Friday 31 October 2008


Before we go down this morning Ellie took a shower and I clean her hair. Then she showed Jill how to put make up on. Jill was very interested.


Ellie had problems to open our bedroom door *S*! No modern door handles here!


Breakfast together with Daddy, he loves breakfast!!! And every other meals. In the store testing new clothes for school.

Jenny came here to meet Ellie and to go with us shopping.

Ellie love to dress up so she tried every hat she could find. She love to act in front of the camera...maybe she should start to play theatre, but just now she have so many other activities..she take lessons with skating to be a skating princess!!!


Jonnie and Roy came to take Ellie half the way to Gothenburg tonight where they will meet Jennie. It was silent in the house when our little sunshine have gone back home.



Thursday 30 October 2008



We bought this on the boat for Jonnie.


Not easy to read the papers with dogs all over, they LOVE Ellie, especially when she eat *S*! Tired to wait for food!


Ellie and I went to the toy store in Götene today and found many funny things. We bought some things that she can read in and work with and a advent calendar with toys inside that she can start to open 1 of December...she was so happy for that one all girls at school have that on top of their list just now.

We saw many nice things there for Christmas, and now I know a little bit more what to buy then. And I saw sooooo many things for Eddie that he need next 5 years...but I would like to buy them NOW!!!!!!

When Rune was ready with his work today we met him in a store and bought a large Santa Clause that sing and act like a real person, fantastic. He will meet our guests in our hall from the first of Advent.

And we were shopping some food and chips and lottery...need to win!!!!




And we bought a bicycle that I can sit on an exercise...my cross trainer is not that good for my heal string.

 In the evening Rune and Ellie put it together and she played with all frigolite that was in the package...she have a dream to get just frigolite for Christmas *S*..and now she get it already for free..she build house for her small toys in the frigolite!?!



Wednesday 29 October 2008


Poor Rune have to go to work early. Ellie woke up too early and was hungry (poor me) so we had to go up too.




We got a visitor for coffee and he had cakes with him as usual.     We found out that we have had more visitors in the room, blääääää!


Just look for some TV in the evening and took care of all necessary things with bills etc before it is new month again. Boring!!



Tuesday 28 October 2008


Just a little wind last two hours before we were in Gothenburg with the boat...but no problem and the night have been VERY calm. No wind at all that we could feel in the boat. Hurray! I would like to go again as soon as possible with this boat to Germany!!


Early morning back in Gothenburg. Here comes the small boat "Älvsnabben" over the river. My father was going with that boat every morning for over 40 years when he was on his way to the Warf Eriksberg.



Ellie and Jennie and Jill was waiting for us in the harbour. Ellie is free from school this week and are going to stay with us. Jennie was in a hurry to go back to her work again. Jill decide to go back home with us today...(she have been on holiday at Jennies place since before we were going to Åland).


On the way back home we go to our Vet, and met our favourite and friend Ann Kristine there, she is the best!!



We were very tired this afternoon and Ellie was a little bit sick with cough and fever so we did not do more things than necessary.


It was very cold in the house and as we haven't bought any wood this year yet (the oven need to be repaired for lot of money first, and we have as You can understand put those money on "other things" *S*).



Monday 27 October 2008


We woke up to another day in this beautiful country, Holland!

Most of all we would like to stay but we were in a hurry to go back home because of Runes work. After packing all things together again and feeding and walking the dogs (they walk their selves in the fantastic garden) we say goodbye to Diana and drive away.


Devlina ready to go to the car.                 There were pheasants on the field. Sometimes in spring tulips all over this field.


 When we came out on the road I saw the sign to Medemblik and we decide to go there to look for a lamp I saw there yesterday night in a store. I really would like to take it with me back home. And we would like to se this small town once again because it was so picturesque and beautiful.

The store with the lap was closed but we took a photo of it and Rune say that he could red the prize......1290 Euro (about 12.000:-)!!!!! Many times to expensive for me just now.....BUT when we have won a lot of money on Lotto, we will be back!


We went to another store close to the other and play some bongs with Lotto *S*, You never know...we told the lady in the store that we will buy a house here IF we win a lot of money.


Nice girl in the store, and all this lovely bread! Rune would like to buy a kg of carrots ???? He don't like it at home!!! When I saw the carrots in marzipan I understand because that is the best thing he can get. And look at the potatoes.....Ohhhhhh....but we did not buy anything of these, but Rune talked about carrots all the way back home!!!!



Next to that shop we saw a bakery...and of course we HAVE TO look what they have to advise/offer. Too much of course. I bought me some kind of bread that was called "Musliebollen" and they have to be send by God to Medemblik because they were the best I ever have tasted. Just some butter on and a slice of cheese....Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. One more reason for me to come back here...Mmmmmmmmmmm!

Rune was tired to here my Mmmmmmmmm for a long time because he hate healthy bread...he only eat white!!!


He bought him self a bread with LOT of cheese on that they put in the oven for him...and he bought something with lot of vanilla cream in and sugar powder on.

On our way back to our car I FOUND "THE STORE OF MY DREAMS"!!!! Since I was very little I have dream about to have my own flower shop, but it have never been time for that. But here it was!!!!


The quality of all plants and flowers were so fantastic in this country if I compare with ours at home.

But when I look at the prizes of the flowers I understand what Andre means when he say that it was sooooo expensive to buy flowers, and because of that he never buy it for Diana *S*!! It was probably in this store he have been looking.


We didn't buy anything here either, it was a way toooooo expensive for us....but soooo fantastic!!! Maybe next time when we are coming to get our win from the LOTTO, then I might buy the whole store *S*!


Swans in the town. Close to A and D house there were about 50 swans in the canal sleeping in the night. Canals all over, fantastic!

Everyone want their houses to be built close to the canal now.              Here is the small harbour in Medemblik.


Many, many fantastic gardens.                 Beautiful parks close to the water.

Lots of birds all over.


Back again crossing the 50 km long dike again.


Strange buildings.....it has to be much more expensive to build it this way!?!


And Germany, here we come again!


When we were in Europe last month we played Lotto that we checked in Kiel this evening. As You can see the usual procedure as every time..NOTHING! We got the perfect parking on the boat this time we could walk right in front of our car in the white door there. Up one stair and then we were at the place we can let our dogs out to pee, then in through a door and we were in the corridor with our animal cabin.

