Saturday 31 January 2009



There is no space for more than two dogs in our bed now, both Jill and Muzica love to be there. Rune made bacon for breakfast.


Mr Cake man have had guests for 14 days now, so he have drink all his coffee at his own home *S*. Not anything "sweet" for a long time here in our house then. That is very good...but I am still as fat as usual!

His visitors are going home tomorrow...just hope I do not have to make coffee to him everyday this week....I hate to do it, and then he bring all his cakes here again.....




Friday 30 January 2009


Jenny is coming today after school with lot of newspapers that we start to save now for our coming puppies.


Muzica love to be so close to us all the time now..best place is in our knees but she is to big now. Daddy is jellous and he said to Jenny....Hi...don't forget that I am the father...that is a hard thing for me too to expect puppies *S*!


Daddy is resting after he have been stealing a teddy bear from our bedroom. Shadow is resting in Holland, waiting for spring (Photo Kentin).


Rune was very tired after this weeks work and fall asleep on the dog coach in the kitchen after eating dinner.


Anna Lena who will do the interview of me as "Breeder Of The Year" for Hundsport, called and start to ask me lot of things about my life and breeding..and we (Rune and Jenny said that I talked for two hours *S*) talked about lot of things. She will come here visiting us and take some photos, when Muzica have got her litter and calm down.


It is not that easy to jump up in the bed anymore....



Jenny and I was looking around at internet and made plans for coming shows in Sweden and Europe. I already wait for the day I can take Muzica to a show again...in the end of april maybe...




Thursday 29 January 2009


Diana send us those relaxing photos of Seven and Florence *S*.

Photo by Kok



Disa is relaxing in Norway waiting for her puppies coming in the end of February.

Photo by Anne Karin Nyhammer



Bosson and Zhemtchuzina N Ostrovov got finally 5 puppies this week..more about them at here.



Wednesday 28 January 2009


It looks like I have been lucky to win a car, but unfortunately I had to buy it...I have no luck at lottery even if I play a lot. It is common when You buy a new car, at least at Volvo, that You got flowers....but of course You have paid for them by your self in the prize *S*!

Jonnie and I was out shopping and he was out driving all night long.



Tuesday 27 January 2009


I was feeling sick today and spend most of the day on the sofa with too many dogs around me. I was cold and hot and had pain in my stomach and back..and really shaky in my legs when I was standing up.




Now it have start with all girls that want to hire or buy ball gown, so I was working in my store for some hours, I love it, but have decide to sell out many of my wedding gowns just because they take so much space and that I want to bring more ball gown instead, and there are much more interest for that kind of dresses.

Or we were talking about making a big trim studio for Rune out there in the wing, or to sell dog things or anything else...or if we cant earn any money it is not worth at all to work there many many hours.....then I can be inside my house looking at TV and eat chocolate instead, and be fatter and fatter.......*S*. When I am IN A BIG STORE WITH MANY EMPLOYER I CAN NEVER EVER UNDERSTAND THAT PEOPLE CAN HAVE A STORE AND EARN MONEY ON IT AND TO TAKE OUT SALARY FROM IT AND PAY ALL TAXES AND SOCIAL TAXES, INSURANCE, ETC ETC....



Monday 26 January 2009


Last may we ordered a new floor in our bedroom, just because we want it to look really good when we were ready with the renovation.


The day after they was ready with the mat it looked like this so we called for them, but they say it will be ok in some days. After two weeks it looked the same but then they told us that it will be perfect in one month. After that month it looked exactly the same and then they were here looking and told us that we just have to wait some months before the result was perfect.

BUT, it still looks the same and it is now soon 9 months since they did the work. Two weeks ago I got a letter where they demand me to pay (I have already paid half the bill because I do not want to let them wait for all the money...I hate to be late with bills and I never are, and they should know that because they have done many jobs for us ). But now I was really angry, they could better have called me and ask if everything was ok with our bedroom now, but no interest of that...just send the demanding.......grrrrrr I was soooo angry and send them a letter, and still haven't heard anything yet. I was sure from the beginning that this will look like that but they told me that I do not know anything about those things, and just because of that I ordered the work from specialist I told them....

