If YOU have a son or daughter to Jilloc's LOVERBOY, please let us know if YOU are going

 to BRATISLAVA and the WW Show in October-09.

We should be proud to enter a Progeny group there but have to know which dogs that

are coming so we can enter with their names!!!



Tuesday 30 June 2009


Tired..........I start with a new medicine yesterday and I feel really tired of this tablet's. Hope it will be better in some days.


The heat is still here and dogs are sleeping most of the day, but they like when I am out in the dog yard and flush water, they run through the water beam and bite it *S* soo funny to look at them.





Thank you Maria for those photos.



Monday 29 June 2009


Lacy day at home, for me.


 Ok lacy and lacy ???  Breakfast for Roy at 10.30, Lunch 13.30, Dinner 18.30 and between that Jonnie was here and want something too eat twice, so I have no calm day as I was hoping for (as usual). In the late evening Roy came back again and was hungry..and he buy lot of food and delicatessen all day long so we have to buy a larger freezer if he continue with this. Jonnie came at 2 in the night for sandwich and salad...I am soooo tired of making food all day long and to make coffee, tea, soft drink and and and..But of course I do it!!!!

Roy is much better now but he want the same service that we gave him when he was sick....and he is used with the culture from Asia, so I hope his friend Juan is coming here soon...we/I have really needed her here the last months *S* now I feel very old and tired with all my pain. Thank god that Rune is a very good chef and love to cook, but I am the one that always take care of all dishes, and Roy can't carry heavy things now so poor Rune is often in the store to carry home everything heavy.


Just give him a bag with chips and than he can do what ever You ask him to do *S*!



Devlina have start her season some days ago, and we will mate her...but who will we use??????


Probably a liver male, but who...we have some that we are thinking about but they live in Denmark and we are going to Bornholm this weekend so we can't really see how we can make this happened.

Jenny is waiting for a new star so it is important that it is right for her too, but she trust my decisions I think (what else can she do *S*).


And Rune have called her mother in Norway today so we can be sure that we have someone that can stay here in the house with 4 weeks old puppies when we are in Bratislava for 10-14 days in October.

We will take the caravan and try to find some more shows, and we love to go to visit Stephanie in south of Germany etc etc.

Hope to get some "rest" then!


Jennie and Ellie have been to the see today probably are some of Ellies all classes over now, she have been training for tennis, dance and ice dance every day for some weeks now. And in every evening she is training with her horse, I think that seams to be too much for her, but she love it.

But as You can see of the photos she love to be free and just enjoy the nature.

Wish I have been there.


I got photos from Nathalie too that Eddie is just like a fish in the water and he do not want to get up from his baby pool.




It was first after midnight that it was normal temperature outside and we were sitting for a while at the terrace just to enjoy the summer.


It have been nice to take a dip in the pool now but the floor under the pool have been broken so some day Rune and Jonnie have to take care of that too.



Sunday 28 June 2009



Woke up to nice news from Niina in Finland, J Scandal Beauty, Mette and Tobbe is in Latvia today and Neela have now become Champion there too!!!


Proud Mette and Neela with her Latvian Champion Title!




In the middle of the day I got more news, this time from Holland and about Seven, Jilloc's Seventh Heaven.

Diana and Andre tell that she have been BOB again today, Hurray!!!


Seven with her proof handler Andre, he always look that calm........Thank You Diana for photos.


Later on Seven became second in Group, well done!



Saturday 27 June 2009


Today a National show in Borås 140 km from home. We was sooo tired this morning that even Rune said for a second...let us stay home in bed instead.

But of course we were on our way one hour later. We have just entered Muzica and Gloria because we know that Sperm Bank was coming and many other bitches from Jilloc's.

It was a fantastic day with almost tooo much heat and sun, but we enjoyed the day together with all our friends.


We have brought our three puppies there too for training and Bell was with us just for joy.


Open class males Milton (Bosson's son from kennel Fairytale Spot's) and J Sperm Bank.


Madelen is very good at showing Milton now. Sperm Bank love to be at shows, he get more food then *S*!




Hurray, here comes Lotta and SUCH Jilloc's Sperm Bank - Champion today!



He is the fifth Champion in the S-Litter, in 3 weeks. They were 2 year 6 of June.....fantastic!


J Somebody's Star was there just to look, and Anette and her children had Donna with them. Jenny was sooo happy to see Donna again (Decibels mother) I think it was mutual.

Yvonne with Jilloc's Truely In Love and Rune with Muzica. Behind the judge Martin Johansson...Eva and Angie and Carin and Russin.


Hildegunn and Vinta - Eva and Angie.


Rune and Moss in the shadow while they were waiting..together with Jenny and Hildegun.


Gloria in champion class..both J Hothouse Flower and J Miss Perfect did not come today. Best bitch Nr 1 Muzica and Nr 2 Gloria!



Moss looked like she was pregnant because she steel all puppies food in the morning, and we have been walking with her for hours just to try to get her thinner *S* but she is such a beautiful bitch so nobody care about it. But she looked better in the afternoon *S*!!!


S Rus Latv Uch Muzika S Nevskij Ostrovov and SUCH Jilloc's Sperm Bank.



Gloria and Love wanted to play when they run in the Breedersgroup.


Nice to have lot of help with the puppies today.


Borås Newspaper made a reportage about Anette and her dogs and Me.

Lotta called home to tell the fantastic news about Love.


Puppies all around!


We have never seen anything better!!!!! Why didn't I think about that when my children were small!?!


Maria was training with Bell and Penny today!


Sweet Donna.


Donna get many kisses from Jenny today. We could not understand where Rune and Hildegunn run away all the time???? To buy ice-cream of course!


Our dear friend Ann Kristine was here today!!!!


Gloria is just now toooooo hot to handle, she will start her season any day now and is more crazy than normal!


Vinta, Angie, Gloria and Love in the final ring, and believe it or not...we were BIS 4 Breeding group......even if Gloria just was standing on two legs or sitting down most of the time *S*!


A real summer show. In the left corner You can see Rune and Moss waiting for the final.


Ready to bring in Group 6.


Moss for pre judging.................Mummy where are You!!! She is fantastic, she can see me even if I am standing far far away!