The meaning tonight was that we should drive all the way back home, because it is to expensive to take the boat both ways for us, but we were so tired and was just longing for some food and a bed just now. Even if it costs 360 Euro (3500:-) plus 55 Euro (540:-)for the food....just to pay and don't try to think about it.

I talked to some guys that was working on the boat and ask if it was windy....about 15 sec/m they say...so I was a little bit worried again..of course better than 20 on our way down but toooo much for me. I took only ONE pill today because I do not want to sleep all day tomorrow again *S*!

It was a perfect trip, soooooo funny to take the boat and relax when You don't need to be afraid for the storm. We eat a lot this time, and sit in the restaurant for two hours, then we went to the cabin and our dogs that were sleeping already. Rune took them out 10 meters to the "pee area" and then they fall asleep again. I was sitting at the computer and worked with all photos..it took some hours. This is what take most time to do before I can start to write in my diary every time..that is why I can't update every day..and even if I do Rune do not have the time to move it over to the internet...and with our problems now with the computer it takes hours every time!


Maybe we needed two cabins *S*!


Look what Diana made for Eddie, Thank You so much, You are the Best. Nathalie and Jimme and Eddie will be so happy for this. Then a photo of how The Astonishing Dalmatians in Holland looks like! Very nice and calm....


You can read lot of funny things (for us) in other countries *S*, and it is allowed to go with "BLACK" taxi here, it is not allowed at home, where it means that You pay for it with black money!!!



Sunday 26 October 2008


As You all can see there is something wrong with our modem so it can't upload all photos to 100%..hopefully it will be fixed in some time.


Today we have only 5 minutes drive to the show Annemiek told us.....perfect. A and D and R and I go together because Annemiek have to go there a bit earlier than us. We followed Andres car as usual. In case of he put his navigator on the right address...BUT after 30 minutes sightseeing in Vilvoorde this early morning we all start to be a little stressed. I suggested that we should call Annemiek and ask WHERE she was *S*. We were at the right address but can't find the showplace......BUT just then there came a car and we think it was a very good idea to follow it....WHY!!!! The car was spotted!!!!! Just crazy Dalmatian people can have a car like that *S*!

We followed that car some hundred meters and there we saw the showplace, perfect.



It was a nice place for the show ring and they have put tables around the ring so You can sit and have Your catalogue and things on the table, so nice.

Mrs Liliane de Ridder the chairman of the Club. The Judge Mrs Aase Jacobsen from Norway with Mr de Ridder, all at the show was standing listening to the Belgium Anthem.


We thought for a second that it was change of judge today because Aase was soooooo elegant with more makeup than normal and so dressed up.

Today we have entered three dogs Daddy, Gloria and Devlina (But because I have to go back to Utrecht in Holland for BIS I did not have the time to show Gloria....so sorry for that).

BIS Puppy today was from Kennel the Astonishing (by Bossons daughter ........and a male from Sweden).


Of course Diana was happy for their Best Puppy, even if he is sold and are leaving to another country next week.


Here You can follow the placements.               Diana with the BIS trophy.                BOS Puppy was from the Astonishing too.


Lot of Cups!


We saw some sweet dogs there. This male beat Daddy in intermediate, the owner is a puppy buyer to us (They have Bells sister, but unfortunately she was not entered here). But they could meet Bosson and Bell for the first time which they enjoyed.


Nr one and Nr two in another class.


Mr Achtergal and his dog was the winner in another class.      Some nice things to buy!


I was so happy to meet two successful children of Devlin here, in Champion class is here Multi champion Alphadirato Emperor (Luis) that lives in Germany (Donnas brother), he was beautiful.


Here is Luis from behind.                              And here is Neelix from behind.


Multi Champion Dot Com Break Me shake Me (Neelix), he look gorgeous and I loved the look in his eyes!


I was hoping that some of them would be the winner of Champion class, but another male from Kennel Gwynmor beat them.


Neelex, Gwynmor Yamka living in Italy (He was BOS today) and Luis.

In the middle of the day we have all ordered lunch at the show.


Rune and Annemiek have both PIGS on their papers!!?!!


When we came in the morning we got two envelopes. One with the show number and one with those small papers in. I thought it was something that have been given us by a mistake so I throw them away. Thank You Lilliane that gave us new *S*!


Even the judge have to wait for the lunch (just as in school).


Lot of visitors.                                                 Guess who have been parking just outside the gate??


Intermediate males.


Rhys served wine to people from England. It seams like he is saying -

I swear to God, not to server more wine this year....except to my selves!!!


If You have space enough in your car You can buy one of these....we have no room for anything thank good *S*!


Chantal (in pink) with her Championbitch (Devlins Daughter) Donna, Rocca al Mare Donatella from Sweden.


Devlina was Nr 1, a bitch from Holland at second place and Gwynmor Ysgaven third and at fourth place a bitch from France.



My sweet little Devlina, and Andre and I was on our way to Holland and missed all this!


Before they said who won the CAC and best bitch, it was silent and then the National Anthem from the winners country started...what a nice thing to do...but Rune almost didn't recognise the Swedish Anthem.....(maybe he was waiting for the Norwegian *S*)!!!


Two more bottles of Champagne, Hurray. We will celebrate with our new champagne glasses we got from Niina in Finland a while ago...

At New years Eve we will open those bottles and Celebrate for all our friends in the whole world for a successful and healthy new Year 2009.


We really needed Gloria in this breeding class, but Daddy, Seven and Devlina was Nr 2 in the competition anyway. Well done!


We left two of Devlina's "The Queens" prices in Belgium, they should be back next year. But the big one in the middle is now in our home.


Best Bitch was The Queen and Best male The King, and today the QUEEN became BEST OF BREED/BEST IN SHOW!


Hurray for Sweden!


Once again thank You Diana that stayed and showed Seven so Andre could drive me to Utrecht. Without You we have got really problems.

Seven was Nr 2 in her large class with EXCELLENT, and Rune took a video of it to show us in the night.


At the BIS final in Utrecht.


Gloria was placed at BIS 9, but got a very nice cup and flowers!!!

 She was more interested in the photographers crazy sound *S* so I didn't get any contact with her at the photo shout....I just think this is a funny photo, so I show it anyway!