And here we are......still ugly.  I want a new floor this spring, I do not want it like this even if I got my money back or get it for free!!

I hate to have workers in the house, it is so much better when Rune can do things by him self, but he do not have the time and it is a hard work to put a large mat on like this so we were afraid that it will not be that good if he did this .....*S*! Look now!!!



Sunday 25 January 2009


Rune up very early to drive to Västerås where he will be training as a judge for Cocker spaniel at a special show.


All other in the house was sleeping some more hours.



When Rune was ready at the show he continue to Stockholm to meet Helena and to get Puzzle back to us.



Rebecca came here in the afternoon to bring Puzzle back home again after her long visit in Finland to get her litter over there....Kennel Marnellins H-litter. Thank You to our wonderful friend Niina and her mother and father that take care of our dogs in a fantastic way, and Niina even showed Puzzle to both Nordic and International Champion. We love You!!!



Rebecca was happy to take Puzzle home and for all nice rosettes that Niina send back home with her.







Mathematic have never been my best subject in school.....but I was soooooo sure that Muzica will have her puppies next weekend I think just because she is VERY big....but when I opened my calendar I saw that it was one more week to go.....ooooooooh then she is even bigger than I thought....and she do not eat as much as she could but of course she know that she can have toast and meat and bananas *S* and other more funny thing than the dog food now...she look at me with her beautiful dark brown eyes and of course I opened the freezer and found some meatballs or sausage or something that she love...



Saturday 24 January 2009


I woke up to my phone........Milda was in Finland/Åbo today at an International Show, so I was waiting for a message from Helena. And there it was........Jilloc's Right Here Right Now (Milda) have been BOB with both CAC and CACIB......Hurray....and Helena that have been sooo nervous a long time and especially last week when she got the papers and saw that there were 56 Dalmatians entered....

Don't worry of course You are the best I said to here *S*, but I was not so sure about that, I just want to calm her down...but she was the winner. You are such a nice couple together just like You and Molly.....we love You Helena and are VERY proud of You, as always...Congratulations!

Helena, Milda and Molly in Gothenburg jan 2008.




For some weeks now I will start to eat more !! My dietist told me that I eat to little to loose weight??? I do not understand anything, just that all my clothes are toooooooo small again *S*!!!



Friday 23 January 2009


I was out shopping in the middle of the day and I have to call Jonnie so he could help me to carry everything into my car outside the store and then in to our house....I try not to go so often to buy food, but when I do that I see everything that we need *S* and then there is 6 bags full of things instead of the milk  I was there to buy *S*!


We bought lot of meat that we will use for Muzicas puppies later, it was at discount today.



When Rune came from work he eat and then fall down at the sofa with Muzica and Jill.....*S*!


After some hours sleep he woke up and moved to another bed in the kitchen *S*!!



Thursday 22 January 2009


I love just to be home and do nothing...I mean not to have lot of meetings during the day, so I don't have to drive away all the time from the dogs... They are so pleased when I sit at the computer so they can just open one eye and see that I am still sitting here.

Some more days when the heat period is over... there will be more activities again.



Both Daddy and Bosson have react very much this time for the bitches...they start to be in very slim fit just now....

I was planning to go shopping today because I will buy nice food for Muzica now while she only can eat many small meals during the day...she really start to be big...we have already start to guess how many puppies there are inside!

I guess for 7-8 and Rune thinks 12....Ohhhhhh please give me some nice ones that touches my heart in a special way (almost in every litter there is one special), I love to keep one bitch and one male...but we have to wait and see.

Ok, I know...we have said that there will be no more for a while.....BUT this is my only litter from Muzica and Daddy's first litter, so You understand that this is a special litter for me (again *S*)......I wish the litter have been 3 weeks old now so I was ready checking for deaf puppies and blue eye...than we can start to enjoy the litter for full. It is always so sad when the most lovely puppy (deaf) is going to be put to sleep...as in Daddy's litter...my most perfect black bitch ever was deaf.....I can't forget her!!!!


