Thursday 31 July 2008


Another toooo hot day. Nyhammers were leaving for a show in Norway on Saturday and Sunday, they will be back on Monday.

We are really happy to stay at home this weekend!


We were at the vet for some vaccinations and after that we did not have any strange to do anything more today.



Wednesday 30 July 2008


Anne Karin wash many machines with their clothes, they have already been out on holiday for 14 days....It looked like a gipsy camp in our garden again *S*!

During the day they went to Lidköping to the big caravan store there to buy necessary things and when they came back they have bought food for the barbecue tonight, flowers and a cake (of course *S*)!


Beautiful flowers!                  Donna thought the cake was for her.                I can promise You that the cake was really good!



The dinner was soo good. We put both Rune's file's on the grill...they taste delicious *S*! Anne Karin have problems with to decide which one she like the best!

Jenny was here too this evening and we took lot of funny photos, but I put the memory card in the computer and forgot to put it back in the camera so there are no more photos from today! And maybe that was good *S*!



Tuesday 29 July 2008


Rune made his well-known breakfast with egg and bacon and in the middle of the day Niina and Marko and Puzzle start their journey back to Finland.

Bosson and Puzzle was playing in the garden in the morning. Niina was shopping at IKEA yesterday. She lives far away from Ikea in Finland so it was perfect for her to stop in Örebro on her way here.

Bosson checked out the cage in Niinas car before he let Puzzle in...and he stayed with her until we carried him out of the car. He is really in love with her *S*, even if he have had many "wifes" Puzzle is his favourite.




You can follow Ch Timanka's Playmates pregnancy at www.marnellin.com


Please let me follow my darling....Bosson did not want to leave the car, we feel really sorry for him!


It was still terrible hot but it was better being outside than indoors anyway. Rune did a great job today, he paint our old car cage and did an other solution with our cage in the car, now we can have at least 7 dogs in strong cages and that is what we need to travel safe.


Anne and Rune came in the evening, they have been in Finland during this weekend and have now a Finnish Champion in the car.

Congratulations, well done.

We eat a very late dinner (as always) and talked for many hours about dogs of course!



Monday 28 July 2008


We left Karlstad in the morning and stopped after some miles to eat breakfast at Mac D. Rune saw a dog that probably is related to Dalmatians *S*!


We will be back home again in the afternoon, just in time before Niina and her friend Marko was coming from Finland.


 I got an sms that our car was ready, so we stopped at the garage on our way home. I was happy that we could move all our dogs in the cold again the last hour before we were home.

In the evening we eat taco with our friends.


Jill...our Queen in the caravan this morning.



Another beautiful Lady is Puzzle, she is going with Niina tomorrow to Finland.



Today Rune got his licence as an official FCI Judge for Dalmatians!


Do You think he was happy????? YEEEEEEEEEEEES!



Sunday 27 July 2008


Lazy day in Ransäter.....a dream is of course to be in Best In Show in the afternoon *S*...but there is a looooong way to go first..ask our concurrent's *S*!!!!!


NO BEST IN SHOW FOR US today *S*! We think it was ok just to try to survive the day without running around in the ring. We moved in the morning to the same camping as Sissel and Kai stay at.


Kai brought some chips to Rune from Norway...he was sooooo happy and sent an mms to Jenny because both of them are so crazy about that special kind of chips....and some other candy from Norway.


It was hot in the night with four dogs in the bed Donna, Devlina, Gloria and Jill.


Sissel and me were out shopping for some hours in the afternoon and then we were all sitting in the tent eating cake!




We met a lovely puppy from kennel Shandor in Norway, our dogs thought it was a rat...but a very sweet one*S*!



Saturday 26 July 2008


Dog show in Ransäter in beautiful Värmland, Judge today is Carin Åkesson, one of our favourites!


We have entered 6 !!!!! dogs and we are only two (one and a half with my poor feet *S*) to handle, this will be funny!?!

Here are the result.



   Photo by Kattis


For the first time there were 5 BLACK SPOTTED males for the best male competition....for a very long time.......


Nr One: Jun.WW-08 Jilloc's Sugardaddy (junior), CAC

Nr Two: Int.Ch Jilloc's Loverboy CACIB

Nr Three: Int.Ch Lovinda's Fritjof Res. CACIB

Nr Four: Ch Jilloc's Easy Rider (veteran)

Nr Five: Skvå Inu My Black Rolex (junior)




Nr One: Int.Ch V-07 Jilloc's Joyride, CACIB

Nr Two: Jilloc's Top Model (junior), CAC

Nr Three: Nord Ch Jilloc's Reflection In A Mirror, Res. CACIB, thank You Bente that showed her in best bitch competition.