Rune start to be tired in the heat, but Muzica have no problems to run and run.


 Many dogs in the group today. Only two left in the end......they have met many times this year already but Rune have had Gloria in the leach then.


She became BIG 2 and we were happy to not have to go back tomorrow...we really need to lot of things at home in the garden...and were sooo pleased with the results of this day!


When we drive back home they have opened the new E 20 in Götene today, so we will now get some less traffic outside our house!!!




Friday 26 June 2009


Today I got the photo from Denmark two weeks ago when Milda, Ch Jilloc's Right Here Right Now got her Danish, Nordic and International Champion title, Congratulations to Helena our fantastic friend, Milda was the first in R-Litter to be Int.Ch...Nova and Devlina is only missing one CACIB each now.


Congratulations to both of You!


 Ch Oriana's Traceable Target BOB & BOS to Ch Jilloc's Right Here Right Now


Photo by Helle Høie

Judge : Ramune Kazlauskaite


We tried with a Breedinggroup with two bitches and two males, and it went well, Hurray!!!! But it was hell of a weather!!!

Bought the photo of Kennel Jilloc's winning best breeders group in Avesta, from Lillemor Böös. Judge Petra Junehall.


First in the late evening it was such a normal temperature outside that we could start to pack our car for tomorrow.

We are going to a show just 140 km from home with two of our bitches. Many other Jilloc's dogs are there and Spermbank is coming too to try to get his last CAC as many of our puppy buyers bitches...we just have to wait and see if someone get anything tomorrow.



Thursday 25 June 2009


We have been very tired this week so I almost forgot what happens from day to day.


Anyway we have had lot of things to do and I have been to my doctors for some times.


Yesterday we have lot of visitors here. Louice came to show us her 5 puppies that she have in her home and close to her.


Especially her own little black girl Lisa, is gorgeous and laugh just like her father Expo!!!


Lisa                                                                               Expo


Hanna and Jens came too with both of their puppies they have kept at home.

Kisses both here and there.


Roy and Hanna eat up all the good cakes.......and we could see that.....I try to put up my puppies to a nice photo, but I gave up, only Devlin...sorry Dollar understand what I wanted from them *S*!


Hanna's puppies were so interested in Louices smaller once. Then our bigger babies came out...they were totally crazy!


Jonnie and Roy came and we all eat taco and later on coffee on the terrace, lovely warm evening.


Rune got his late birthday present from Hanna and Jens today......lot of BACON.....he was soooooo happy!!!!



Wednesday 24 June 2009



I proudly present my granddaughter Ellie on her horse!

She is now training everyday....Jennie is so proud and happy, because some years ago Ellie fell of the horse and did not ride for over two years.


She gets private lessons every day from one of the best, Louice Widman.


Hey there!!!


Thank You Joke and Henk for those beautiful photos of Shadow and of Your fantastic garden!!!


In the evening the floor under the pool was broken and we have to take all the water out again!!!



Tuesday 23 June 2009



Some true words for You all wherever You live in the world or who ever You are.



When I read in my own diary I sometimes realize how happy I am to have the possibility to do all these things that I am burning for.


Even if I feel like 150 year old every morning when I try to get out of bed......I am soo lucky to have a true interest because otherwise I have probably stayed in the bed all day long and I haven't had that much happiness in my life that I have now.


The only thing that we miss is a big win with lot of money so we can travel more and more to all shows in the whole world that we love to visit. But if You have all those money and are sick and can't get out of bed or cant see when You open Your eyes every morning, what is the meaning with all the money then???

So folks, try to think that there are always people that feel much worse than You even if You feel bad and poor (especially when You enter to tooo much shows) *S*.

 Just look at Your family and dogs and realize how happy You are if You stop the world for a second!!


I have tried it and I can tell You that it helps!


People have always been telling me since I was a small child that I always look so happy and smile. Yes, I probably do because I do not think it help if You look sad or grumpy even if You don't always feel that happy and healthy, and I can tell You that I have been through more things than most people do in their lives (And You all thought You know all about me *S*). So I am really tired of people that complains about small and pity things in life. Most of the time they haven't had any obstacle in life that is why they complain about shit things and feel so sorry for them selves, I think.


And think about that the main reason why - is what You self are doing, You are the one that take all bad or good decisions in Your life.


Dogs makes people more happy with their lives....


At least I am, and I love to get up every morning to a new day that will be what you make it to (even if it's hurt) *S*.


And don't forget that the Best Things In Life are for Free!



In the afternoon one of our true friend Tina from Stockholm was coming here on her way back home.

I have been planning to buy her some nice flowers but that is not that easy when we only meet on a dog show sometimes, so today it was perfect to go to my own flower shop with my own florist to order a nice bouquet to her. And we have to have a cake of course and some sandwiches.

We spend some nice hours on the terrace in lovely weather.


Viola while she arrange the flowers.                                   A chocolate Cake today.          


Cakeman came immediately when he heard that I had bought a cake today!


Devlina is tired after the trip. Nice to sit on the veranda and eat with friends and dogs. Bell was fond of Tina or the cake *S*!


Dollar, Euro and Penny was tired in the heat!



Gonzo (Daddy's brother) stayed in our car while they were here!



Monday 22 June 2009


Rune HAVE TO be at his work at 8 o'clock in the morning!!!

We were home 4 o'clock....tired! Rune went to bed at once and I just had to load in all photos from this weekend in the computer.

It was early morning when I went to bed some hours later.


I woke up when Cakeman called for coffee!


Mmmmmmmmm, for every cake I think of You Mark *S*!


Daddy wonder what it will be for breakfast today?? Cake or sandwich??



Jenny came with Muzica in the evening and we looked at TV together, thank You for taking care of Moss over the weekend!

Jill is still at my Jennies place.

We got a present from Roy and Jonnie...some wood for the cold winter. Thank You..we really need it!



Sunday 21 June 2009



Germany Barleben Club Show.



We woke up at the hotel close to Barleben and in the light we saw us around. Beautiful flowers all over and lovely, expensive cars on the parking and only nice dressed boys/men/gentlemen all over....girls You have to come here!!!! It was mostly Lamborghinis, BMW, Audi and Mercedes Sports cars and Porches!