Andre and I drive back to Medemblik to let the dogs out and to wait for Diana and Rune. They were on their way back from Vilvoorde after a lucky day, with the car full of prices and dog food.




Gloria and I was resting in "our" room in the barn for a while until Rune called and ask Andre and me to drive into Medemblik to meet him and Diana at the restaurant. We have decide yesterday to go out and eat...we were al to tired to fix food this evening.


Sooo happy that our car still was going without any problems.


Everything was almost closed at 21.30 so at last we found a very nice Chinese food restaurant that we could stay and eat even if they were closing (Andre is a regular guest there, that helped) It was very good but I was almost to tired to eat..so the dogs get lot of nice food in the evening *S*!


After looking at the movie from the show we all went to a good nights sleep.

We say goodbye to Andre tonight because he was going to work early in the morning...poor man. and we were leaving about 10 o'clock.



Saturday 25 October 2008


After a good nights sleep we entered our car and follow after André......towards Utrecht south of Amsterdam. The show was held at the old Veemarkt (The Animal auction hall). We saw the sun rise while we were driving.


 At the showplace we parked and when we were entering to show our papers there were lot of problems. The yellow papers we have got means that they haven't got any entry fee from us?????

They were very helpful and tried to find someone close by that have internet access so Rune can show them our account for them with our payment.

The clock was ticking and in just a little while it will start for our breed. I try to be calm but I get more and more stressed...we decide not to show Daddy even if he was entered because he will go in to the ring at once when Dalmatians start, and his coat was even more bad today than yesterday so it was no use to show him at all. We have Bosson and the girls Bell and Gloria entered today too, so hopefully we will be at the ring in time for them.

We leave our Visacard number and some more things so finally we got our papers. We don't want to pay 220 Euro once again for this show...but if we do they will find them later and send them back..ok first of all we rush to the ring.

We were now in not that good mood as we were before, but after talking to all friends and foreign people around the ring we start to look forward to this day anyway.


And what a hell, we have paid for Daddy so we decide just to show him anyway. We have never met Oleg Fintora from Czechoslovakia before and did not know what he was looking for. Someone told us that he was Ludmila Fintorovas husband....we have not think about that *S*!


Daddy was happy to enter the ring even if we did not expect anything more than VERY GOOD today this is still good training. We were both so happy when he got EXCELLENT, and from the ringside his coat look very good even if it wasn't. He met Caio (Elaridge Celtic Warrior) and of course he won the class with Rhys in the lead.


Bosson was the only Champion male and got EXCELLENT. In the best winner class for all winning males (only nr 1 in every class is there for the competition) there were Caio from Holland and Two males from England and Bosson from Sweden. Caio was nr 1 Best Male and then they will pick just one reserve after him. As Daddy was nr 2 after Caio he have to come in for the competition with the three other males that still was standing waiting...I didn't think about that so I have to run to the bench and take him out. Then we have to start running again and after some minutes the judge point his finger on me.......Daddy have been nr 2, the reserve Best Male after Caio. I was more than happy that we showed him today..Hurray!!


Who will be Best Male?


It seams like the judge say to Rune.....Hi there, You can take the same way out as You came in *S*, but of course he want to see Bosson going and coming!


This nice couple came all the way from England...*S*....Oh no not this time....England is not that far from Holland, this time it was us that came all the way from Sweden *S*!


Then the bitches started. Gloria was the winner in her class with EXCELLENT and the reserve, nr 2 was her sister Seven also with EXCELLENT Hurray....this was just a perfect day and all problems were forgotten.

Bell got only VERY GOOD, but was the winner of junior class in front of another bitch.


Bell did it well but she like outdoor shows better than indoor. Gloria was placed at first place in her class at once and when all the other was running for second place Seven looked at her like she was thinking -: Ok my dear sister You can stay there this time..but do You remember who was nr 1 in Luxemburg!!!

Running for Best Bitch here.


Fantastic.......Even Best Bitch!!! Annemiek and Andre was first to congratulate. We got CAC and CACIB......So happy!


Gloria and Caio in the last competition.


Elaridge Celtic Warrior BOS and Jilloc's Splendid Choice BOB. Yeeeeeeeees, she really is a splendid choice!!!


Just a funny photo. It seams like Mr Fintoro is given the photographers (Diana and Rune) a finger, but he was a very nice and gentle judge so of course he was just putting his glasses up on this photo *S*.


Annemiek should show her puppy from Lacrima Christi in Best Puppy Competition in the afternoon before Gloria should compete in the group, so we all went to eat and relax for some hours.

Everyone eat ONE big meatball in Holland, strange!!!      Seven and Puppy in cage.      I changing my underpants *S*!


What You can't see at photos when I was running in the end was that I wear silky underpants today with tights over that was slipped down all the time when I was running.....IF we have had to run just a little more all people would got a great laugh. It was really critical last minutes running in the ring! So I have to go out to our car and find some that was in cotton and not in silk *S*!


Nice things for the winners!


There were lot of Puppies but Annemieks puppy was placed!       Gloria in high speed in the ring, my poor foot!



Running and waiting.




Best In Group


Gloria was Nr 1 in Group for Judge Ms G W de Vries-Hoogland from Holland.





Now we really got problems for tomorrow, because she will be back for BIS tomorrow afternoon, and we are going directly to Belgium now for the Club show there tomorrow in Vilvoorde.

Anyway we all packed our things together and start to drive towards Belgium. We had to stop after 30 minutes because Andre and Diana's puppy have to go out for a while. Just when we drove in to the parking place there came lot of smoke in our car and You can feel that something smell like it was burning!!!!! I jump out and found some lead for our dogs, I have to get them out quickly!!!


Rune opened the hood and saw that oil lid have fall of (he have filled oil yesterday and have probably not put it on hard enough) it was oil all over.....hopefully it was only this, so nothing else had happened to the engine or something.

When I walk our dogs Rune was going to fill more oil on the engine, AND he unfortunately pushed the oil lid so it fell somewhere under the engine.

We all tried to find it...but it was gone!!???!!

After about an hour when we all was freezing and it start to be darker Rhys and Andre walk to the gas station close to us and bought a lamp and a new temporary lid to our car, thank You what should we have done without You all, and You stayed with us until we could drive again.


This little thing was not closed hard enough!!! Rune and André had black stripes in their hair..it looked nice and we all laugh a lot..what else could we do!!!