Nr Four: Jilloc's Splendid Choice (junior), thank You Kai that showed her in best bitch competition.

Nr Five: Nord Ch Spotnik's Coffee Cream




                                            Peek a boo!!!                            Can You see the big heart on Daddies right front leg.


Hurray, first prize and prize of honour for Bente and Mario today....

In the shadow Rune with Bosson and Kai with Zid under a large parasol.


I love my new lens for my camera, I can stay a long way outside the ring and come close to the dogs..perfect. Here is Bosson.


Brandon was in love with a bitch!


Bente and Nelly.                                            Gloria and Kai waiting.


After some rounds in the ring, they deserved a break!


We got what we need and a little bit more *S*!


In the evening we just sit and eat in the dark outside the caravan. Maria, David, Rune and me....fam Christoffersen was back in Karlstad and Bente an Reidar couldn't leave their dogs at another camping place because of the heat for their dogs. I am longing for the Autumn..it is the best time of the year I think for both people and animals. So wonderful to be at a dog show in September with sometimes sun but so much pleasant temperature in the shadow. Today there have been 33 degrees here in Värmland. Just the same as in Bangkok today!


Maria is proud of her tattoo.



Friday 25 July 2008


Hopefully a lacy day in Ransäter together with our Norwegian friends.


We drive from home very early before the sun was to hot. First to the company in Mariestad to put our car there for repair..something that we need to do immediately. So we have to take 7 dogs in the pick up and caravan........!!! Not that easy at all.


We were in Ransäter at two o'clock after shopping a cooler bag.....because today our freezer decide to not work again.. Damned!!!!! We parked in the shadow and let the dogs out...


It was to hot to do anything at all.. we just sit and complain over the heat. Suddenly Kai was coming to give us a present...a cooler bag!!!! exactly the same as we bought two hours earlier...We were really happy to have such caring friends. Both Sissel and Kai and Erik and Knut have bought this together for us because they have it and they know that we need one, and now we have TWO *S* so luxurious..one with water and beer and one with food, thank You we really need it just now!!!


You are welcome to stay next summer and  in our garden....for a looooong time....because we need an air-condition for the caravan *S*!


I got manicure and new colour on my nails.....


We were sitting in the tent until late in the night..it was gorgeous to finally get some normal temperature.


  Devlina and Jill.                                               Bell is sleeping UNDER the blanket in the heat *S*!



Thursday 24 July 2008



We should have been on our way already...but I am still sitting here by the computer.


Some of the dogs are already washed and all dogs got their nails cut...but there are so much more things that isn't ready (how could we dream about being in Ransäter now..stupid us..have we ever been in time anywhere???, Yes, in the ring of course *S*)


This morning Rune and Jonnie drove to Skara to buy things for his garage so he can have things to work with during the weekend and until we are back again. And we have filled his freezer up with food that he like, so he can be home and work and take care of Elliott and Diamond most of the time. He hate to go to the store by him self so then he only eat at Mac D...and it is ok but NOT every day he think.



It was so terrible hot so we decide to start our journey EARLY tomorrow morning instead, it would be better for the dogs.



Wednesday 23 July 2008



Today we will go to Gothenburg and Lisebergs amusement park. Rune got it as a gift from Jenny, Hanna and Jens on his Birthday. I have not been there for six years, even if Jonnie and Rune have been there together to ride all funny things at the park some times. My only interest is to play on the lottery and win lot of teddy bears and chocolate!


But first of all Rune will drive Roy to Landvetter he is going back to Asia again for his business...


BUT as always many changes, when Mr Roy is involved *S*....there will come a costumer to Roy that already have been travelling from north of Sweden and he will be here at 7 o'clock in the morning, and they have to leave before 7 from Götene to reach the airplane!!??!! Then Roy and Jonnie and Jonnies friend have to take one car to Gothenburg and meet Jennie there with her car, and she will park it at Liseberg in the early morning..so she can take it home in the evening and then she will drive Roy to Landvetter and then back to her home again with both the boys with her...but Roy was almost to late to the plane, so even if she have paid 100:- for the parking ticket in the town she have to drive VERY fast to the airport and meet Roy that (as always) had to run into the airport (he had been looking at a machine to buy on his way to Gothenburg, that was why he was running out of time for the plane....as always)! Now we have to go to Landvetter in the middle of the night when Liseberg have closed.......sooooo much extra work and soooo much extra driving.