I want "lavendel" in my garden (djungel) too. NH hotels can recommend!

In a backyard of another hotel there were lot of wood and behind the wood there were the show ring *S*.


Lovely place and nice hotel with lot of animals and birds in the garden.

I had to use my bad German a lot this weekend, but we understood each other - the boy on the photo and I *S*!

They make food and of course sell a lot of cold beer here..unfortunately Rune have to drink Coke...as we have a long trip home in the night. But if we could we would love to stay here for some days.

Bosson was entered in Ehrenklasse for only International champions, there were Devlins son Dot Com's Break Me shake Me, witch is well-known here. Beate his owner was showing a puppy in the other ring and have to run over to this ring to show Neelix, and he was soooo happy that I was really afraid that he will pull her over in the first round. You seam to be very strong Beate....well done!


Soooo happy to meet MATCH (Jilloc's The Perfect Match). And she got her Breeding Licens yesterday.


Daddy started in Open Class.


I never get tired of see him (and Rune) "on the move"! (But poor Rune start to be very tired to run) *S*!


There were a son of Dalmings Hocus Pokus (Devlins son)....it was interesting to see how much he has in common with HIS father....maybe Hocus have produce many children that look like him too, just like Devlin did???


Daddy was Nr 1 in Open and Hocus son Totti vom Gramzower Kloster was Nr 2.

Mummy where are You???                                                 Bosson and Daddy won nice cups!!


It was raining a little most of the day, but it does not bother people and dogs that much!


I think Match and Daddy remember when they were puppies two years ago and played together all day long!

Winner of Championclass.... Gwynmor Young Emily Brown. People were very nice and showed a very good sportmans ship here..it is soooo different from country to country!


Rune eat bratwurst and I eat snitzel...what else in Germany??!??


Here is "High speed Glory" on the move again....she is that happy that it is a problem to show her now!!!!! She is maybe a little bit calmer with me but I can't run with her because of my legs and feet........


Match and Jeannine in front of the Judge.


Gloria in front of the judge.


Gloria from Sweden Nr 1 in Open Nr 2 Perdita's Ragtime from Norway and Match from Sweden Nr 3, well done Nordic countries *S*!

More trophys!!!!

We saw many different Dalmatians today.


Like this little "PUPPY" *S*!

Hallo....where are You???? Daddy is waiting for the best bitch!


After lots of running Daddy became Club Winner and BOB, Plainfild's Cleo became BOS!


Mrs Aase Jacobsen, Kennel Toots Norway and Rune and Lux JCh-08, JWW-08, NordJW-08 SUCH, NUCH Jilloc's Sugardaddy!


What a weekend!


Honour run!


More photos...the bitch was in season we did not know that, but Daddy knew!!!!!


A very nice challenge price from the kennel - Of Old Stonewick...and the owner of the kennel witch celebrate 40 years this year, Mr and Mrs Boender.


 And here the chairman of the German Club who have been so nice and helpful when we try to enter to this show...Ilona...thank You for everything..we will be back!!

Hurry to the car and Devlina (she start her season yesterday and would like to sleep all time, so we decide to let her sleep today instead of being at the show). We were now in a hurry to try to reach POLAND and the BIS final in Szczecin in time, so Rune take our dogs to the car immediately and I get our critics from the show.

There were lot of things to be careful with in the car.


Look what we had behind our tent *S*!                 Daddy could not understand what it was!


There were 330 km to the show and when we put the address in the GPS it told us that we will be there about 40 minutes AFTER the final...can we drive that fast and be in time???????

If anyone can do that it will be my crazy Rune, he love to drive like a car thief!!!


It was raining a lot now and after 30 minutes we were sooo late for Poland that we were sure that we could not reach BIS in time, damned......I have been dreaming about their big BIS cup all night long......But maybe only the three first will get one?!?


Anyway we have to change the route and go directly home instead.


We drove all night long without any stops. We eat on the ferry between Rödby and Puttgarden and walked our dogs in Denmark and filled Diesel.

This is one hour from home at 3 o'clock somewhere between Gothenburg and Götene.

We were home at 4 o'clock. About 12 hours after we left Barleben.

And this was at 6 o'clock when I went to bed...poor Rune will be up in one hour for work.





Saturday 20 June 2009




We are at an International show in Szczecin in Poland.


Judge is Mr Janus Opara from Poland that I have met many years ago with Devlin.


We know that our friend Andrea Mix have entered her young male here today and some more dogs from Germany and one from Austria, no Polish Dalmatians unfortunately.


Everything was ok with our car in the morning, thank god!!!!!


It was a nice and sunny day and for 30 Polish zloty (About 100:- or 10 E) we could park our car close to the ring!!! Perfect, we can easy pay a lot more than normal cost if we can park that close, it will save us lot of time and frustration in the morning.


It was 50 Beagle before us in the ring so we had lot of time to talk with Andrea and Tamara????



First Intermediate class and then Open.


And then Bosson in Champion class.


BEST MALE was Bosson/Jilloc's Loverboy with CAC and CACIB, and RES. BEST MALE was Daddy with CAC, and because Bosson already is an International Champion the CACIB will go to Daddy, Hurray, could we witch for more today...Nooooooo, we were sooooo happy. From all class winners with Excellent the Judge have to chose Nr 1 Best Male and a Reserve...and it was fantastic that both of them were ours.



Then it was time for the bitches.


Gloria got Excellent and so did even Devlina that won the Champion class!!!!


Best Bitch Nr 1 was Gloria/Jilloc's Splendid Choice with CAC and CACIB, she have soo many already in Norway, Sweden, Holland and now in Poland (I start to think that her name fit her very well now *S*), Devlina became Reserve....with CAC, IF she have got the CACIB she have became an International Champion...but she have plenty of time for that.


Gloria BOB and Bosson BOS, thank You Andrea for helping us to take some photos.



Mr Janus Opara remind me of the first time that we met.....it was in Sofiero he said, and when I was back home I checked it up...and he was right.


I showed Devlin as a junior and he became BOB, it was in 1997....Oooooo what a memory he have (even better than mine *S*)!

