleep in that crib!!!




Thursday 24 April 2008


Hanna is like "our daughter" in the house, our dogs love her (they love everyone *S*)! She help Rune with his style, and she train our dogs, but Rolex would like to play instead of training. Often when we come driving into our garden we see Hanna and some of the dogs, they are laying on the grass cuddling..... It is so perfect that she only live 800 meters from us, because my other children live so far away unfortunately. Jimmie 180 km from here and Jennie 170 km south. Our other extra "daughter" Jenny is moving to a house in some days, but it is still to far from us we think *S* it is about 70 km from us, not that far, but when you think about that she is her MANY times every week and that she work a lot it take lot of time to drive just to come here to do something that takes 30 minutes sometimes. We hope she moves closer to us and Hanna in the future *S*...she have tried to find something but it is not that easy when You have dogs and would like to rent something.


One of our sweethearts, Rolex 12 month.



Suddenly in the afternoon Ellinor and her daughter came here. They were on their way to Harry ( J Perfect Reflection) for mating Jill's sister J Judges Choice. As always our dogs became crazy and happy for new visitors.




Tired dogs. Daddy, Gloria and Rolex.





Wednesday 23 April 2008



Today I have a top model/bride in the store, she look great in every dress. She had a baby, but was already in perfect shape....of course I was a little bit jealous when You meet all those people that have so easy to find something to put on that they look amazing!!!

This was just some dresses that she tried, nothing that she will wear.





Tuesday 22 April 2008


Today I get answers of many of my blood tests, and I am a very healthy person they told me????? Then I can't understand why I do not feel so well. They gave me some more remit to a hospital but I can't come there until July....? Ok, hopefully I feel better before that....


Today I have my seamstress in my store for some hours in the afternoon/evening and some girls are coming to try their prom dresses again so they fit perfectly. It was not easy for me because my back is hurting so I couldn't lift my arms...and I need to do that in the store...I took lot of medicines so I can be there and get lot of help from my friend Ingela, thank god!


In the afternoon Rune put together one of the bicycles we got free (we got 4 !!!!) from a store last week. If You bought cameras, computer o things like that, during some days, you get a free bicycle at the same time.

Soon WE (read he) will start to cycle with some of our dogs. Hopefully not me......Rolex was thinking *S*!


I would like to go with You dad says Bell!!



That gave me a splendid idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is hard to sell Dresses for brides, so if I advertise that for every gown they buy ex before midsummer, I will get them a man to be married to! Do You think I will sell some?????? I think it will be a perfect business for me (at least)! So if there are any men in the world that read this that want to get married, so please send me an e-mail!





Monday 21 April 2008


Start to take away lot of earth from the road (that is a muddy road as soon as it is raining) so we can drive from the barn to our house without driving out on E 20. The farmer close to us spread out pig shit on his fields and I can tell You THAT IS SMELLS MORE THAN TERRIBLE *S*! I'm so happy that I did not have any costumers today in my store...


We have to move an ancient monument (stone from about the 900 century) away from the backside where we will drive, but we put it in our garden somewhere else.


Jonnie have been painting one of his cars yellow during the night. We never know what colour the cars are in the morning. We hide all our car keys away every evening, because Jonnie LOVE TO paint cars during the night *S*!





Sunday 20 April 2008



Västerås Nat. show


Up early of course for the show. Our ring start at 9 o'clock and Daddy was the first and only dog in junior class. It start very fast just in time so we was not prepared (we have been to close this morning, when You drive for many hours to a show we are always there in very good time *S*). Daddy got a super critic, but get only prize of honour because he didn't wag his tail...and he didn't, he was so confused when it was only me and him in the ring that he couldn't stop looking for other dogs, so he was really un concentrated...that was really pity!!!


Mini came along with Kerstin and Göran. Brandon (Ch J Easy Rider) became BIS 2 Veteran in the afternoon. Here with happy owners.


We were so proud of Gloria today (as always) she became BOB and BIG 4!!!



Photos: Jenny



Gloria 10,5 months old.