And here at home Rune was waiting at the costumer at the bus stop in Götene ...he was not coming, until an hour later he was calling and he was standing in Mariestad waiting, so Rune HAVE to drive 80 km to bring him here and then show him a truck and later deliver it with all paperwork that he didn't know so much about.....puhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...he was really high-speed and very hot when he came back home just before 12 o'clock when Jenny, Hanna and Jens was coming to pick us up.


As they know I am NEVER ready to go so Jens almost carried (I said almost *S*) me into the car. Hanna was driving today and Jens and Rune was drinking cold beer.

Almost three o clock, we finally met Jennie, Jonnie, Mathias, Ellie and her friend Elsa at Liseberg, they have been waiting for us for at least an hour. Jenny and Jonnie have been at Net O Net in Gothenburg to buy an objective to my camera so I can take photos much closer at the dog shows, finally!!!! I look forward to that, instead of seeing some small spotted dogs on the other side of the ring....


Flumeride!                                                      Cottoncandy!


Jonnie was caught in the escalator with his shoe......Jenny had nail glue to repair it with.....he was so grateful and pleased.


I only had the new lens on during the evening and it was not that good ...I came all to close to the object so I have to take some photos with my mobile camera.

Jonnie was fantastic to hit the ball, and he win a lot!!!



Who will be the winner on car race..........Jonnie of course!

We went home at 11 o'clock when Liseberg was closing. Then we have to drive to Landvetter *S* and get Jennie's car. We were home at 1 o'clock in the night...so tired. Jenny was to tired to drive home....so she stayed here half night *S* and she was going to work at half past six this morning..poor girl!



We went to bed at three o'clock.



Tuesday 22 July 2008



Another of my Favourite dogs is Harry ( Ch Jilloc's Perfect Reflection) he is one of the kindest and he soooo terrible fond of people and other animals *S*!

Harry is here with his crazy little brother William.          


Photo: By Anita


And his is the best and kindest babysitter too.         


Bosson glancing at his daughter Bell.

Sometimes a look says more than thousand words....why have I done so much babies that I can't  have a chair by my self*S*.


Everyone seams to think that Daddy is Bossons son......Daddy is lying down eating because he would like to show Bosson how small and kind he is! Gloria is the naughty one, that pulls everybody else around in the house by the scruff of their neck *S*! But the other ones love it!!!!


Sometimes they rest for some hours (when Gloria is out playing *S*).



Monday 21 July 2008



Lovely photos from Annette again, here is Rolex on his bicycle training with Moa o Mimmi.


I can't say it often enough this family is soooo fantastic every one are so engaged in the animals/dogs.

If You ever meet a family with a dog there 7 people is holding the lead at the same time I will be rather sure that it will be family Pettersson from Sweden...so just now when they have two dogs at home it is much more easy because then they are only 3,5 persons on each dog *S*!




After the training Rolex want dinner!!! Ginny pigs...most of all *S*!


Diezel can trot even if he do not have any lead on, good boy! Mimmi is such a fantastic dog trainer and handler already, I am very curious about her future.


If they can't find ROLEX in the garden or in the house, they can just go to the stair to the cellar........he is often sitting there and relax in the middle of the stair.


He is the sweetest of them all, and VERY special *S*!



Sunday 20 July 2008



Me and the dogs stayed in bed loooong today, Rune poor man drive away early from home to be an aspirant for judging on English springer spaniel in Köping today. It was raining like hell and I listen to the rain on the roof outside my bedrooms window it is soooo relaxing!



Lovley cakes from Hanna.


Rune got an excellent idea to exercise....instead of making the grass by him self he ordered a handyman to drive the lawn mover, and he can walk by his side instead!


Then he and Donna take care of the rest....she is in season and can't be together with the others.


The boys have full control of where she was!




Saturday 19 July 2008


Dog show in Köping, but we haven't entered. The meaning was that Rune should do a training as a judge, but sometimes the ordinary judge do not want any trainer in the ring (Obs! This was for another breed, not Dalmatians. Rune have done the necessary for Dalmatian, but are only waiting for the approval - if he gets it!!