Andre though he saw the yellow lid..but it was probably a hallucination. Annemiek try to find it, but only saw oil.


I thought they have bought a chocolate cake for Diana, but it was the lid *S*, I start to be hungry on cakes when I saw it!

Rhys was afraid when I start the car, he was waiting for a big bang...but it went well.



We drove carefully towards Belgium and the Hotel that Annemiek have booked. Thank You so much for all help!


Very nice and cheap hotel that we can recommend. We ate a nice dinner together and went to bed, after a loooong but fantastic day!





Friday 24 October 2008



We were in Kiel at 9 o'clock.....so perfect to walk the dogs in our own "garden" at the boat, then we do not have to stop immediately to let them out. We drove almost an hour and then stopped to buy tea...

I am sure it was something wrong with my teabag but Rune said that it was me that still was so drugged that I can't drink. He ask to get my tea but I was almost sleeping again and told him that I have to think about it for 5 minutes first *S*.... then I was falling a sleep for 3,5 hours....I heard all noise from the road, but continue to sleep. I have not power to open my eyes...

When I woke up I was "normal" again!!!

We stopped and bought beautiful flowers on our way to Medemblik.

At three o'clock we met André and Diana at Kennel Of The Three Turnips close to Medemblik where they all live. Nice to meet Freak and all his dogs.


We have to meet A and D to find the way to three Turnips. Freak with one puppy from the smallest litter.


He even had another litter of Basset Artésien Normand now. Desiree' with her favourite puppy. She was extra fond of this puppies because her male was father to the litter (And he suddenly died when the puppies was newborn). Desiree' I hope You can take this puppy home if Your parents allowed it in a while *S*. I cross my fingers for You. Rune with another bitch from the same litter.


Diana had bought cake for the coffee, I wonder why *S*!


Rune found an old friend here. Freak had a "head" from his Rune...Timanka's Almost A Clown in his livingroom *S*, see how similar they are!


After some hours there we continue to Kennel Astonishing's House and their fantastic garden. I had a dream to see it in real for over three years now and I can tell You that I was not disappointed at all...even bigger than I could dream about, what a fantastic place!!!

All those beautiful planted trees all over Holland. And all those cheep everywhere.



But best of it all is Andre and Diana's place. Diana opened the door to our "hotel". Perfect to drive the car into the barn!


Hurray.......Run Wild Run Free!!!!




Daddy pee on all the others.


Seven and Florence in the background at their side..Daddy happy on his side!


Hi sister Seven........do the grass smell the same on Your side???                     Here comes Daddy!!!

Our dogs loved their "guestgarden"!


After being out with all dogs I took a shower and we eat together and went to bed while it still was Friday.




This was in our room. Diana thought we maybe need something sweet during the night *S*!



Thursday 23 October 2008


Soo tired when the doctor called early and tell that I have to go there today to get my foot taped again...I was happy for that because I really have lot of pain.

When I was back after an hour. I eat breakfast and give food to all dogs. We want them to eat many hours before we enter the boat to Germany tonight.

Rune was home at two o'clock from work and we took our last thing into the car.

Then we go to the vet to get some papers for our trip. and our way to Gothenburg I have to go to a shop to leave some clothes back and we were buying lot of sour milk for our dogs to put in the cooler we got this summer from Kaj and Sissel and Ericka and Knut, the best thing we ever have had...thank You!


It was almost storm all the way to Gothenburg and when we were there in the harbour it was even worse!!!!! Ohhhhhhh, I hate to go by boats and especially in the night, and when there is storm!!!!!!

We had an own corridor together with 8 other dog owners and veranda with a small dog yard and a sandbox. It was so perfect and some of our dogs love to pee and shit in these small sandbox. Some of them...as Bell don't. She is a lady and only some times in the day she allow her self to pee...



The cabin was small but of course they have not expect someone to bring 5 big dogs in there *S*. We have two cages with us there because we were planning to go and eat buffet at 9 o'clock....so in case of that our well behaving dogs try to eat something up in the cabin..we put our youngest in cages.

Because we heard the captain say that it will be very windy and 20 second meters and more I decide to take some pills and to go to the dinner immediately before it start to float up and down tooo much......



I took just a little food to taste and not much dessert at all (not normal for me), not that I got sea sick but if it is really stormy I hate to know that I have been eating a lot. Most afraid am I that the ship will explode or sink and I don't know how to save us and the dogs..never forget when we go to Estonia 2007.....it was terrible in really heavy sea and our cabin was placed in the front and it was lot of loud noise from the waves and the wind. I was thinking about "Estonia" on the bottom under us and I almost got panic..crying and shaking me during the whole night....I said...NEVER MORE!!!!!

This cabin was in the end of the ship and this boat was much more steady so when it start to blow more and more I go to bed then it was much better..probably I was a bit drugged so I start to get sleepy. You were not allowed to take more then one pill each 12 hour but of course I took two at once...



Wednesday 22 October 2008


To the driving school with Jonnie. When he was ready I picked him up and we were going to Mac D to eat.

Then I drove him back again because he will stay there for about 3 or 4 hours while I was at my hair dresser and when I shop. He was really tired of all reading and testing when we go back home again..it was already dark outside. That make us all even more tired then we are.


Do You think I bought something? Yeeeeeees!!!


Rune and I continue with bathing dogs and pack our car before the coming trip tomorrow.

We should try to go to bed not that late...but Jonnie have lot of problems to go home with his car so I was on my way to tow him home at 2 o'clock I the night....but just when I was going out to my car a friend of him came to his help! Good, as soon as Jonnie called and told me that he was back home I went to bed...too late of course.



Tuesday 21 October 2008


Today Eddie weighs 3.305 kg...On 18 days he have gain 820 gram.....that is a good boy..just like his grandmother..up up and up!



Photo from Eddies first minutes on this world....Jimmie is going to cut the navel here. Photo from Nathalie's camera, and I got her permission to put it here in my diary.



Between 9-11 there will come a man to help us with get rid off some rats that irritate us now. Of course he didn't come until  12.30 after we have been calling him up many times......I got crazy when they think that You have all day to just go and wait for them when they please to visit us. I had a time at the doctor that I have to change now and I can't get any new until in the end of next week...perfect!!!


My mother was going back to her home again today.