This is a photo hanging in our home. Picture taken by Johan Frick-Meijer 1997 in Sofiero.



We were happy to move up to the very nice show area where the beautiful "ring of Honour" was made.


We walk around a little but things were even more expensive to buy here than at home???


They made a kind of cake with fresh fruit and some kind of pancakes that I ordered. It look so nice but did not taste what I have expected so I eat the strawberries and Gloria eat the cake *S*! And both of us was happy!


We have Swedish "tunnbröd (thin, soft bread)" with us and I am sure that our German friends are coming to Sweden to eat more of it *S*!


We had our car soo close to the ring. Other people have to go far to come back to their car, poor Andrea, she had no kennel boy with her today!


Do want!!!!!!



Gloria in her own highspeed as ususal *S*!


It was nice and lot of plants in the final ring, soooo beautiful, we already are planning to go back next year.


Who will it be as Nr 1?????????


Gloria!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Mr Opara did a Splendid Choice *S*!


Now we have to hurry to Barleben and Germany, even if the Polish Club have been nice to invite for a free night at a hotel in Szczecin......we are going to Germany directly and will try to be back for the BIS Finals tomorrow afternoon.....it is only 340 km one way, so if the Dalmatian show start in morning and there not are tooo many dogs we will be back in time for the final!!!!!


In and out from country to country *S*!


The elevator in the Hotel looked like a discotheque and the bathroom was very nice. We always bring cages to the room even if we pay extra 5 Euro for each dog at this hotel.

We did some stupid thing....we listened to "the Gps Lady" and suddenly we were in wrong city. So it were dark before we were at the hotel and could walk our dogs in the fields in the night, and it was raining.



Friday 19 June 2009



Midsummer eve


For the first time in my life I am away from home on this day.

We woke up one hour before we were in Kiel in Germany.


The night on the sea have been very calm except for some hours in the restaurant last evening. I have been sleeping for 9 hours!!!!

Sunny weather when we drive out from the boat at Schwedenkai in Kiel.


Our dogs have been out at the "peeing place" on the boat, so we drove some hours before we stopped.


And we buy tea and eat sandwiches that we brought from home.


Then we stopped in Germany on our way to Poland to shop just some necessary things. We were out in a town close to the Polish border.


Polish roads.                      A restaurant with my mothers name *S*!


When we have found our hotel in the city "Stettin" (the German name) it took us about an hour...even with our GPS......we decide to try to find the show area so we can be sure that we will find it in time tomorrow morning. It took about 2 hours..ok the city was huuuuuuuuge but "The Lady" in our gps send us to different places...thank god we did it today and NOT tomorrow morning. It sounds easy with an address....but Nooooooo way!!!!!

When we finally found the place it was raining.

After half an hour the sun was coming back again and we went out for a walk with all four dogs and look at the beautiful show area.

BUT.....where can we find OUR ring??????

Behind the nice stadium with green grass there were a field close to the forest and it stand Ring 15..our ring!!! It was terrible just to try to walk slowly in the ring...and it was even more hopeless with my bad feet and legs.

We drive around a little in the city to find something to eat and we saw lot of different and interesting things...I was surprised over all beautiful flowers but when we came closer we saw that they were made of plastic........not that nice at all.

Roads were mostly very bad in the city and there were lot of traffic and people.

After one more hour we were tired and hungry, we have drove about 450 km today from Kiel and about 100 km around in the city to find everything.

We bought Chinese food to eat at the hotel because they were smoking in the restaurant at the hotel.....grrrrrrr!!!!!

Otherwise the Campanile Hotel was new fresh and You were allowed to have Your dogs for free in the hotel room, for only 44 Euro without breakfast, soooo cheep. the only thing was that we couldn't get our car into the safe parking under the hotel, so we have to put it outside and they really warn us to put it there..but what can we chose of?????

I was soo nervous during the night...should the car be there in the morning..and our clothes???

For a while we talked about what to do....could we leave some of our dogs in the car just to scare thieves away...but think about the nightmare if they take the car AND our dogs.......!

They say that AFTER RAIN COMES SUNSHINE, we just have to wait and see tomorrow, but it doesn't feel that positive just now.



Anyway I was excited to meet the Judge Janus Opara from Poland again...it was may years since I showed my dogs for him..last time was in Oslo... I think it was 2002 and Devlin became BOB and his daughter from Dalstable that Eileen the breeder had was BOS.

I know that Mr Opara was very fond of that type then, and that was why were have been entering here..just to hope that he still was looking for the same things now.......we hope!



Thursday 18 June 2009



We are going to my mother today to celebrate her and Rune...Jennie and Ellie is coming there too. Nice to meet them again, and Snurra and Jill too.


Jimmie is working so they can't come. We are going to the both in Gothenburg -to- Kiel in the evening, hope it will be a nice and easy travelling on the sea this time too.

We will be in Germany Friday morning and continue to Poland.......

Flowers for Ellie because she have summer holiday now!

Lot of nice things to eat of course.


Jonnie and his "small" grandma.


Mr VOLVO him self.


Snurra, Ellie and Jonnie played in the bed.      My mother 84 year yesterday!!!          Rune and Ellie.

Roy took place in the sofa.


After some hour we continue to Gothenburg to find the ferry to Kiel/Germany. Hope it will be a calm trip...but it was storm in the harbour and the personal told us that it will be windy!

It is so perfect with animal cabins on those ferries and our dogs love to be there, the only thing is that it is too expensive to do this trips, at least for us...but we love it too. And we love to go and eat the buffet in the evening!!! I took photos from the restaurant but I can't find those photos, strange!!

It was heavy see for some hour when we were eating but it was much calmer when we walk down to our cabine, thank god!

I got a new photo from Jennie today of Ellie with Snurra and Jill, she is with Ellie and Jennie for some weeks now while we are travelling and that we are not ready for all our dogs in the new car yet.



This photos came from Holland and Elise that is the owner of J Picture Of Paradise and J Loverboys daughter from Kennel Lovinda....(Anne Karin and Rune.......HOW in hell could You have sold away this fantastic little sweet girl)...... I understand Elise that You are more than happy, even if the judge thought she was to much in body??!!?? at a show over there *S*. Thank god I say, that is what most of us prefer, but of course we all have to wait and se in the future what this will be. Just now she looks like a star..if You ask me *S*!!!