My beautiful "Angel".


I was lucky today...yesterday I put two bottles of Pepsi Max into the freezer to get it really cold...I found them today..without exploding, lucky me (this time *S*).




Wednesday 21 January 2009



Diamond with his family.


Thank You Linda and Henrik for nice photos from Your winter holiday.


Diamond have been with Linda and Henrik since first week in December....It was "Love at first sight" between them and he have now a wonderful life with lot of activities in his new sporty family, where he is the "only child"......


Rolex is now having lacy days with Elliott, Jonnie and Roy in Evedal, instead of Diamond. Photo private.


Here comes Expo flying in the snow, photo by Pia.


Thank You Julia for learning me lot of fun!


Devlin in the spotlight!          Photo by Johan F-M



Tuesday 20 January 2009


We got lovely photos from Russia of Bossons litter with Russian Champion Pudding Dog Chain of Gold they are now about 6 w old!


Photo from Russia


Link to the home page with photos of puppies.

One of our favourites.



More nice messages.


New photos of Daddy and Glorias brother TAISTO, Jilloc's Stand By Me in Finland. Photo from Malla Karhu.

He have so much things from his father, love to see him, thank You Malla.


Disa (Jilloc's Picture of Paradise) have a lovely time in Bergen, Norway...waiting for her puppies (hopefully) at Kennel Lovinda.

Thank You Anne Karin for this photo.



Monday 19 January 2009


I had an early time with my diet nurse and at the same time I was in the store to buy some fresh food.....maybe I was away from home 1,5 hour.


Before I left home I put Daddy and Devlina in one of the kennel rooms here inside with a locked door to the kitchen and Bosson in the other room close to them. Gloria and Bell in a small "room" close to the kitchen and Muzica and Jill was in the kitchen and dining room.


Two of our girls are in heat and I hate to go away from home then...You never know what can happen!


When I was parking my car in front of the house outside the kitchen I saw toooooo many dogs on the sofa in the kitchen and they start to jump on the windows.....I was quick inside and opened the door to the kitchen and there were four !!!! dogs ?????

Daddy was sooo happy and jump around in lots of "snow" on the floor, the door from the kitchen to the small hall and the first kennelroom was opened and out there were full of "snow" too.....



I found our last package with toilet paper and put it in the small toilet in the small hall between kitchen and kennel and I let the toilet door be open because there were so hot in there.

The kennel door that I have locked, was open!!! Devlina is a champion to open even locked doors!??!

Thank good both season bitches where still in their room, and Bosson was still in the other kennel...

No bitches in season with our males....I give a damned in all things that they have eat up..just happy that nothing else have happened.


Just start to clean for some hours....do You really know how much paper there is in 8 toiletrolls *S*, now I know!



I just remember that when we were going to my aunts funeral at Friday......Roy and Jonnie came here to change clothes before we left for Gothenburg. I have put things for Roy in the living room and Jonnie had his clothes in the walking closet and Rune have his clothes there too..

But I carry their jackets down to ground floor so they don't forget them when we should leave..


I was out in the car already (for once) together with Jonnie and Roy when Rune came running out and ask for his jacket...I told him where I hang it..and he run inside again, but no jacket for him...I start to look at Roy and ask him if he maybe had taken the wrong jacket...but no he had his own...

We were in a hurry now so I was on my way out of the car again to help Rune to find his jacket...but in the same minute he came out with his frockcoat on instead...it is a bit longer and for more elegant occasions but we really not have the time to look more just now.


I start to ask Roy if "his" jacket really was his...but he start to touch his jacket and say Yes this is mine I have had it for some years now....but I know him so well *S* and ask were he took it from...from the hanger in your hall and I had it on when I came....Oh NOOOOO I said..You came in your black every day jacket with a white shirt under........Nooooo he said....Yeeees I said and we all start to laugh!!!!