After work Rune drive to Lidköping to cut his hair, so he look nice when we are going for dog shows. I will colour and cut my hair tomorrow.


Jennie and Ellie was visiting Jimmie, Nathalie and Eddie tonight.


Photo from Nathalie.



Monday 20 October 2008


Today Jonnie and I drive to the car school to work on theory at the computer. I was just with him for a while and then I was back three hours later so we could drive back home again.


Now I have sold three of my caravans...only one left that we will keep forever *S*!


Photo from yesterday. Rune cut the hair of the bushes at the front side. We bought a electric saw for 199 NOK at the opening of JULA in Norway....it was perfect for this kind of work.


At five o'clock in the afternoon it is almost dark outside...then I have some hours that I am very tired...my brain probably think it is in the middle of the night.


Sooooooooo tired! As you can se I need to do a plastic surgery of my face...but I am to scared for the operation. First of all I want to cut my "hampsterbags" away!!!




Sunday 19 October 2008


Eddie Jimmie Ofstad



will be the full name of this gorgeous little boy already 16 days old!


Photos from Nathalies camera.


Photos from first weeks.


In the car.                                        Hello, I am Your Mummy!


And I am Your Daddy!

Just some minutes old, 3 October 2008. Poor little, his head was huge after all hours on the way out *S*, but two days later it was perfect again.


He got his own "vanity plate" for his carriage.


All weekend Jimmie have played with the machine he bought for Eddie, and are now planning to buy Eddie a dumper so he can show him how to load on it *S*. Funny for who???


In the evening our own HANDYMAN JENS came to try to help us with some things....the computer first of all is crazy again, as you probably have seen in my diary. the photos can not be uploaded more than just a little bit and 1-15 September is totally gone!!

Rune have put in photos there again...but all that I wrote we can't find again...sometimes maybe I have time to repair it. And we can't close the freezer in the caravan and another door...but handyman Jens fixed it in just a moment....


Hanna and Jens was so fond of our bed, that they immediately start to look at internet for a better caravan than they have at home.

We all look forward to next summer with all travelling to dogshows together.


We have realized this week that it is impossible for us to go to Zagreb because of Runes work. Otherwise we have loved to go there for 3 shows the same weekend and to stay for some weeks with our new caravan....buuuuuuuu!! But we are both very happy for his new work.



Saturday 18 October 2008


Look what we got from Hanna yesterday!!!



The left one with a thinner nose if for me, and the fat nose to the right is Runes.

Thank You darling Hanna for these protecting teddy bear angels that is in our bedroom now!


                         We love them!         



Rune "love" to work in the garden!!!


Even Jonnie was out to help for 15 minutes *S*. Someone have broken the fence at the backyard....can it be the one that always put cakes on our table?


Our dogs love when someone is eating.....


Can't we get anything more if we wait......?



Friday 17 October 2008


Still continue to clean the house..in some rooms You can start to see a little improvement..but there is still much more work to do.



The phone was calling and it was knocking on the door at the same time in the afternoon. Someone had taken care of a dog on E20 and they ask if it was ours. We know the dog she is 11 year old and live a bit behind our house, so we kept her here until the owner came to get her.

Thank You in the background in the white car..that You saved her...we are so grateful when people stop and take care of dogs they see on the road..even if they not are ours.

We were invited to a "Candlelight dinner" in the evening at Ms Buckets residence.....ohhhhh I mean at Anita's home *S*!


And I can tell You that we get sooo much delicious things to eat that we almost roll around home. Rune fall asleep in Anita's couch so she and I have to carry him into the car.



Rune was really afraid to eat the lobster soup...but he loved it. He was not afraid of the grilled potatoes with meat and lot of sauce, but he jump over the vegetables!!

Rune was not that afraid of the wine and liqueur. I was freezing as always under a blanket.

They end with a blue drink from Africa.....but what was it in it *S*!!!


William and Harry are two very nice and easy boys!



Thursday 16 October 2008


My mother and I stayed at the garage with our car again for three!!!! hours and they have ordered wrong things for our car..so we have to come back again later...grrrrrrrrrr...I hate to sit here and wait..and this was the second time they try to fix it.!!

They will order new things and we have to be back again in some week! Very funny! We have to buy a new car soooooo.


During the meantime we went to MIO a house for furniture and more things close to the garage.

I saw soooo many things for Eddie as Christmas gifts.

I send MMS to Jimmie and Nathalie to ask which colour they prefer...Jimmie say blue!


This was on the front stair when we came back home. Mmmmmmmm!

Guess who has been here!



Rune work until late and were happy to get something sweet when he came home!



Wednesday 15 October 2008


Rune start to work earlier than before because they have soooo much work to do.....His boss got sick and he have to stay at work at least until 8 o'clock!

My dryer have been broken for some weeks now and I continue to try to dry all clothes anyway..it is not that easy in a cold house and there are millions of Dalmatian hair on the washed clothes without a dryer...HELP!!!!


Just look a little on TV in the evening and fall asleep.



Tuesday 14 October 2008


The mobile was waking me up 6.15....can You see ME go up this time in the night???!!!??? I often go to bed then...but to go up!!!

I went to bed just some hours earlier and now I jump up again. Up to call Jonnie, but he was already awake.

Today he is going to make is graduate on a skidpan at Kinnekulle Ring the big motor area just some km from Götene..perfect, otherwise we have had to drive away from home much earlier.


Moon was there on the way to Kinnekulle.

Jonnie take his A tractor to Kinnekulle and I took my car, we met on the way and of course we were there at least 30 minutes before all others. I have sandwich and Pepsi for Jonnie, but he was too excited to eat it up.

He want me to stay with him the first hours...and I just want to go home to my bed *S*! But of course I stayed with him. There were 16 young boys and girls today to do the test.


At 12.30 Jonnie were back home and he had a hard but funny day....and he have done it well and got the ok for next step of the driving school.

Anita came here and had to help my mother with her crossword...she want everyone to help her! And we hate crosswords now, she wakes up in the night and ask for help *S*!


The moon in the afternoon!                          My beautiful car is now for sale!


In the afternoon I have to drive Jonnie to Lidköping to the driving school...he have to be there for many hours tonight to study all that he have to know about traffic. I stayed with him until Rune came directly from work to help him...they stayed at the school until 22.30 and were home at eleven o'clock totally wasted both of them.