From the beginning of Dezibels life Jenny have tried to prepare her for dog shows...sometimes it has not been that easy..Dezibel have her own free will *S* and most of the time she do whatever she want......she prefer Jenny's two new expensive eyeglasses to eat instead of her food, an Persian rug instead of all the other "normal" rugs in their home, their car keys instead of all her toys, an expensive bed madras (on Jennies' boyfriends side of the bed *S*, it doesn't matter as long as it isn't on my side Jenny said *S*)......a ring of gold....etc etc.

But I can tell You that there are not many dogs in this world that is soooooo loved by her owner......

Ok....she have got better behaviour last months, but after this weekend with her first CAC I got a sms from Jenny that Dezibel think she deserve something special good so she took a bit of Martins side of the bed again *S* (he is on holiday) so we have to hear more about that later...

I am VERY happy that I am only the co owner of her *S*!


And it is a hell to bring her in a lead....she is like 10 great dane at the same time.....BUT in the ring she can behave as a lady!?! last months and we can immediately see it on her results....

But of course she have a name to live up to:


Jilloc's Top Winning Trophy


Jenny showed her very early what to win!



Friday 18 July 2008





Finally we had a loooooooong morning.



Daddy was proud of HIS World Winner Towel...The other dogs were so jellous!


In the evening Rune and I decide one more time to stop eating in the evening (the best thing that we both know). We take often that decision when we have eat a lot and not are hungry *S*!


Thirty minutes later Roy came in the house with sooooo much good for us *S*! Of course we HAVE TO eat......


What can we say...more than...We start our diet tomorrow instead *S*!!!


Today we have enter our dogs to tooooooo many dogshows for tooooooo much money.....for ex 7 dogs to the special show in Norway, 9 !!!!! dogs to an Int show in Sweden and 8 dogs to Visby, and 6 dogs to an Int show in Europe, and  and and.........unt so weiter!!!



Thursday 17 July 2008



Up toooo early this "morning" to wish Andreas a pleasant and safe journey back home to Arendal in Norway. 



Some hours later all the others went on to another dog show in Köping this weekend (we will be home!!!) we were really temped to go with them, but Donna is in heat and it is impossible to handle eight Dalmatians in the caravan when one is in season.

It looked like a gipsy train when they drove in convoy out on the E 20.     I found A big weed between all plants.


Cheers...Erika is a Coke O Holic as much as I am a Pepsi Holic.....and Gloria want her "drink"!




Wednesday 16 July 2008



Today I will tell You a story of what can happen in everyone's life.


Some days ago we heard a knock on our caravans door. I opened the door and there was a "poor lady" with two children. She was hungry, thirsty, tired and need a bath and roof over her head. Some new clothes was necessary too.

Even if she need a lot of things in her life she was smiling, and a fire was burning in her eyes, that impressed me.

 We have to help her!

 I said to Rune that we have to bring her and her children back home with us. We can help her and maybee she can help us with something when she will get stronger again, because she told us that she in her whole life had to manage everything by her self, and have lot of things that she do very well.....




First of all she need to sleep, so we let her lay down on the couch with our dogs, she really needed to rest.


See how tired she is.......poor woman! One of our dogs try to warm her up......


She play with our dogs............She try to repair our washing machine, and she clean the floors.....She get some food, so she will be stronger and can work more....


Hanna and her boyfriend *S* was just standing and look when she was crawling around and work.


Then this fantastic Lady bake a cake for all of our visitors. There are so many things that she can do. Hopefully we can find a husband for her that she can impress with all her different skills.

Her cake taste fantastic (Mark...You should have been here!).


We gave her and her daughter a bath....... In the evening the lady and both her daughters relax in our livingroom....... We can se that she was more happy and have gained some pounds already *S*!


And then after some days something happened!!!


Look at this.


This special woman is fantastic, she can be whatever she want, and......






 So think about to treat a woman vid care and she can be the one You always wanted!

(And of course the same with a man)



She is our own "Silvia Sommerlath" and we are looking for a "prince" to her now. Tonight she will hopefully kiss the frog and it turn out into a handsome man....





To My Beautiful friend Sissel that have had a laborious year.


I wish You and Your family all the best for the future, and that there were more mum's like You!



See You soon.....




Tuesday 15 July 2008



Seven is a hunting dog *S*!


Photo by Diana.


Sissel and Me wash all day long.....in the afternoon even Erika from Norway and her family enjoyed us.

Sissel try to eat chocolate and so many were interested in her candy*S*!