That is normal that he take the first and nearest jacket when he go.....he couldn't remember what he have been wearing when he came some minutes earlier *S*.....Then "we" found out that he probably have his own jacket still in his house....I have told him some days ago to take it her so I can clean it from Dalmatian hair..and he remember that and thought that he have take it here....but nooooo.

He could eat a lot today because this jacket was "some" sizes to big for him *S* and we laugh at him when we saw him with the baggy jacket all day long!


Another funny story is from my puppy buyers Jenny and Glenn (They have Jilloc's In The Spotlight)...


They were on their way to a wedding in a hot summer day. Jenny was going together with some other girls to the church and Glenn was in a boat together with some guys....they should be witness at a wedding and when Glenn and the other was standing outside the church ready to put their jackets on Glenn was standing wit his arms behind his body and the jacket was really to small today, he try and try and try but it was still toooo small....Yes of course he had taken Jennies black jacket, size 36!!!! instead of his own in their hall in their house 150 km from the church *S*..because it was so terrible hot this day he did not put it on until now ***SSS***! We have had sooo funny many times when we think about him standing there in panic!!!

In a hurry Glenn have to ask the other guys to not put their jackets on when they were marching into the church and Jenny that already was sitting in the church made a loooong face when she saw them coming in without jackets *S*! And so did all the other guests and the priest too!


Oh what is it that You are eating ......... I want it too *S*!! Please.....

Muzica hungry.



Sunday 18 January 2009


My Darling "Darling"....Ch Jilloc's A Match Made In Heaven

So happy that Darling visited us today!


Louice have to hide everything for Nisse *S*!                         Expo was happy to come here again, for a while.


And he found his favourite tree to pee on in the garden.


                Expo and Teemu.                                            As soon as Rune took something to eat, everyone want it.



Darling was in good shape to be 13 year this year......and still soooo interested in food *S*!



Saturday 17 January 2009


Lacy day for all of us.


Daddy and Muzica reading and sleeping.


This photo of Muzicas stomach is from last week....




Friday 16 January 2009


Funeral in Gothenburg for my Aunt.



Ellie have made a nice picture and I have made a heart especially from Ellie...

On the way to Gothenburg.          Jennie helped Jimmie with his suite.            Ellie and Rune looking.


The priest was a young girl and she was very nice....


Harrieth is the lady that work with everything before the funeral..I have ordered a special cake (of course) and asked about particularly flowers so I told her to name me "The troublesome" and she said that her worst nightmare today was that I shouldn't be pleased...*S* I told her that everything was perfect......She will go to the flower shop and to her cake delivery and tell them that I was sooooo pleased....

And the cake was really more than perfect......Mmmmmmmm (Sorry Mark, I will try to order one like this next time You come..)


Next month there will be a christening for Eddie Jimmie Ofstad Karlsson, we are all looking forward to that.


Jonnie took photos of his sister *S*!


We brought all flowers to Västerlanda where the grave will be. Jimmie had to hurry back to work and drive all night long. We put light in one of ours ANGELS when we came home.


It was cold outside. Nathalie say goodbye to Jonnie. My Mum on her way back home. Jonnie in the car back to Götene.



Bye - see You soon!


A long day have come to it's end.



Thursday 15 January 2009


Out to buy flowers for tomorrow....I start to get better now, thank god this flue is over soon.


Looking for new car....I want I want I want.....


Sooooo many nice colours.


I have been longing for a white car in two years now, so this one was "mine" *S*! If I am really nice I can hope for it as a birthday present this year.....? And of course we have to win the big lottery win first!!!


Bossons beautiful daughter born in England now living in Germany, thank You Stephanie for sharing this photos with us.


Caprilli's Head Over Heels ........9,5 months old.





Wednesday 14 January 2009


Ellies 9 Year Birthday today, Hurray!!!




Tuesday 13 January 2009


I got this beautiful photo from my favourite photographer Pia Laurila of her sweet dogs!


(She told me that she had put glue under Expo so he will stay there..but I promise not to say anything about that).

Titti looks like a toydog *S*!


Swedish winter is beautiful too, if You live that far north that Pia and her family are doing.