Monday 13 October 2008


Jonnie had time for driving lessons at 10.50, but Roy drove him there. Thank god..I was sooooo tired.

I woke up when they both was calling for me.....and thought it was early in the morning and they were here to get the new washed clothes for Jonnie that I worked with last night..BUT the clock was 12 !!!! and I have been sleeping....*S*!


Up in one second and made breakfast for us all.

My mother want us all to help her with her new (my old) mobile phone, but we have tried for over 2 years now..it is not that easy with all new technology when You are 83 year old..we think it is enough if she can answer if we call her..but she try everyday and some days we got sms from her....well done! Now she want to learn to send photos.....! Rune is the one that have patience with her....Roy and Jenny think it seams to be hopeless!


My mother came from Gothenburg and Jenny came from Falköping.

And we eat all night long..



Sunday 12 October 2008



We woke up at ten and our intention was to start to go home after breakfast, but we both fall asleep again after walking the dogs and next time I looked at clock it was one o'clock!!!!

I made me a sandwich and tea and eat in the car, and Rune took a bag with chips as breakfast instead...his best morning meal he said *S*!

We checked out from Olavs Gaards Hotel....and hope to came back in a while.


There were probably a new married couple spending their wedding night in the tower of Olavsgaard Hotel......look at their car at the parking place *S*! Their friends have decorated their car in the night!!!

When we came over the border we stop at Nordby Shopping Centre....I have to go I to a shop and start to look for some new clothes to the final show in Sweden in Stockholm in December...


 Lot of work on roads in Norway.           Over the bridge to Sweden.           Rune work at State of Roads in Norway for ....years.


Of course I found a lot and we were there for some hours...damned we were in a hurry to come home...but this was important *S* for me!



I found a lovely coat like fur (of course fake, but it cost almost as much as a real one) that is strange!?!

Anyway it was perfect...when I have bought it I remember that I bought a new one last year, and I have only used it once...but now I hope to use them more *S* otherwise I can look at this one or use it as a morning gown...it is soft and cosy!

I found two skirts and a jacket to one of them and a loooooong black cardigan that I can't use close to the dogs then they will stuck with their nails in it, when should I use it then?????


We were not home until 21.30 and we had a lot to do as we have been away for 6 days from home, and Rune will start his work at 8 in the morning again..poor!



Saturday 11 October 2008



Poor Rune up early again. Work until eight o'clock tonight.


I was out with our dogs a lot in the nice weather today and work a little at my computer.


Rune came for lunch with fresh bread with a sign on...and his favourite Norwegian "Medisterkaker (pork meatballs)" that he put on his sandwich!



Rune came a little bit earlier than I expected so we drive to his mother about 20 km north. She was on a party tonight so we go there to see Swedish TV....and to make food at her place, and to take a shower.

She have a beautiful apartment, but I have so much problem to visit her because she have been smoking so much indoor that I can't see after some minutes there, even if we open all windows and she go out and smoke....it is really a problem for me, so I take a quick shower while the food was in the oven and Rune look a little on TV. Then we had to go back to the caravan again.


To sleep!



Last weekend at the European Winner Dog Show in Hungary

Devlins Daughter Birdie became BOB

 LV&LT&EST JW 05 EST W05 LV W 08
European Junior Winner-05 European Winner-07 European Winner-08 EST&Lv&Lt&BaltJCH INT&EST&S&DK&LV&RUS&CRO&FIN&N&NORD&LT&BALT CH Alphadirato Exact Copy

Congratulations to Leelo with family in Estonia. Birdie looks better than ever!!!

So proud of You and that whole fantastic litter, her brother Ch Alphadirato Emperor was the Club Winner the day after, fantastic!

Congratulations to Luis and his family in Germany!












And Devlin's granddaughter POL JCH Dreamskape Loves of Naire became Junior European winner 2008, Congratulations to

And Oliver's children (Devlins grandchildren) APSOLUTE MOTOVUN OD MOTOVUNA and ARTUR OD MOTOVUNA got CAC both days Congratulations Ivana.





Last week Jilloc's Splendid Choice in Finland Won BIS on an Junior and Puppy show for only Dalmatians, Hurray!



And from RUSSIA!



Fantastic news about Tyson (Devlins grandson *S* too) TIMANKA'S REAL POWER have won BEST OF BREED 5 times lately, and BIG 1 all times too!




What to say....Evgeniya and Tyson You are a super couple, hope to meet You sometimes in the world in the future.

And now we can start to wait for Bosson's (Jilloc's Loverboy) children, in Russia too hopefully, with ............!




Photo of the bitch.






Friday 10 October 2008


This week I have been checking on internet every day for the official HD result of our dogs. As soon as they are read at the Swedish Kennel Club they put it on internet. I do not really want to see it because of the worrying result we got at the first check, but I was hoping for an A on Gloria even if we heard it can be a B...of course B is free too, but I have been spoiled with A all years (until last year) and I have x-ray my dogs for over 18 years...so I think this is what we all would like to get. But it is not easy with all different readings in the world...how can we compare our A with other countries reading????????

I have no idea!

This morning I went in to the internet again and did not expect anything, BUT when I first checked Gloria....there were lot of bla bla bla bla bla and in the end an A.......Ooooooo my dear Gloria got an A, Hurray!!!!


How could I dare to look for Daddy's - as the vet said maybe one of his hips was not deep enough, even if they fit perfectly...it could be a C if they wasn't deep enough (more than 50%)!


I thought I came in to Gloria's side again because it was an A there too........but I read and checked and read again...he got A Hips too.....


I was now in heaven...even if I know that Bell could have C (and she had)....what should I do.....I called Helena B, Hanna, Jenny and Rune...and we all cried a little together, and the best of all...now I can keep Daddy (because I love that dog) and do not need to hurry to breed a new litter. Then I send 20 sms even if I normally do not call or sent sms from Norway because it is 100 times more expensive when I am over the border...but what a hell. this have to been celebrate!


 Rune came for lunch and we eat a very good dinner at the restaurant, unforgivably we could not bring the dogs with us there, but they will all have some extra today, and poor darling Bell was sleeping in the bed on my best blanket that our dogs absolutely NOT are allowed to sleep on. So sorry for her C, but I have to be very pleased anyway soooooo much better than we expected.