I am looking forward to Loverboys/Bossons progeny groups in the future..there are some really exciting puppies from him now from kennel Marnellin in Finland and from Stephanie's litter in England/Germany.

Suzy and Elise a perfect couple in the show ring..........We love what we see.

Thank You for holding her in that heavy condition that we like with puppies!






Wednesday 17 June 2009



My Mothers 84th Birthday


Sunny day at home!


It seams like I have green fingers this year. But just wait, I promise that everything will die in a while as usually with my flowers *S*!



I was sitting for 8 hours by the computer to update my diary.


Today there is more water in the pool.


Bell and Daddy eat lunch together with Roy!


We went to bed at 4 o'clock...soo much to take care of before we leave home tomorrow.



Tuesday 16 June 2009



Runes 41st Birthday


In the middle of the day they send Roy home from the hospital and he came here for coffee and he have bought lot of cakes to Rune today!




Daddy have been to the vet today to take a new gene test they have started a project in Denmark. Hopefully it will make it possible to find the gene for deafness, so now his children together with a Danish bitch will be tested too. He was proud of his green bandage *S*!


Suddenly a strange thing came driving at the field!!! It was Jonnie and Rune with the big pool that did not have a safe place in Roys garden so we have to move it here instead, and we will try our round pool on his veranda instead. This one was to big there....


First of all they have to clean our terrace....Jonnie played with the puppies and Rune was the one that swept the floor of course. Always the same *S*!


Mummy it wasn't me that eat up Your flowers....Euro said to me..but I am not that sure that I believe him. BUT his sister and brother was not at home during the weekend, so who can it be????



Monday 15 June 2009


Before we leave Avesta we took some photos at the "Dalahorse".


A big thank You to Jenny that showed Bosson yesterday for us!

Jenny and Bosson pose under the horse, and he liked to pee on it. The rain have stopped.....finally!


We stopped in Örebro to pee the dogs and to eat breakfast/lunch.


My shoes was still soooo wet that I had a shit bag over my foot in one of my shoes *S*..we looked like "The people from the countryside"*S*, now we want to go back home for a hot shower and clean and fresh clothes.


I have been talking in phone with Roy from early morning and he did not feel that well today. I told him to call his doctor, and he did....he will come back this week they told him for a new check, but suddenly he get much more sick and Jennie have to call for a service transport....and that car called for an ambulance that will meet them on the road to Gothenburg. We were still on our way home and could not do anything.....hopeless.


In the evening Roy called and he was now in a room at the hospital...they have checked him a lot with lot of infection tests but everything look ok, they will get the results tomorrow morning.


A long weekend was over and we were all very tired but of course happy for all fine results for many Jilloc's dogs!!



Sunday 14 June 2009


Drive 3 o'clock in the morning from Avesta to Vännäs in a terrible weather it took 6,5 hours in a far to high speed...for a while we thought that we were toooo late but it went. During the early morning I was asking Rune what in hell we were doing here on the road with all this stress when we could have been sleeping in the caravan until morning and then take it nice and easy until afternoon with Bosson in BIS.....

the meaning with this trip was to have a very nice breeding group in Vännäs for one of our favourite judges will judge the group there today, but now when sweet Decibel isn't with us anymore everything is spoiled with that nice looking group, so why in hell are we here????


The rain was even worse today and Devlina don't want to go out from the car....poor mummy's girl..I decide to let her be in the car and I told Rune that just go in with Daddy and Gloria and then we will pack the tent down again and we go back to Jenny and the other dogs in Avesta instead.

I was happy when I had decided that but at the same time angry that we were here spending so much money to come here and in this dangerous weather on roads.

Daddy won the champion class and were later Best Male Nr 3......Gloria was second in champion class after Nova and later on Nr 3 Best Bitch....for the first time I was happy for such results......so we can go home at once *S*!!!


WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAMA? Why are You just standing there???      Help me away from this terrible weather, don't take photos!!!!!!


Best Male 1-2-3-4



Gloria will start her season soon and she is even more hot to handle now than before *S* poor Rune!


Do You really mean it????? Thank YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!! I was happy to see Nova win of course, and that I got those funny photos *S*!

And I was even more happy when  Jilloc's Roll On big Mama, became BOB again...Congratulations once again ANNA and NOVA who also became BIG 2!

BOS was Albican's


This is the "best" photo of all terrible photos I took *S*..poor dogs..too long time in the rain today!



We were in a hurry to come back to Avesta!


It have been even worse weather in Avesta today and in the BIS final there were no people or Judges left *S*.....Bosson did not get any placement in the final today...and normally the 5 dogs that did not get placed get a white kokard, a flower o just something as a memory from the BIS final. But nothing today, that was a petty!


After eight hours we were back in the caravan again. It was very good with tee and a sandwich then, and it was very good to go to bed!





Saturday 13 June 2009


All the night it have been raining and raining, not a normal summer rain but as a stormy and terrible hard rain in October, and it wont stop..it was so hopeless to get the tent up while it was raining like that and I have forgot to take more than two clothes for our dogs with us....

But the puppies Penny and Dollar did not bother at all to be Int the rain, but we did.


Today Frank Kane was the judge for Dalmatians because Bosson got his first CAC for him on a large special show we have entered him today. Daddy, Gloria and Devlina too of course.


I showed Daddy today in my jogging shoes and I was more than wet on my feet *S*.....Mr Kane think some of the Dalmatians was too strong for him and Daddy ended as Nr 5 Best Male......Bettan to the right was the first to fall today on her stomac, then I was falling on my knees and then Rune fell on his back*S* it was so wet and slippery in the grass so it felt like ice, but we all landed very soft *S*!


Bosson saved us today and was BEST MALE, after him our friend Johan was placed with his Alphadirato dog, Congratulations!!!!


Then our bitches in Championclass....


Another friend Eva with her Veteran bitch became BOS Veteran today, Maja can still run!


The competition in the end between Bosson and an Ekryda bitch.