Photo: Göran             BIS Progeny Group Ch Jillocs Key To Success. Hanna is the happy and proud owner of Crissie....



Best bitch class 1. J Splendid Choice 2. J Right Here Right Now 3 J Reflection In A Mirror 4 Chris Lindmans ch bitch 5 Ch Timanka´s Movie Star.

Best Male was from City Kid's.


There were two breeding groups in the ring and the judge start to write critic to one of them, we went out to change dogs from the progeny group when the other group entered the ring. We stand by and wait for them when they run around in the ring as usual. When they was ready we walk in and put up our dogs in front of the judge......then the ring personnel told us that they already have been given BEST Group to the other one because they have been saying that they were the only one??????????? And they couldn't take the prize back....strange we have never experienced this before........we get our critic for my group but couldn't compete for anything, and the judge wrote on the critic that this was the winning group but we were not there in time?!? Ok, it doesn't matter we had only very young dogs in the group, but it was a very strange behaviour from the peoples of the other group (not the breeders fault, she was not there, but the others are used to dog shows and we always take care of each other if someone is missing something, and they knew we were there, as we have talked together all day)??

This is NOT good sportsmanship!

But both we and the judges was really confused when they do not even bother to stay until the final competition in the big ring in the afternoon. But it was their loss.......

We couldn't wish more for the day, we were all very pleased and it was easy to drive home this evening.


Photo: Göran



Not so many different pictures today because we were taking movie instead...


Thank You Carin Andreasson for sending us those photos.


Judge today was Tiina Illukka from Finland, we have never met her before and it was a pleasent meeting!


Now we are waiting for next show (especially Jenny *S*).



Saturday 19 April 2008


Me and the dogs were very sleepy this morning, they were out with Rune at eight o'clock and then they sleep again with me until one o'clock!

In the afternoon we went in to the new big Arena and look for the final competitions of today. We put up our cages for tomorrow at ring 4....so we will not have so much things in the morning.


Daddy in Tinas knee.                              Jill, Bosson and Gonzo.


Tina and Gonzo (J Speedy Gonzales) was coming to meet us, Gonzo is a VERY happy dog that need to meet some elder dogs that tell him that he do not have to play all the time...so we told Tina to come here and meet us and Gonzo to meet Jill and Bosson they can put him in right place at a nice way. But they were most interested in where he have been peeing *S* Jill showed him her teeth some times and he emediatelly understand what she mean, Bosson was too much gentlemen but Gonzo understand that it was no use to play to much with him!!!






We were shopping at Maxi in Västerås and I found sooooo many things to eat without lactose and gluten. Hurray!!!


It was a very good bakery called "Tårtbiten" that made delicious things.



Very Good Bakery with Dalmatians in their logo.          I found nice suitcases!!!           Rune found something very good to eat.





Friday 18 April 2008


Up early and fix the last things with the caravan. for once we were ready in time to leave home at 10 o'clock in the morning as we planned yesterday.




When we put all dogs in the car and try to drive away from home....nothing happened. Just this.....


........our car couldn't move the caravan, just dig a hole in the ground. The brakes on the caravan was stuck.



We have to call for the Tow Truck! And in some minutes we were on the road again. Just without air in two tires, so we drove carefully to the gas station 3 km from us to fill air. After that Rune remember that he forget the electric cable at home so we have to turn around again and get it, because we need electricity especially for his breathing mask, and for our TV of course.

At 12.30 we were on our way to Västerås again.


Just a short brake in Örebro at a shopping mall where I bought a new summer dress and some small glitter and glamour things *S*!!!


We try to find a good place for the caravan, and finally we and Johan Frick-Meijer park together at a very calm and good place.


Here is Daddy and Bosson (closest to the me) looking for other dogs.



We have good help to find a perfect place from a nice man from the Kennel club. Johan and Jeanette and Rune discussing something!!!


Kerstin and Göran came to take Mini to there home. They think Brandon need a girlfriend, and so do we. She will have a wonderful life together with them. But of course they have to try her for some weeks first. Late in the evening Johan and we talk a lot..it have been a loooong time since we had time to just sit down and talk. Soo good that it is time to meet our "dog friends" again and soon we will start to barbecue in the evenings.