Expo love to play in the snow.                Photos by Pia and Teemu.



Monday 12 January 2009


Netherlands in January.

Beautiful in Holland now.... Thank You Joke and Henk for sending us this fantastic photo from Your dog walk today.

Photo by Joke.


Seven was wondering why she was allowed to jump into the canal now...normally they are screaming like hell if she try to get close to the water..


And this is what Andre and Diana did with Seven yesterday on the canals....and Seven was trotting as she did it every day on the ice, good girl!

I am wondering what happens next time she see the canal...... without ice *S*!     Photo by Kok.



Sunday 11 January 2009


Sick and tired.


Woke up to fantastic news from Niina in Finland. She and Pussel was at an International show and she got CAC and CACIB and became BOB.

Congratulations to us all, and Thank You Niina You are the best!

Timanka's Playmate is now INT Nordic (S N SF) Champion!!!



And Congratulations to You Niina and Mette with Jilloc's Scandal Beauty..Neela becoming The Best Bitch on the Top winning list 2008 in Finland only beaten by their own "Danny".


Here in Sweden Gloria was nr 3 and Daddy was nr 5 Dalmatian of the Year.


Seven from the same litter have done it very well in Holland but they have no Top winning list.


And many more of our dogs have very good placements.


Congratulations to Helena and Molly (Ch Timanka's Movie Star) Nr 2 on Top list and Best Bitch and her other bitch Milda (Ch Jilloc's Right Here Right Now) was nr 6......Jill was Nr 4....Devlina Nr 8 and so on.....



Saturday 10 January 2009


Sick and tired.



Friday 9 January 2009


I've got the flu.....and was lying at the sofa all day long.


Here is some "Angels" I got last Christmas from Jennie and Jenny and the small one I got from Ellie.


Muzica was the first one to try one of their new beds, and she bring a puppy there.


Devlina and Muzica guarded the green puppy together *S*!



Thursday 8 January 2009


Rain and wet snow outside, it was a terrible weather on the road, and storm.


I was at the veterinarian station for vaccination I was so happy when I came back home again. So good to be inside and look at old photos at the computer. And see what I found........


I found this photo from summer 2007,  our Russian friends were here, and Maria is standing  behind.

Here is Lena, Muzicas mother at the mating with Devlin.


And now we have mated their children Muzica and Daddy. We have no idea that time that this will be possible..thank You Anna for everything.



Wednesday 7 January 2009


Poor Rune up to work early....My mother called 9.30 but I could not remember what she was talking about because I was still sleeping...


In the evening we got both bed in on place in the kitchen and when I and Muzica and Devlina tried one of them we fell asleep for many hours and woke up 1.30 in the night when -Rune went to bed. Some other dogs was occupying the other bed and rune have been working at the computer (looking for judges at dog shows during 2009 and 2010).....it is time to start to planning a little in good time before our journeys in the summer and autumn already now.


Both Bell and Gloria is in season today...VERY FUNNY...but very good at the same time because there is no shows for them for a while.


Anna sent me Muzicas reading of her x-ray today, it took many months for the reading in Moscow where they have to read it, we have seen the photos before and they look more perfect than we have ever seen, but You never know before the final reading..and we are so happy that it was A - hips on Muzica ......... LTCH RUCH RUJCH Muzica S Nevskih Ostrovov.





Tuesday 6 January 2009


International Dog show in Gothenburg, Judge Anette Edlander from Sweden.


Today it is a free day in Sweden for most people so we thought it was so strange that there were only 25 Dalmatians entered, but normal people enter only one day...and the huuuge prize ......that is even more for "normal" people, than for us show idiots *S* that are used to pay and pay!


Daddy was more hopeless to show today than normal...he was only thinking about bitches in season..he have been smelling on Disa all night long *S*! He just want to lick the floor and showed like a "bag of nuts" if You ask me!


But he was Nr 2 Best Male even today and got CAC and later on the CACIB, because Nr one Fabian is already Int Ch. Hurray!!!!