Bosson became BOB


It seams like Mr Kane say to Per Owe -: Hey Mr, You do not have to play with Your dog now...You have to put her up *S*!!

(Sorry, just joking!!!)


Carin took lot of photos too, hopefully she get some better than mine!


This a normal photo, but look at it a bit closer!!!!!!




I love my looooong objective sometimes *S*!


Dollar and Jenny are lovers!                           Bosson had his clothes on because of the weather!


Bosson did not understand why he should be out in the rain without clothes????


The judge picked out five dogs to be placed.


And Bosson was The Group winner, Hurray!!!! Thanks to the Judge Mr Göran Bodegård.....Rune is getting used to win the group now *S* and he love it!!!



Kennel Jilloc's won the BREEDING GROUP with two brown bitches and two black males today!


Photo is coming from the Photographer.


Judge Petra Junehall


All dogs were very tired in the evening.


Our plans was to let the caravan stay in Avesta and to start at 3 o'clock in the night with our journey to Vännäs...600 km north in Sweden for another show tomorrow, but now we got problems......nice problems *S*!

One of us...Jenny or Me have to stay in Avesta to show Bosson in BEST IN SHOW tomorrow afternoon.....


But we got one more big problem.......Me or Jenny have to come to the show area tomorrow with Bosson and the caravan was some km from that place, and without a car it is not that easy in this terrible weather...what can we do then?????? We tried many solutions but nothing worked...finally the show committee at the show helped us to get electricity at the show area and a place for us to stand at (Rune have to have electricity for his breathing mask) Thank YOU that were so nice and understand our problems with this.

We decide that Jenny will stay and show tomorrow so now she can sleep all day long and then just walk in before BIS will start.



There have been an International show in Vännäs today and we got the message that Ch Jillocs Roll On big Mama (Nova) became BOB, Congratulations to Anna the owner!!!!


Nova and Anna in the rain!!!! But it was worth it, Hurray for BOB!!!



Friday 12 June 2009


Thank God that Rune was free today!!!

Packed, packed and packed! Both the car and the caravan...I have to take lot of things out from the caravan because Jenny need the upper bed where I normally have all our things that we need. Ok, the caravan is huuuuge but there is never enough space for your things.


Today Ellie finished her school for over the summer! And it have been a terrible rain all day long, that is a pity.

She and Snurra stayed inside with candy and some nice movies and Jennie drive here to get her trailer, and to pick up Jill for some week while we are going to shows the coming weeks and Jill is not entered, and there is not space enough for all dogs in our car yet.


We were not ready to go until 16.15!!! And it was raining like hell....already!

There were many accidences on the road today because of the weather, but I drive carefully!


Jenny sooo happy to have a whole seat for her self!



We found a camping very close to the show area and was happy for a  parking and we paid for three day and nights because we will go home at Monday morning, nice to not be in a hurry!!!


Pizza and pasta in the evening, Rune was HAPPY, he have been on diet for a whole week now *S*!



Thursday 11 June 2009


Today it was time for Jonnie to the dentist again....I hate it because it is always so hard to get his dentist to understand what the problem is...and that the anaesthetic is not working, we do not know why it is the same every time when he comes to that dentist?


Mr Cake man is back!


After that I was shopping for Roy and put lot of food in his freezer so he don't have to shop over the weekend..he have no problems to drive shorter distances, but to carry things and walk is still a problem....But it will sure be better in a time we hope.


Rune came from work one hour earlier than normal and we immediately drove to the car seller in Karlskoga. The car was perfect for us and we made a quick change with him......Then we drove to Kristinehamn to get a horse trailer for Jennie there...it was so perfect for her that we drive that way so she don't have to drive that far from her home to buy it. She will come to us in the late evening to pick it up instead.


We met Jonnie on our way back home....he need money for gas, of course *S*!!!


Now it is "only" four months until he can start to take a new driving license. That's the way it is when You think You are the "King of the Road" *S*!

He was driving 169km/hour instead of 90 km/hour...but of course it was the police that have seen wrong *S*!!!


After a while Jennie called and said that she will NOT come today because she have been at the stable on a meeting and when she and Ellie came back to the car...Snurra have been shitting in the car and walked in it so they have to go home and clean the car for some hours *S*!!!


When we came home we immediately start to make plans how to put everything in the car. Of course Rune have to make a better solution in the future but just now we have to do something quickly before our long trip this weekend.


And thank god that Roy had the possibility to go to the garage so we could get our caravan back tonight because we had to start to fill it up with our things we need for the weekend.

We go to bed VERY late!



Wednesday 10 June 2009


Today there are many girls coming to get their dresses for their prom, so I was out in my store for many hours.


Rune trim some dogs in the evening.


Thank god that Roy and Jonnie could drive our caravan to the garage before they close because they will start tomorrow morning to install our Air-condition in the new caravan we bought in the end of 2008.......we bought air-condition last year to put it in our old caravan but thank god that we didn't do that, then we have had to buy a new one this year and they are not for free.


Our dream is to travel more and more and longer and longer to Europe during the years so we really need an air-condition for the dogs.

And this week we have to go to look for a better car too. Our Opel Vivaro have been very good for three years now, but it is gasoline and it have been going over 150 000 km now so we don't feel safe when we travel far from home in it. We want diesel and a larger engine and a sofa behind the driver for our passengers, or for the dogs, and I need an automatic because of my pain in my arms and legs....we have been looking for a car with all that for about 6 months now and there are no one, except new from the car producer, but we do not have that money to buy a new one or the time to wait. Last week we found one with all those things we want and this week we are going to look at it, it is at a company two hours from us but it is not easy when Rune have to work until five o'clock every day. And Roy haven't been home so we just have to wait......



Tuesday 9 June 2009


Roy is happy to be home after more than 4 weeks at the hospital.


Flowers on Roy's terrace.....some are real and some are fake.....


In the late evening Rune and I prepare everything for tomorrow when some girls are coming here to get their dresses for the prom this weekend.



Monday 8 June 2009


Roy have recovered very fast and this afternoon they send him home again, hopefully this was his last checkups in Gothenburg.