Even this evening we all eat dinner together. The only one that didn't need to exercise just did it for fun....strange!!!


Daddy love to carry things around!     Jonnie and Hampus came to eat too. But I think they were more interested in the girls instead of the food.

The dishwasher was broken so we have to eat on plates of paper *S*!


Rune was tired to talk Norwegian all day long...he had plans to do lot of work on the computer in the night, but he took a nap instead!



Monday 14 July 2008


Shopping, shopping and shopping....and we were all so tired after many hours in the big store. After that we start to drive home and on the way we met Annette and her family with Donna. She is in season and we will take her home so they don't get any problem with Diezel and Rolex during this time. We are so grateful that they take care of our dogs during the summer when we are travelling a lot and when their children have holiday. Their children want to have one dog each (they are five*S*)....they think it is not faire that they have only one dog.


The clock was over eleven in the evening when the dinner was ready, even Jens, Hanna and Roy came here to eat with us.



Sunday 13 July 2008


Hanna and Jenny leaved early this morning because Jenny have to work today.



We stay in the bed as long as we could this morning, then we packed all things together and at 12 o'clock we were ready to go to Ullareds Camping there we will shop a lot tomorrow, when the BIG, famous, store opened.


A Normal caravan and an American one!


Sissel made dinner in the evening and we all enjoyed it.

Sissel and me are planning to make plastic surgery on our turkey hooks, but we are too scared *S*!

And if You think that we look stuck-up...the only reason is that we look up in the air to make our hooks smaller *S*.


Andreas look at us and probably think we are stupid!!!



Saturday 12 July 2008


Tvååker Nat.


Three of the males (out of five) in champion class. Jilloc's Hole In One, Jilloc's Loverboy and Lovindas Fritjof.


Bosson was so happy to be in the ring again...


Bosson                                             Zid                                                Tiger



We congratulate Helena Cohen and Formo to his first CAC, as a veteran. Well done. Maria with her dog Lizzie and her Aunt Britt.

Angie with Jenny that showed her today.     Russin so happy that she bring her mum on the ground in the ring *S*!


Russin had her own Coach with her today, and it helped, she became BOS.


Devlina is a lacy dog, but not in the ring.


Aase and Rune exercising.               Jilloc´s Run Wild Run Free got her second CAC and Ch Lovindas Fritiof was BOB.

Two progeny groups: First J Key To Success, with 4 children and then J Loverboy with four daughters. Hjärtat in the middle belongs to both parents *S*!


Today Bosson won and we were BIS 2 in the final ring!



Jilloc's won the Breedinggroup!


Yvonne and Troja waiting.    Angie was waiting with Madeleine and her husband.    Troja sleeping with her rosette!


Ellie and Jennie was coming to look at the finals.                 Hanna found an available knee*S*!


 Jennie want to know which teeth are the whitest???


We were BIS 3 Breeding group out of many groups, I was really pleased with that.


Photo by Jennie


Fam Christoffersen was more than happy after the win of Group 6.



Photo by Kai                 Yes, we were both tired *S*!     Hjärtat with Ellie and Jennie.

We waited for hours to see the final. It was rainy, stormy and terrible weather.



Ellie was afraid of the thunder.                          Kai and Sissel where just happy for his BIS 5 rosette.


After all the rain many people had problems to get to their cars. Jennie went out in the water and bring our car to land again. Thank You!


We all need something hot after that terrible weather!



Rune bought MANY pizza...You can see that his money pocket was empty!!!!!


We were all tired after a long day and eat just a little of the pizzas (of course Rune eat his family pizza in two minutes *S*)So our dogs was happy to get pizza too in the evening.





Friday 11 July 2008




Tvååker Nat.


Two sweet girls in the sun.


A Norwegian owner of a World Winner was so happy to relax in the special WW chair. There were many jealous people around her!


If You are kind enough You can look at Daddy's Junior World Winner Handkerchief too...!

Daddy showing his beautiful movements. Sometimes he get critic that he moves TO well *S*and some judges write or say that he moves so much different from the others that it must be HIS movements that are wrong.....?!!? (PS...not this judge).


I am so pissed of that I only on my best days can show one dog now (bitch)....because I love to be in the ring with my males!!!!



First Daddy that ended nr three Best dog with another CAC and then Scotty BOB and Zid second best male.



Gloria and Decibel running. Gloria nr one with CK and J Truly In Love nr two with prize of honour.