We try to look at TV, but of course we couldn't find any channels, even if Rune tried them at home (we have Jonnies digital reciever with us, so we could see many channels, we thought)......


Anyway we were sleepy..because Rune have to go up very early to practice as a judge tomorrow morning (for cockers).




Thursday 17 April 2008



It is almost spring now...it smells lovely outside.


Even in Holland it is spring, but I just wonder what it smells there????????





Bell was in a hurry to jump up in one of our chairs in front of the window, and someone...I wonder who....have moved it against the window (normally we put it in front of the wood)...so You can see what happened...Bell is always flying from the middle of the kitchen in a huuuuuuge jump into the chair and we heard a strange sound from the window. This was what happened....just wonder how much this will cost?????





Wednesday 16 April 2008



I found this photo of J Miss Perfect and J Loverboy(6 month) from a special show 2004.

Judge: Birgitta Hasselgren




Our sweetheart Melba with Loverboy some weeks old and one of his sisters.     J Love of My life another sister.




Tuesday 15 April 2008


Daddy with his quack in Sweden and Disco with his quack in Usa.




More results from Carl and Inna in Usa about Discos show carrier. At the very large and prestigious Harrisburg Show he became Winners Dog & Best of Winners again.

Here with his handler Greg Strong.          Photo: Inna


I can se that he is looking for me???? as he did when Rune showed him (of course he is looking for Inna now). But this wonderful little boy will always have a special place in my heart. He got 3 more points on his way to his American Champion Title.

Well done!

Photo: Inna

He have a lovely life with two girlfriends. Here they are whispering in his ears that they love him, so he do not have to miss his sister Devlina in Sweden so much.....*S*!



I was back to the hospital today, and I met a Norwegian doctor....he talked about him selves in 55 minutes, he didn't even ask me why I was there, and I couldn´t even interrupt him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then You understand that he was special because most of the time I talk a lot *S*!

So I have to go back again as soon as they can give me another time.....and they do not have a new time for many weeks!!!



Hanna and Rune try to get the same look!!!




Monday 14 April 2008


Donna and her daughter Bell is resting under the kitchen table....





Sunday 13 April 2008


In the afternoon  we start to make us ready for the photo session*S*, we had so fun!


Hanna was very good to put on make up at Jenny and she think that Rune need a little more colour in his face too.



The bride to be.....Jenny!


The Bride with her sister and mother *S*.


I give Jenny her cape and Hana give her her purse.     After the wedding ceremony Jenny change to a sexy dress, to go to the party.


Here we are on our way to another wedding.


And here I am the "old bride" model with my daughters (this is not me, but I have to show my customers what I have for sale)!!!




Same dress in different colour, with or without straps. Pink was not our favourite colour, but we have to show the dresses.


As You see we had lot of fun....look at my shoes!!!! We really had big problems not to laugh all the time. For the first time in my life I try a hat!



Sweet Jenny in an "old fashion dress"....I love dresses like that, but it doesn't fit my body *S*! Fair Jenny as a Bride again!!!


Jenny in a dress from 2007 and Hanna in a dress from 1989

(my crazy daughter Jennie bought it on discount for SEK 12.500:-,

it was half the prize then, she never worn it, she just wanted it *S* - wonder who her mother is...)


Dancing Queen



To You all that ask when we are going to get married, I can tell You that first of all this dress are going to fit me...and as You can see it will probably take a veeeeeeery long time, so You do not have to be in a hurry to plan for our party!! We will tell You all long time before *S*!!!




Saturday 12 April 2008



Today Louice, Nils and Louice sister is coming to try clothes for a party, and later on another customer......


Bell really get crazy every time se see Jonnie!



Jill, Bell, Devlina and Daddy eat together.



We stay in bed as long as we can...we really feel like 100 year when we try to stand up in the late morning. Lot of things to do of course today because we were away for such a long time yesterday and the day before.



The plan was that we will try to take pictures from different dresses in the store, but Jenny, Hanna, Rune and I was tooooo tired.