Got this photo of Expos sister, Bossons daughter in Holland - Erinn, she look really great, nice to meet her in Bratislava in October!

This is Expos daughter after J Matchmaker born at kennel Gåtfulls, what will this be???????


More from the litter!



Sunday 7 June 2009


It is not that hard to jump up in the middle of the night this time of the year because it is sooo bright, thank god.


We had only 300 km to Norrköping this morning. The Judge today will be Tino Pehar from xxxxxx and we have never heard about him before, but Jenny that is our spy on internet told us that in Västerås some months ago was he one of the judges that took lot of photos of Gloria when she became BIS 3 there so we really hope he like her a lot. If she got another CAC today 2 year and two days old she will became a Swedish and Norwegian CHAMPION and the same for Daddy if he became best male........we cross our fingers!!!!


First of all we were stopped in the entrance with our puppies that now from yesterday are allowed to go with us to the show area. From 4 month they can come inside as visitors....BUT NO!!!!! The man said that was checking everything...WHY!!!! We asked????? They are NOT 4 months!!!!! Yes they were 4 MONTHS YESTERDAY!!!!!!! No they are NOT!!! We thought he was crazy and Rune start to be red in his face. I asked if we could park the car close to the entrance so we could check the puppies because it is not allowed to have dogs in the car outside a dog show here...NO THE PARKING IS 500 meters that way...and he point with his finger. Rune said that we will go back home....but OH NO, he would not get away with this that easily!!!!

 I told him that I will go to the chairman and ask why, but he said that HE WAS THE one that make all decisions. I walked to the secretariat but the one that I would like to talk to was not there yet... the man said that they have to be 4 months before the weekend to count as 4 months old. But we told him, that that is IF THE DOG IS GOING TO BE ENTERED...then the dog have to be in right age the day before the weekend, but this was a visitor puppy (they are not allowed to participate on shows until 6 months of age) and they can just be 4 months under the weekend, but he told us that we have wrong and was VERY rude!!


But we KNEW we were right and just take the puppies to the entrance and point to the sign that said that they should be 4 months......and then he came running and give Rune an apologies and said that he had been wrong..YES!!! We have known that all the time. Stupid idiot!!!!!!!! So much mess for nothing!!! I really hope he will have a bad day and night, week and month for his impolite behaviours!!!!


Daddy was so interested in all bitches today, our girls at home are soon in season. Tino Pehar is looking at Ch J Easy Rider (Veteran).

Daddy became BEST MALE with both CAC, CACIB and was now CHAMPION!!! Our mood was already much much better *S*!



Once again Muzica and Gloria met in open class and both got Excellent and Gloria was the winner with Moss as Nr 2, once again *S*!


Carola and J Miss Perfect and Jenny and J Reflection In A Mirror in CHAMPIONCLASS.



Helena and J Right Here Right Now and Johan with Helenas Timanka's Movie Star in CHAMPIONCLASS too.




SUCH & NUCH  NordJV-08 NV-08 SV-09 Jilloc's Splendid Choice BOB BOS SUCH & NUCH LuxJ Ch JWW-08 NordJV-08 Jilloc's Sugardaddy.


Judge Tino Pehar


Our puppies was happy to be with us all day long, and many of our friends helped us to train them!


Göran and Kerstin was happy for Brandon being second Best Male today and Best Veteran. Even Göran was awake for many hours this time *S*!


WHAT IS RUNE LOOKING AT in the tent????                              Or????????????????????


Poor Darling he was sooooo tired today, and tomorrow morning he have to go up early for work again. If I have been working like him (and other people) there would not be dog shows every weekend!!!!

Jenny was training with Breeze, she will start to show her to help Kristina....


Jilloc's Super Model!!!!


She is such a nice and positive dog and a beautiful Dalmatian......



Jilloc's Wild Music, 4 months old, yesterday *S*!!!





Runes sweetheart!



Jilloc's Wannabe








Jilloc's Walk On Top







Rune was waiting for the finals and we were only three dogs in the Breeding group...so far *S*!


Here is the whole Group and we became BIS 2 Breeder, Hurray!!! Thank You to the Judge Svante Frisk!


Mr Tino Pehar was a nice person, and we talked about our Breed....in his country.


In the group GLORIA was the winner for Mr Martin Croaser that we met on our special show last year!!! Here he smile in the camera (to Jenny)!!!


I always have to hide behind a tent or anything else when Gloria is in the ring...she is always looking for me, and then she is even more HOT TO HANDLE than normal for Rune...and she is way tooooo much already!!!


Helena and Jenny at the front row!!!! Line up for BIS!



Waiting for the result from BIS.


No placement for Gloria today, but we have had a Perfect Day!!!!


Photo by Jenny.


Brandon didn't get any placement in the Veteran final either, but he is the BEST!


It is soooooo good to have a young and strong Kennel girl *S*!


While I walk one time to the car she can make it 5 times *S*!


Devlina & Gloria & Muzica & Daddy ready to go home!


Even young girls as Moss and Jenny can be tired after a looooong weekend on the road!



Saturday 6 June 2009


In the middle of the night Rune and Jenny start their Journey to Norway with Daddy and Gloria. There is an International show with Borghild Moen as a judge...it is 8 years since I met her in the show ring, and I think that Devlin was BOB and Edda (Timanka's Collectors Item) was BOS. Rune was still living in Norway then, but I have Edda here in Sweden to show her.

I have entered Muzica to Vänersborg National Show so I will go there if the weather is not to bad.


When I woke up (45 minutes too late) I haven't heard the bell....! It was raining, and I was thinking of staying at home instead, but I was so awake and it will be fun to meet Hildegunn, Eva, Annicka, Yvonne, Kristina, Carin and some more so I start to dress.

When I was ready the weather was much better and then I should put Moss in the car....but it took me about 40 minutes because the car is VERY heavy in the back and I am totally powerless to get a dog in that car.....she do not jump and I have forgot that I have to carry her up in the car.....I was totally slut after trying and trying...and she did not help me at all, just look at me and think I was stupid...after a while I was sooooo warm and dirty at my clothes and angry and I would like to kick the side of  the stupid idiotic car that wasn't made for dogs at all...grrrrrrr!! I was so angry that I cried and decide to get back in bed...BUT I am one of the most stubborn persons I know and I do NOT accept that a car will decide over me so I tried again and again and suddenly she was sitting in the back....