Open class bitches. First Inger with her bitch from Boing. The two last Hildegunn and Vinta and Carin and Russin in the end.


Bitch nr two from left got the CAC today, all the others from Jilloc´s.

Gloria and all the others waiting for the final.


Jilloc's Breeding group at Friday looked really good and was picked out in the end, but it was not enough for a placement today.



Chrissie's progeny group was nr 3 today.


Aase was sooo tired of Scotty, he won BOB but he didn't bother..only about their bitches in season. Believe it or not, but he was 15 minutes later winner of Group 6. Well done Aase, you really had to work for it today *s*!

Family Christoffersen bought a new easy tent...but it was not that easy!!!


Sissel were sooooo angry and act like a Italian, waving her arms and kicking with her legs..we were laughing...even Kai, but he didn't want to show her his smile...then she have been even more angry (with him *S*)!!

Andreas and Kai work, Sissel just looking...Kai said it was that easy....ha ha ha ha ho ho ho!!


We couldn't find Rune...only his shoes *S*!!! He was going to the ice bar again!!!!      Decibel and Devlina resting.


Mmmmmmm...Rune bought all ice-cream with liquorice that they have....


We get lot of presents from family Christoffersen.


All the other was sitting outside in the evening and had fun...I was soooo tired and went to bed with lot of pain in my feet together with our dogs. Can't even remember when I fell asleep before 10 o'clock before! But I love it!




Thursday 10 July 2008


Up, up and away towards Tvååker. We leave from Götene at 11 o'clock. Just before we go we got the result of Rolex hips, and we were not that happy for even he had C hips.....

Ok, no mating for him today then. We were at the camping at two o'clock and Kai, Sissel and family were already there from Norway, even Hanna and Jenny were there.

We have plans to barbecue tonight but we were all to tired. So we prepared for tomorrow and then go to bed.



Diamond and Bosson were with Hanna and Jens and their dogs some weeks ago when we were in Norway


They had so fun that they would like to stay there forever.


Chrissi and Bosson, still in love!



All photos by Hanna and Jens



Wednesday 9 July 2008



This morning we got


Beautiful photos from Russia, taken by Terentjev Timofej.



Congratulation Evgeniya and Tyson Best In Show and 2 Best In Show!


And the same weekend with BIS JUNIOR TWICE You are fantastic!


We made our caravan ready to go again and it took almost the whole day. Suddenly the freezer worked again. so we didn't go to the garage to repair it thank You, finally something that didn't cost money.


In the afternoon Rune groom two dogs and we try to wash our dogs in the early evening and then we fall asleep.




Tuesday 8 July 2008


Congratulations to Pia and Teemu!


We wake up at nine o'clock when my mobile phone was ringing......it was Teemu..Finally Pia got their little baby boy...but after 26 hour of pain. This morning at 6.30 she got a C-section...poor girl then she can't run this weekend at a show that they have been planning for *S*..

So happy that everything went well, but I was so sure that she was going to have a girl that I have to go back and change all pink things I already bought for this baby...but maybe Jimmie and Nathalie get a girl...so I can keep it anyway!

The rescue man hasn't come yet and it smelled all over the house!

I was in the shower at 10 and then I start to clean on first floor when I heard Rune scream!!! The people from Australia is HERE ALREADY!!!



We got panic *S* as we haven't start to do all necessary things this morning, but they were normal people that know that we have been away for many days and have not had the time to clean everything yet. I haven't been to the store but our freezer was full so we found lot of things for breakfast, lunch/dinner and coffee, so that was no problem.

The only problem was the SMELL we have all around us.....sewer!!!

After some hours the rescue man came...finally...he found lot of fat that maybe have been stuck in the pipes for 15 years he told us...grouse!


Carola and Peter came here too and Hanna of course. Puzzel were out playing...I have bought a spotted dress for Hanna...


Sorry Mark but we were eating cake too.....(We really missed You and Magic at the WW show)!




 Monday 7 July 2008


We have decide long ago to stay in Stockholm one more night, and we eat put the TV on and fall asleep in less than one minute. Nine o'clock in the morning we woke up and shut the TV and the lamp *S* and sleep for some more hours. We have been sleeping for 12 hours!!!! Then after a long breakfast that took two hours, we were still almost unconscious, we drove home in a terrible rainy weather.


Home at eight in the evening and take care of everything that we need to do. I have been shopping for some hours in Örebro while Rune was sleeping in the caravan with all dogs.