This was his first CACIB.....I was very happy for the first one..so we can start to count..on 12 months before we hopefully can get the last one after that so he can became an Int.Ch......he have been so jealous of his sisters Seven in Holland that already have three, and Gloria that have One in Norway, One in Holland and Two in Sweden, she have got 4 CACIB in short time at her five last Int shows (And she was nr 2 Best Bitch and got the Res CACIB at the other one)...good girl! And in three countries...we are so proud!


Gloria was the winner of intermediate again today and Decibel was nr two. We took lot of video today so there were not so many photos.


Gloria and Daddy as puppies.


Today my Russian Darling Muzica was entered for the first time in Sweden, since she came to us in November (She was here with Anna last summer where she was BIS at the Circuit Show in Stockholm and got a CAC but she was to Young then to became Swedish Champion then unfortunately). I have entered her in open class to try to get the CAC....we will go for the CACIB later, after she have got her puppies if she get some).

The open class was as always the largest one so I regret a little that I haven't entered her in champion as we could but then only for the CACIB.....and in champion class there were only one bitch today...damned..but it is easy to be smart in the end.. *S*!


Anyway Muzica showed very well and she was THE WINNER of OPEN, Hurray I am soooooooo proud of her because when she came she was not that fond of dog shows Anna told me....and we saw it in Hamar three days after she have arrived from Russia..she did what she have to do but you saw that this was not the best she can do.......but now she loves everything and everyone and she was wagging her tail all the

time in the ring, that was just a training today for her and I am very proud of her behaving. And it is not that easy to compare with Glorias happiness and crazy wagging tail, but the judge have a hard time to decide which one of Gloria or Muzica that will be the best bitch...of course there are some things on both of them that I would like to change...as always. But if I could make ONE BITCH of those two I will maybe have my DREAM BITCH....but they are my dream bitches both of them......so fantastic and so beautiful!


Gloria was Nr ONE BEST BITCH with CAC and CACIB, and Muzica Nr TWO BEST BITCH with her 10'th RESERVE CACIB *S*!!!!!!!!!!!


Muzica have a better critic from the judge than Gloria and she had a really hard time to decide about those two girls..and Gloria is hard to beat because she is showing her self extremely well *S* sometimes too much.....but I love it..just not on the run where she is like a crazy cowboy horse on the fields in springtime *S*!


What can I say .....more than I am so happy and proud!


Of course we were hoping for BOB on Gloria and another placement in the group....but our Norwegian friends got it instead, Congratulations to You...well done to beat us *S*!!!!


Fabian BOB          Judge Anette Edlander          Gloria BOS


We did not showed any breeding group today we have nothing similar to chose from an we were planning to go to a birthday party tonight to Hanna, when we do not have to stay for the finals..unfortunateley. In a hurry we packed together everything and drive to the camping and took our caravan behind our car and start our journey back home. It have start to snow a little and that was not good..we have winter tires on our car and summer tires on the caravan and that is not allowed if there is winter on the roads.

There were so much traffic and I have problems with my eyes then and our 160 km home felt like the double at least.



We moved Disa over to Nyhammers mobilehome and she start her "holiday" to Norway.


I have been looking at internet for two beds to use in our kitchen...when we get puppies we always sleep there for about 5 weeks...one week before and four weeks after the birth....in case of everything we like to be close to the mummy all day and night long. We have tried to have them in our bedroom once at first floor but then one of us have to be there all the time the first 8 days so I was not that good. The newborn puppies have a special small "room" like a whelping box with heat in the floor and "air-condition" made in an old cupboard in the kitchen, so perfect and so much calmer for the bitch..we built it three years ago when we renovate two rooms and moved our kennel inside the house in those rooms.

Anyway we were in a hurry home, but called and ask IF the owner of one of the beds can come to E 20 and meet us there because of the weather and the problems to turn around on small roads with our long equipage....and they did so it took just 5 minutes to put it in the caravan and to pay.

On the road again and we called another seller of another bed and they live close to E 20 and she went out to a smaller road so we could park close to a barn where we can turn around easy and then they came with their sofa there....it took just 10 minutes..perfect!