Friday 11 April 2008



Since many weeks we have decided to go to a store in Gothenburg that only is open once a month, and it was today...unfortunately....because we had a very hard time getting out of the bed this morning....but if we don't go there today then we have to wait another month until just that store is open. So of course we had to go there...puuuuuuh! And I ordered the furniture that I have been waiting for to buy many years now...it is so hard for us to go to a store that only is opened in weekends (because of all dogshows).



We were so tired at Ikea in the afternoon that we all would like to find a bed and sleep. William was in the car (Anita's Swedish vallhund) he was not tired at all after playing with everything he could find, without his own bone *S* but when we start the car he fell asleep immediately.





Thursday 10 April 2008



Market Day in Götene!


Jonnie and Rune was at the marketplace to put up our tent 3x6 meters five o'clock in the morning. It was no good weather but it was at least not raining.

Our market tent look good, but I couldn't bring all things there that we have decide because of the weather. People were very curious and most of them didn't even know that we sell and rent out dresses, they think we make big parties in our house for other people....ok it is only a sign "Wedding and Party" on our brick wall by the E20...but now they know. I booked many new costumers for the weekend and next week, that was good, and this was the meaning with our market tent, not to sell clothes at the market. After standing on our feet, without sitting for 12 hours we were almost dead!!!! We had pain from every part of our bodies...

Hanna and Crissie was visiting us many hours and Jenny pick me up early in the morning and stayed with us almost all day. Ant when we came home, EVERYTHING had be to taken in to the shop again, as it couldn't hang in the car one more night without heat.



Anita try to sell many things from her table, and in the end of the day she gave the rest away to The Salvation Army (ok I bought pants and a blouse from her to my mother and two paintings for Jimmie or Jonnie.....I can promise You that the ladies and gentlemen in Götene NEVER EVER have laughed so much as today when Anita try to sell them things they didn't need *S*!!!

She tried with Roy but without any luck (not easy to sell to anyone that is a seller by occupation)*S*!


One hour after we were home we drink coffee with Peter from Denmark, he was here to mate his bitch with Anita's dog Harry, and they prefer to do it here with Runes help..



After a long and a very busy day Rune need a drink....who is sleeping on three chairs in the kitchen????





Wednesday 9 April 2008



In the store all day packing everything together that we need for tomorrow.


A Bride in the middle of the day here to try to find anything to her wedding in some weeks.


Terrible weather, raining and raining AND snow!....this weather tomorrow..it will be terrible!



Jill do not want to pee in the garden..she runs like hell and jump over the fence...pee in the field....then immediately back in again, clever girl!

Hi mommy....I'm back....was it fast enough??? Yes......45 seconds!!!




Tuesday 8 April 2008






Diamond and Rolex 1 Year today!


We Congratulate the whole litter from Kennel Gwynmor, and wish all of them Good Luck in the future!





Thank You Joke and Henk for this photo of Shadow and his Birthday present!


Who can be his father?????



Of course........Devlin!





Monday 7 April 2008




New signs to put on our cars.





Sunday 6 April 2008


Lot of work in my store to go through all things and all dresses. Next week there are a large market in Götene and we have hired a place to show what we have and what type of clothes we sell. Most important is to get people to know that we exist!! I do not think that we will sell anything because people (at least the older one) here on the countryside, do and sow most thing by them selves....

Anyway we have decide to show us up!



Most things was up and down.


Juan was coming from Thailand yesterday and Bosson and Daddy was curious of her.


Daddy love Pepsi Max too......Bosson and Daddy have most problem with longing for our bitches in heat!


Gluten free bread, lactose free cheese, shrimps, tomatoes, avocado, lactose free Cottage cheese and salad. I love it, this is what I eat almost everyday just with some small changes now then.


Since Monday I have to start to eat things without milk/lactose, sugar and gluten!!! I have had so much pain in my back and stomach that I really need to do something.....there is no time for doctors to see me until 10 days. We have already take some tests (I have ordered them) and everything is ok so far, but there is something wrong...we have to wait and see what. I will get some more references from a doctor next time...I PROMISE!!!!