 It seams like it is hopeless for me to breed black bitches....I thought I have found my new future for black in Bell, but probably not. She is such an easy and lovely dog and I am sooooo fond of her, but just now I do not know what to do with her in the future....I already have had many people that ask for to buy her....but I want her by my selves....she is my little darling....but I will continue to have her and show her for a while and then I will decide what to do. And I already think I know where to send/sell her if/when she will move.


Jilloc's AA Team.


In the afternoon Hildegun and Tiger came to visit us..we were out walking a little and talk a lot for many hours. When she was going back home she drove me to Jula and I got our car to go shopping food for the evening and then I wait for Rune until he stopped his work late in the night.

Hildegun and Tiger in the rain.

Rune in the store. Lot of guards. Many people came to check the new store during the opening days.

Rune celebrate the whole day with his favourite Norwegian chips!



Thursday 9 October 2008



Darling, Jilloc's A Match Made In Heaven (and her sister and brothers) is 13 Year today, Congratulations!

Today Rune will work until 23.00.

He was home for lunch in the middle of the day and his mother come to see us. After lunch I drove him back to the store so I can keep our car and go shopping.

We were eating lunch at a small coffeehouse at Olavssgaards Hotel, this beautiful place north of Oslo. (Rune have a wish to stay her in the weddingsuite sometime *S*, it is in the tower behind Oddlaug and me).

This is a fantastic and beautiful compound.


Michelle and Rune in the store.

Jula served Swedish "smörgåstårta" the whole day to the costumers (but I understand that it have been made in Norway *S* it was not the same as we do in our country).

At 23.00 I was back to get Rune back for another night with very good sleep in the wonderful new large bed in the caravan.



Wednesday 8 October 2008

We moved in to the camping at 6 o'clock and I was out with our dogs for an hour. Rune took the car and go for work.

Me and the dogs were sleeping for some more hours. At lunch Rune came to move the caravan to a hotel closer to his work, but when we came there it was so full at the parking that we have to put the caravan behind the hotel in the street (almost). He go back to work after eating and was back at 21.30 in the evening...soooooo tired of course. He eat and fall a sleep. Tomorrow he will work from 8-23....very funny when I am a long way from the store, I have to buy lot of candy and cakes for the loooong day and evening *S*!

During the day I try to get on internet and after some time and paying much money I get it to work..but I could not get into frontpage to work with my diary..and I could not get channels at the tv, and I could not get the video to work.....I read a little and sleep for some hour.....boring!!!!

We decide to not have any dogs in the bed in this new caravan....only Devlina...and *S*!

Hopeless to not have a car and go shopping!

Now when Runes is sleeping I have time to work with my homepage, hopefully he can move it over in the morning.

I wrote about the flowers that never came to Jimmie and Nathalie at the hospital.........some days ago.

And when they finally get the blue and white flowers I have ordered, it was made by someone that probably do not know anything about flowers...it was wrong colour, size, flowers and model. It was pink, yellow, white, blue like something that a child have pick in the garden and put together.

I called the company in Sweden and send them a mail with my order in and with what they have sent.

This is what I ordered and pay for.               This is what they got!



Tuesday 7 October 2008


Last night when we try to put our car in front of the caravan..all light on the caravan disappear! Rune, Jonnie and Roy try and try....finally we decide that Rune have to take the pick up to Norway tonight and I will stay home and go to the garage with our car to get it fixed. It had to be something wrong with the electricity because with some other cars it was good.


Rune drive to Oslo at 5 o'clock. I got time for the car in Mariestad after lunch. It took two hours at the garage before it was ok....I was in a nice MIO store close to the garage so I could walk there....of course I bought things that was not necessary to have for almost 1000:-...! I love this store and do not go there so often because they have so much things I like *S*!


Directly home and packed the last things into the caravan and called for Jonnie and Roy to come and check the light....we decide that both of them will go with me for about 150 km against Norway so Rune can come there and meet us after his work and they can take the pick up home again and that we do not have to have two cars in Oslo.


immediately when Jonnie put car and caravan together it went good but as soon as we start to drive the light on the caravan went off again!!! What to do???

We drive as fast as we could towards Norway to make use of the daylight. but when we were in Uddevalla it was almost dark so we had to stop at a gas station and was thinking about to call for a rescue car and see if they can repair it..all garages was closed.




But Jonnie and Roy decide to go and buy some tools and take the contact apart and first try to do something by our selves...

After 30 minutes they have fixed it!!!!! Thank You - what should I have done without You!!!

Jonnie found what was wrong, my own handyman *S*! Well done!

We continue towards Norway some more km and stopped at a large truck stop to eat dinner and wait for Rune....the caravan was soooo beautiful with lot of lights on *S*!

Rune was very tired when he came for dinner and we start our long and slow trip to Oslo as soon as we could. Roy and Jonnie drove back home in Runes pick up.


At 00.30 we were at Bogstad camping (Runes work have promise us electricty close to the store, but during the day they found out that there were no space for us!!!) the camping were closed but a helpfull man give us electricity over the night outside the gate.

I was awake for some hours because I was sooooo angry!!!!! Last evening Nathalie, Jimmie and Eddie finally got the flowers we sent. I asked Jimmie to take a photo of the bouquet, in case of......!

And I get a chock again.....I will show you tomorrow!!!!!



Monday 6 October 2008


I will put my alarm at 10 o'clock...then I have to continue with all packing of the new caravan.


I'd like to go for holiday sooooooon!


Do they try to look a like????


We have to call for Jonnie when we are going to turn around with the caravan..he is the MASTER OF reverse!!!!!


I called Euro Florist and told them about NO flowers yet, and they promise to send the bouquet immediately!!!!


Rune worked all day and I put things from one caravan to another....suddenly someone was calling that will come during this week to look for our KABE, so we have to start empty it totally and clean it...we are totally wasted!!!

How can anyone put sooooooo much things in a caravan????

Now I really understand why it was so heavy to pull!


We decide to go at 3 in the night instead so Rune can sleep for some hours with his "alien mask", last night when I went to bed at 5.30 he have forgot to put it on..and he is totally wasted today then...not good at all.

Devlina and Daddy are tired anyway!



Sunday 5 October 2008


Up to early again, don't know how!!!!