Now we were really hungry and tired and I have start to get migraine because of all sharp light from meeting cars ... We have to stay and buy food and when we came home we have to make dinner and it took a while because first we have to feed our dogs and turn the caravan around and to park it and to take most important things inside the house. Then after making the dinner and eating it we just fall apart in the kitchen together with our sleeping dogs so there were no birthday party for us tonight.


It have been one more long and eventful day in our life............ more rosettes to take home.


Photos from those days taken by Jenny A, Jennie, Rune and Me.



Monday 5 January 2009


Nat. Dog Show in Gothenburg, Judge Arne Foss from Norway.


There were only 30 Dalmatians entered today (this is a working day), and when the prize for a normal national show is 440:- per each dog (new for this year in Gothenburg) there is MUCH less dogs entered, and we that are used to enter 5-8 dogs everyday have to take just some to the show then. And no discount here if You enter more than two as on many other shows (In Norway it is always half prize from nr three).


Jennie and Ellie was there with us today and even Rebecca......!!!

My mother was there to look and Eva with Angie and Carin with Russin. And of course Jenny with Decibel....But Jenny what are You doing behind Your back..are You given a finger to the judges in the ring *S*, Noooo of course not..just holding the candy in Your hand.



Not that easy to be a dog with many that want to examine You... in Stockholm there were three at the same time, today "only" two.


My friend Jill was there with her Pongolands dog.                     Hildegun was there with her homebred youngsters, here is Muppe.


We have Daddy, Gloria and Devlina entered today, (Jenny have entered Decibel)......and the judge has only seen one of them...Devlina when she was 4 months old in a special show in Norway.


Photo of Devlina BIS Puppy at the special show in Norway 2006. Judge Arne Foss.


Daddy was nr one in intermediaclass and Nr TWO BEST MALE and got another CAC to his collection.




Gloria was nr one in intermediate class and later Nr ONE BEST BITCH, even she got one more CAC today.

Rune have to show her today, my feet was so bad after showing Daddy first.

Devlina was the only champion bitch and got CK and in the end she became Nr THREE BEST BITCH.




In the end Gloria became BOB and Ch Lovindas Fabian BOS.



Our breeding group was Best Group, but in the final ring in the afternoon we didn't get any placement at all.....boring...and there were 19 groups today so we have really needed some points. Our group today look very good if You ask me and many people told us that. But this is the way it is for all of us, sometimes the judge is not interested in You breed or do not even judge Your breed and of course it is also a matter of liking about o ...so it just is to go on and try to motivate until next show.

Most off the time when our groups win or got a placement there is for judges from the Nordic countries or East Europe and North Europe..The type is so much more elegant in other countries so maybe then they think that our Nordic dogs are to much?


In the Ring of Honour for group 6 there were Espen Engh judging..we have only showed Devlina for him once and was not sure what he think about our Dalmatians at all.

She showed well as always.....just a little toooo much speed *S* but better than the opposite!!!



Where are You Mummy???!!! HA HA I can seeeee You, even if You try to hide behind someone *S*!!!


And she was The Winner!!!!!!  


Judge for group 6 was Espen Engh, Norway.


Waiting for BIS!


Happy to meet Louice today, she was the ringmaster in the afternoon.


In BEST IN SHOW ten minutes later Gloria did it well again but did not get any placement, but a beautiful rose with a "stamp on"!



Full of nice flowers in the final ring. One very big reason that I love to win is that we sometimes get fantastic flowers. If Rune is calling home and told me that he have been winning sometimes, the first thing I ask for....Did You get any flowers *S*!


Here today there were soooooo beautiful bouquets in BIS....damned that we didn't had more luck *S*!


                       Anita showed William today.                Here is a short moment when I get contact with Daddy *S*!


At 8 o'clock this morning when we came to the Expo Jenny and I went to the food market and bought new baked bread. In some stores they have this fantastic machine to cut the bread with and You get perfect slices in the other end *S*! Jenny was really sick today, so she have to rest in the empty store while I take care of the bread.