It is really not easy to found things without both milk and gluten....but it is interesting, and IF it can help me it is worth every extra time, work and money.



And as You understand Mark and Jackie.....NO MORE CAKES..for me!


This is no problem if I have to!!! (I think...?)


Mmmmmmmm.......this looks really nice, thank You Anne Karin......I can look

 and dream about how it taste!  (And I promise You.....that I dooooooooo:::)






Saturday 5 April 2008



Nice News!



Last weekend J Super Model was at an Inoff. Show in Vadstena, and Kristina showed her by her self, well done!!


She became Best In Show!


Kristina and Breeze Photo by Leif Cronwall.


Breeze aunt and half sister J Playmate of the Year is jealous of all candy Breeze get *S*!  Photo: Leif




Friday 4 April 2008



Ten month tomorrow!

My Splendid choice Gloria!




Jilloc´s S - Litter 2007




Thursday 3 April 2008


Especially Bosson and Daddy are really in love with Devlina and Gloria now....I have been waiting for Bell to come in season in the same time, but of course she will start when these two are ready...typical!


It was just like a summer day today, and we all get new inspiration to do things. Rune start with the dog yard (as always) and then he start to continue with our bedroom in the evening.

Of course there were problems with the saw so in the afternoon he had to buy a new one to come through those thick old walls in our house.

and for some hours we had visitors and I was in my store so in the end of the day we haven't done as much as we have hope to do today (as always).


We are so proud of our males Bosson 4 year, Rolex 1 year, Diamond 1 year, Daddy 10 months and Sperm 10 months...they are so friendly to each other even when the bitches that are in heat are in the yard next to them.



PS Dori in England got her puppies already: http://www.millview.org


Bosson is the father.





Wednesday 2 April 2008


I have had problems for almost my whole life with nose bleeding, and I have been bleeding every day this week....and today it bleed over 30 minutes...but as I said....maybe I lost some grams then *S*. Only once I have been bleeding when I was going to enter the final ring...it was at Gotland (Island east of Sweden) and I had been BOB with my Ch Rocca Al Mare allegro ad Jilloc´s "Dennis" (Devlin, Jill and Bossons father). He was a really high tempered dog (lively) because he was so happy for everything and everyone, just like Expo but ten times more *S*. Many times I had to get help to show him because he was toooooo strong for me.



                          Dennis head.     Dennis 11,5 year with Jonnie.     BIS Progeny group Many times!!! Here from 2004 in Borås.



Ronneby 2004. Photo by Johan Frick-Meijer               Devlina, Jill, Tutta and Devlin 2006, a week before Tutta gave birth to Jilloc´s R-litter.




Hanna was here with me many hours today, and we start to made plans for some small changes in her home *S*!!

Hopefully Jens do not read this, what he don't know won't hurt him...until we need his help to put up new wallpapers etc. etc..


Pictures from summer 2007. Jilloc´s T-Litter after Donna and Bosson.



Cruella 12 year and Zara (Ch Ridotto Zoe) 13 year.


Photo from 2004.




Tuesday 1 April 2008


Today I found this photo of Disco when he was 7 months old. He is resting at the hotel after the World winner Show in Poland.

He became Nr 3 BEST IN SHOW PUPPY there!!! We are still so proud when we think about that day!!!



It was a fantastic arrangement from the Polish Kennel club, but of course where there no space at all around the final ring. Poor dogs we almost have to carry Disco into the ring of honour. But the ring of honour was very large



I would like to dress up like this lady in the final ring ,but it will be hard to run then*S*!!!      



Jilloc´s Rich and Famous, Disco with his trophy for BIS 3!



Carl and Inna told us that Disco now is VERY good at speed agility in USA, they train him every day and he LOVE it. He have just some more points to go for his first title!


Carl have start to show disco by him selves sometimes at shows..he had done well but need still more points before he can became a American Champion. During this spring he is going to some more shows....

I will tell more about his future as soon as I know. We are so happy that Disco is coming here for holiday this summer. Especially I and Devlina is missing him!




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