In the middle of the night we were mating Puzzel and Bosson (puppies expecting at Marnellin kennel in Finland in about 9 weeks, hopefully).

We went to bed at 4 in the morning......

Tomorrow we have an open house here from 12 o'clock! So we have to be up...and the rescue is coming at 7 because we can not still use the toilets and shower, something is very wrong.



Saturday 6 July 2008



Up early and we all packed us into our car. Jens were going to go back to the camping again so he can sleep for some more hours so he just stopped at the entrance to Stockholms Mässan so we did not have any long way to go. I was so happy for that because I almost couldn't stand on my left feet after all running yesterday...but I have to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only one dog, so I choose Gloria for today. Last evening and tonight was a hell even with all drugs you can take...it doesn't help at all...

We were early by the ringside and the floor was perfect, well covered with carpets were we and our dogs were going to run. Both rings was close together so even if You are in one of the rings You can se what happens in the other...thank You for this solution.. Because on events like this You can't se anything if You have dogs entered to the show. I do not know anything about yesterday. I was talking to different people that was coming from all over the world most of the time that I wasn't in the ring.


Gloria was soooo close to the Junior WW title, but we Congratulate Bossons daughter Toots Counting On A Miracle, and her owner in Denmark and breeder in Norway with the win!


Breeze was there too, and Bell lay down in everybody's knee around the ring while we were waiting. And thank You Lena that showed her today. Hanna sitting in Helena's knee *S*!


Daddy won junior class and became Junior World Winner 2008!


Nr two at the pictures is a youth male from Citykid´s and nr 3 is Toro Bearnaise that became a Champion today!



Hanna showed Expo, thank You!!!


Ch Dalmings Hokus Pokus (Devlin gorgeous son) was nr 2 in championclass after Zacco and his handsome handler from Norway.


Solveig was so happy and give both Zacco and Björn Erling a hug! Jens came back with Jill, they have both sleeping for some hours in the caravan and were now fit for fight again.


 Rune and Mini won intermediate. There were LOT of bitches with excellent in open class. Devlina was in open today because when we entered many months ago she was not a champion and we was not allowed to change class on the WW Show..strange.


Devlina was nr two in open class....just after Ch Gwynmor Ysgawen. Here is Mini, Ysgawen and Åses Champion bitch running together.


Rune was hot and happy after getting the CAC and res CACIB for Mini.


Ch Toots You Can Call Me Al got the CACIB and the title. Hocus got res CACIB and Zacco get CACIB and the title, Congratulations to You All.


I had to give the judge a kiss when we won the best Breeding Group!


Gloria, Milda, Dezibel and Devlina.


We were picked out in the first round in the final ring, but didn't get place by the four winning groups unfortunately.


A study of Hanna and me in the spotlight in ring of honour! Darling so close to the WW Veteran title, she was nr 2, well done almost 12 year!



We saw everything on a large flat screen behind the final ring while we were waiting.

Here is Daddy in the BIS Junior Final, but he didn't get any placement there.


Dalmatian breeders from Australia. Lot of things to take back to the car again..we were so tired that we didn't know how we got there.


Jens and Hanna went to the car park to fetch our car.


Jens took a flying photo from a bridge to the car deck.


Rune had so much pain that he couldn't understand how to get out of the car...poor old man. Hanna have to help him!


We were all so terrible tired that we just want to eat and sleep. Poor Hanna and Jens that have to go home because Jens have to work at 7 o'clock, and poor Jenny that drive home by her self and even she have to be at work at seven. And poor Helle that went back to Norway and got home at 4 o'clock...are we crazy people...Yes we are!!!!



Saturday 5 July 2008


Photos by Jenny, Hanna, Rune and Me.


Junior males.

Daddy got only very good today.


Annemiek and Helle took lot of photos and movie during the day, but it was really hard to see anything because of the judging in two different rings. Mette was here with Neela because Niina HAD TO GO to a damned wedding...just today of all days of the year!!!!

Gloria was happy to see her sister again.



Our friend Anna from Russia with her junior bitch.     Neela, Gloria and Decibel in the same class, they got all excellent.


Gloria and Me and Jenny and Dezibel had to run a lot (not so good for my poor heal string).


Going and coming .....


Jenny only had one problem today she told me...that she can't stop smiling *S*! What a problem....!

Decibel won the class before Gloria on second place...that was why she was soooooo happy!