We are always the last one to leave the show area  *S* so many things to carry out again. Here is Ellie and Jennie with Jill and Anne Karin with Disa.


Back to the caravan with Jenny, Jennie and Ellie (they went to Jennies home where Jenny stayed over the night) and some hour later Jonnie and his friend Johan came to visit us and to eat pizza. Jonnie was tired and when he lay down in our wonderful bed with Muzica he fell asleep at once so we have to wake him up after a while. He was going back home again and Anne Karin and Rune came to us to talk about today and tomorrow.

Jonnie sleeping.                              We were training Muzica for tomorrow.



Sunday 4 January 2009


As usual we were some hours late before we start our trip against Gothenburg.


It was very good weather and there were no problem to take the caravan with us...You never know this time of the year...it can change quickly.

At once when we came to the camping place in Gothenburg Rune and Rune *S* go to the Expo to bring most of our things inside already today. During that time I try to get heat in our caravan....it was only 7 degrees inside and -15 degrees outside...brrrrr. Our dogs was with Rune in the car....and when they were back an hour later we have to let our car on (but it is not allowed more than 2 minutes in Gothenburg), there were no other possibility for our dogs. After about an hour we have 18 degrees inside and we could bring our dogs inside....

During that hour we have been in Nyhammers new mobile home and eat a very good dinner. There were warm and cosy as long as Rune N didn't run in and out every fifth minute (after we have been eating) to smoke *S*, but then they move to our caravan with us instead, and we had a long and nice evening together.

And we opened the CHAMPAGNE today...You never know if You get anything tomorrow *S*!!!



This is the first time ever that I have been camping during the winter.....our new caravan is made for winter camping with lot of heating points as gas heat, electric heat and heat in the floor. And even all the pluming under the caravan is isolated in case of that You like to camp in the winter, and everything worked without problem, no drag by the floor or walls.....perfect!!!!!


Many people have their caravans at the camping all year around and it looks like they have celebrating Christmas there with all lights on.


To get a parking for our car in the parking house close to the Expo we have to go some hours to early tomorrow morning....and I hate it..but I love to go there and get a close parking of course so nothing else to do....



Saturday 3 January 2009


It have been the meaning for a long time that we will go to Gothenburg with our caravan already today, but now when we have Disa here and she is still smelling so good for our males it can be a problem in the caravan so we stay home until tomorrow instead. Anne Karin and Rune drive there in the afternoon and we continue to make our caravan ready for the trip tomorrow.



Friday 2 January 2009


Rune woke up at 6.30 with terrible pain in his stomach...I was calling to the hospital and they ordered us to come there or to call for an ambulance....he have had strange pain for about 19 years now some times during the year and he have been in for lots of tests and they never find anything that is wrong. (Probably too much chips if You ask me *S*).


One and a half hour later he said that maybe the worst pain was over for this time....and fell a sleep...for an hour. The nurse from the hospital was calling and he got a time there two hours later to check it up again.


I was driving him there and then I was going to Lidköping to shop some new brah's before coming shows *S*! And of course I found some other things that I need on discount.


Late in the evening Hanna, Jens, Anne Karin and Rune (came from Norway) and we eat together and look at our movie from the finals in Stockholm, and had a nice time together.



We got a photo from Tove in Norway of her family, and Albert (Int Ch Nuch SuchTimanka's Wounder Bird 12,5 years old)


And Annette sent a photo of Linn,Donna and Diezel (Jilloc's Somebodys Star).



And here is a photo of Jonnie putting stockings on Eddies feet. Jill is curious too.


Nathalie sent a photo of Eddie and Jimmie in the bed.



Thursday 1 January 2009


First day of a new healthy and lucky year for us all!



My fathers 88 birthday, if he have been alive. We were at his grave 300 m behind our house, with flowers and to light candles.


The rest of the day we were at home and look at TV.......nice!


Tomorrow it is work for Rune again and our friends from Norway Anne Karin and Rune is coming in the evening.



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