At twelve Rune, Roy and I was starting for the trip today.

First stop to buy flowers.....MY bouquet have STILL NOT ARRIVED!!!!!!



First in the morning Rune had to put the bicycle, we bought in Norway this summer, together..we bought both a blue and a pink one....all our friend got boys....we were so sure that one of them (Pia) should get a girl *S* only boys this year!


Then stop to buy some cakes and bread and things for the coffee. Jimmie have been to the hospital to bring Nathalie and Eddie home, and they were hungry..they have not have time to eat almost at all for 48 hours..they were so tired that they have been sleeping instead.


First we have to go to leave Jill at Jennie and Ellies place and then to look for one of the caravans just some miles from her....


Ellie come with us because Jennie got a terrible cold that she can't go with us to see the baby.


The caravan was as new (it was 7 month old and in perfect condition) so what to say...if we should have such a nice one as this it was perfect. But of course our KABE at home is much better for our dogs, we do not have to be afraid if they destroy something in that one...but I really feel for a new one now, so I decide to take my last money and bought it! (Stupid....Yes....But I love it, and I love to be in the caravan and relax) Next week Rune will work in Norway were his company open some new stores...and I and the dogs will stay close to the shop in the caravan..he will work from 8-23 in the evening, but I hope to get visitors from our Norwegian friends...and me and the dogs will sleeeeeep. Poor Rune he really need some good nights sleep too.


Jimmie was calling and they were waiting so much for us (and the food that we bring *S*).

With the caravan behind the car we drive there finally!


The proud father met us!



Roy, Jimmie, Rune and Ellie.



Jimmie or Nathalie was carrying Eddie all the time!       And they haven't forgot Mizzan either!



Finally they /we got something to eat.




Proud father and grandfather.                      Proud grandmother.



Proud great grand mother.                        Proud cousin and a very happy Rune!



Jimmie can't stop looking at his little son. When Jonnie saw these photos he said -:It looks like Jimmie is really in love with his child, do You think that he love his little brother too *S* (Small thoughts from a big 18 year old little brother).



It seams like I am trying to give him milk *S*, probably he like to be in my arms because of my big boobs *S*!




Ellie was looking at her cousin, but she want a puppy at her birthday!


We were home at 11.30 and start to put things over from the old caravan....funny, but not in the middle of the night. we were tired now.

Rune went to bed at 1 o'clock he have to be at work at 8, and I am still sitting here to try to be ready with my diary because I am not sure that our wireless internet is working in Norway..and it is tooooo expensive to use there too.


The time is now 5 in the morning, Runes watch is ringing at 7...I have to stop now...Goodnight!


Today in Kungsbacka, The sweet lady of the house  was more clever than all the men together when we didn't get the light to work *S*! 

Thank You!



Saturday 4 October 2008


No flowers delivered yet....and no answer at the Euro Florist shop.


Rune was leaving home before 6 this morning to drive to Stockholm for the Judge conference....Jenny was with him to show some dogs there.


Bell is always lying at a chair and resting her head. reading at the advertisements for caravans...I want a new one now. and cant stop looking on the internet all nights long!!!!


Rune back in the evening...tired! We just looked a little on TV and then we sleep.


Tomorrow we will go looking fore some caravans in Gothenburg and then we will go to see Eddie of course!



Friday 3 October 2008


I fell asleep some hours in the morning and woke up and check my phone...no new message. Soooo curious about what happened at the hospital...but I know that as soon as something happened they will tell us.


Roy came with cake and other nice things *S*!


Jonnie and I was at the police station to order a new passport for him...there were an terrible weather with hail and storm so all traffic have to stop on the road for about 15 minutes....I was almost afraid that the window on our car will be broken...never in my life seen such hard hail before.



Something to eat for Jonnie and Daddy *S*!


Carola and Peter came to bring Perfect back home again.



They have bought her a new necklace today..soo sweet!



Peter showed his new bankcard...with their own dog on (Hannie).


In the afternoon we were really worried about what happened s with Nathalie.....I send an sms and got the answer from Jimmie that she was now open for 8 cm and had lot of pain.....ok..it won't take long then.......



19.15 Nathalie's & Jimmies little son Eddie was born!


He was 51 cm tall and weight was 2615 g.





I start already last night to check on internet with Euro florist to sending flowers to the hospital as soon as the baby was born..


If I order before 21 o'clock they can deliver already the same evening, and I would like a white and blue bouquet I know that now, and I want a card, a teddy bear and a big balloon too.

We send it in and paid at once and get an order confirmation back.


So happy for his beautiful name (My name should have been Eddie if I have been a son in 1953, my mother have been waiting for an Eddie for 55 years).


Now I have two beautiful grandchildren


Jennies daughter Ellie




Jimmies boy Eddie





Very late when Jimmie was on his way back home (there where no room for him at the hospital, even if they have been promising that from the beginning!) when he leave the hospital at 12 o'clock in the night there have been No flowers delivered......Ohhhhh just wait until I can reach the Web flower shop!!!




We eat a very late dinner, even today.


Rune and Hanna was out taking a movie of some of our dogs movements.



Thursday 2 October 2008


Today I continue to wash and clean here at home...BUT my dryer was suddenly broken so I have to hang wet clothes all over the first floor...and all Dalmatian hair is still on our clothes!!!!!!



Jill and Rolex are the lacy ones in our dog family.     Perfect on the throne and Rolex resting.



Jonnie eating lunch with Bell.     Time to sleep...Bell, Daddy, Devlina and Perfect.



At 12 o'clock we were home from Jonnie and Roy's house, we have been there to clean a little before he (Roy) came home tomorrow morning from his journey.


Just after midnight I got an sms from Nathalie and Jimmie that the water have gone at their home and that they now were on there way to the hospital to check it up!!!

Do You think I could go to bed Noooooooo... After some hour they told me that they have to stay until the baby was out..that was safe and good, now we just have to wait!!!



Wednesday 1 October 2008


Poor Rune that have to go up early for work. I sleep as long as I could...because I am awake almost whole night I am soo tired in the early morning and then I fell asleep and sleep for some hours....


In the afternoon I have to meet Anita at the bus stop, she came back from her trip to South Africa after judging there. she was so tired and have had a hectic week over there....



Anita coming from the bus.             Jonnie sitting whole nights long to read the book with driving license questions.






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