We were all so happy for Jenny.


Congratulation Jenny and Dezibel, Jilloc's Topwinning Thropy, Well done!


Decibel ended as fourth best bitch!!

Rune and I talked to a couple from Spain, they told us that they have Devlins grand daughter from a litter born in Holland after a Rocca Al Mare bitch. Daddy pee on the lady's trousers.....not that funny - sorry!

Open class was huge...38 bitches on Saturday!!! In the corner Hildegunn with Winta and Bente with Nelly and Anna with Nova and Karin with Russin. In front the Finnish bitch with reserve cac.


Then champion class. Both Jill and Devlina would like to win!!!


It was Jills day today, Devlina was second.


After every class there were lot of paparazzi...



Dezibel was in the competition for CAC but it went to a Russian bitch and the reserve CAC to a Finnish bitch.

Jenny put all her charm on to try to win here *S*!



  Russia first Sweden/Norway on second place Best Bitch, Finland nr 3 and Sweden nr 4.



Oooooooo.....Is it true?... Anna Zemtsova was so surprised!


A perfect result after a long journey.     Rune was the first one to congratulate.     Solveig was happy, at least for the dog food *S*.


Helle won the best brace with Zacco and Holly.


Best Breeder was Jilloc´s


We got very nice prizes.          Not that funny to put all things together again and pack it into the car!



Annie was falling asleep......No I was not sleeping she told us, I just want to see the dogs in another way *S*! then PO drove next to the ringside with his car to pick his cage up. A man from the staff almost exploded when he scream to TAKE THE CAR AWAY IMMEDIATELY......PO talk to him like to a child....You have to be calm otherwise You can get an heart attach....he was more and more angry and we all were laughing a lot while PO did everything else than bring his car out *S* he is totally crazy but we love him..he is so used with hysterical people in his work that he keep his mind sooooooo irritating calm *S*...


In the evening some strange people had a party in our tent so it was not that easy to go to sleep!!!



Mario was there, shown by Reidar. Photo by Rune *S*.



Friday 4 July 2008


Rune was up early to go to the circuit show his last service as a student on American cocker today. Me and five dogs were sleeping for many more hours. I got dizzy yesterday evening and I was terrified that it not will be better until tomorrow, but in the late afternoon I was almost ok and Rune and I went to some stores to buy some food when he was back from the show.


Rune and Jens start to barbecue. Both young men seams to be very tired already! In the background Åse and Edgards new mobile home..


We saw this morning that Bell had a small injure on one of her paws so Hanna and I put a bandage over....Hjärtat was soooo hot and sleep in the open door of there caravan.



Thursday 3 July 2008


We have plans to start to go to Stockholm early this morning, but as usual that didn't happen.


When we were in the shower this morning there were water all over the floors again on ground floor. We have to call for rescue again and they promise to come 7 o'clock on Tuesday morning.


I was in the kitchen making food for the dogs when I heard a terrible scream....someone was hurt!!! I run around finding some of the dogs trying to kill "Occhie" one of my "very old" first teddy bears.....he was really bad wounded...poor, I have to go to the teddy bear hospital with him when we come back home again. He is sitting on a couch in our bedroom, and I saw that Jill came down with him in her mouth...but so much happened this morning that I forgot about it, until I heard him cry...it was when Daddy, Jill and Gloria try to tear him apart.


We start from home too many hours tooo late, but any way we were in Stockholm in the evening, after some shopping on our way there.


Hanna and Jens came some hours later than us, and we all went to bed too late.




Wednesday 2 July 2008



I was sitting by the sawing machine all day and night to make the curtains ready for the caravan, and a dress for me that I might use on some show this weekend.


Rune was working with the caravan and went to a garage to repair something. All day we tried to do everything so we will be able to leave the first thing in the morning......






Tuesday 1 July 2008




The sewer rescue came at 7 !!!!!!!!! Rune went down to meet them..I didn't even hear that he was going up from the bed. He was back after 15 minutes and continue to sleep too.


The bell was ringing some hours later, we had time at our hairdresser....ooooooohhhh..why today!!?!! But we really need it both of us.


After that we went to Mac D to eat, and sit for almost an hour in the sun.


Rune called Hanna and ask her to come and help him to make highlights in his hair *S*!



At eight o'clock even Jens, Roy and Jonnie came so we were sitting on the porch and barbecue.

After that we were looking at movie from this weekend.



They went home...too late.



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