Then back in the house to take one puppy with me because today is the first day they are allowed to go with us to a show. They were 4 months yesterday, and that is the best training for small puppies. I asked Rune and Jenny to bring one to Norway too but they were to lacy.

All Jilloc's puppies (almost) hate to go by car...they pee, shit and throw up...always!!!


After about 4 minutes I felt a terrible smell...ok Dollar have done something in his cage


There were no dumpsters so I have to drive further.....after 25 km there were a big sign..Strawberries and I stopped to buy 4 boxes to bring to the show. I asked the lady if I can throw blankets and papers and dog shit in her big dumpster and it was ok.

I took dollar out and he was full of shit too so I have to wash him with warm water that I have bring. I put new papers and blankets in the cage and start again.

I couldn't close the gate to his cage so he tried to climb out all time....and he shit a smaller pile after some minutes, but I give up and stepped on the gas to try to reach Vänersborg before it start.

Hildegunn helped me to come in to the show area with all my things and a dirty dog.....Moss was very clean, thank god that I put her in a own cage......cleaver me *S*!


I got rapports from Norway after the males was ready and Daddy got both CAC today and CACIB and became best male, hurray!! I just start to feel a bit better.

Then Gloria got the Cac too and was second best bitch after Aases sweet champion  bitch Berta! What a day...they were 2 year and 1 day old!!!! My sweet babies!!!


Photo by Kai Christoffersen.


There were 14 Bitches in Open in Vänersborg together with Muzica.....Lena Stålhandske was the judge.....after lot of running in the rain..of course....Moss became at second place in open, DAMNED...soooo close again, just the same as in Gothenburg and in Larv!! Ok, that was very good, but not enough to get the Champion title!


A daughter of J Girl Next Door beat Moss.....


Exc. and second in open and Nr 3 Best Bitch Muzica, Nr 2 Best bitch was Ch Jilloc's Hot House Flower. Nr 4 and 5 ..........


BOB to Sweden and BOS to Norway, Congratulations!


Winta, Angie, Molly and Russin!!


Annicka showed her new raincoat from Denmark...and I have forgot my winter jacket...brrrrrrr!


It was a cold and rainy day and I stayed some more hours with my friends before I drive back home again....Dollar was so tired after all training and all people that have pet him today so he was SLEEPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the way home *S*!!! Ha ha ha........I was sooooo happy!


Dollar with Carin and Russin and her "Husse"/"Dad" in the background.



Fantastic News from Finland


Photo by Mette of Neela.



Neela was the first one to be a Champion in the Nordic countries.


Jilloc's Scandal Beauty became Finnish Champion today 2 Year and 1 day old!!


Congratulations to Mette and Niina.


And she was BOB and won the Group!!!!


(but she had to go to another show tomorrow and couldn't stay for BIS unfortunately)



Luxembourg Ch Jilloc's Seventh Heaven became BOB in Oldenburg, congratulations Andre and Diana, see You soon in Sweden.



Some hours after me Jenny and Rune came from Norway and we eat a little and went to bed because there will be another show tomorrow in Norrköping so we have to start at 5 o'clock.


I got beautiful flowers from Jenny!



Photo from Carin in North of Sweden, Pi (J Wings Of Love), Penny, Dollar and Euros sister have been to her first show, and she have been BIS-Puppy, CONGRATULATIONS, what a perfect start, on her 4 month Day!!!

She was showed by Carins daughter!



Friday 5 June 2009



Jilloc's S-Litter is 2 Years today, Hurray!!!




Jenny is 24 Year old!!!!





Jimmie called at 9 o'clock he have been talking with the hospital and Roy was since some hours already in the surgery...we just have to wait. At 12 it was ready and he start to wake up.

At 15.15 the phone called and it was Roy himself, he sounds much better already than for a long time.

Now he just have to recover and rest and hope that the result will be better this time.


Jonnie and I drive to Götene to the Police station to get his bicycle back that the Police have found.

Both wheels were broken and we couldn't understand how to get it home.....I have a permanent cage in my car and it is far for Jonnie to walk home with the bicycle and very soon it will start to rain.

Then our local policeman came walking towards his car and he saw that we had problems so he ask Jonnie if he want him to drive him and the bicycle back home......very nice! And Jonnie was happy to go with the Police car...this time without doing anything wrong *S*!!!


Tired dogs!


Rune eat a high and nice dinner when he came home *S*!


We have now booked everything for our trip to Denmark, Bornholm in July...for a dog show of course.

This will be the first time for us both to go there......the boat took only 1,5 hour from Ystad to Rönne, but cost almost 3000:-!!!!!!!

So You can't go there to often, if Rune have been free we should have stayed there for some days, but now we have to go back immediately after the show.



Thursday 4 June 2009


At 4.15 last night I heard that I got an sms.......of course I woke up and have read on my phone. Since I got my first child 36 year ago I always sleep with all minds open...that is probably a thing that every mom do *S*.

Now it was a sms from the biggest "baby" Roy *S*...he ask where he could find his sheepskin slippers because he couldn't sleep and was sitting at his computer and was freezing on his feet *S**S**S*!!!

But I am so used with this so I just answered and fell asleep again. Just so happy that he was ok and nothing else have happened.

At 5 o'clock I got another sms just after falling asleep. Now it was from the youngest "baby" Jonnie that just want to tell me that he have been looking at the video we bought today, and that it was ok on his recorder and that he will go to bed now*S*!

Probably I fell asleep again and the alarm clock was ringing at 6.45..time for Rune to go up for work, poor. Thank god that he sleep so well in the night.....this kind of sms or calls is "normal" for me.


Hard to fell a sleep again and after a while I went up instead....Moss and Jill and Devlina and Gloria thought that I was crazy today, toooooo early for them!


Roy called and I thought he want coffee ALREADY????? But he did not feel so well, and he have been talking about it last night already...I told him to call to the hospital, they have said that he immediately should do that if something wasn't ok.

I had a feeling that he have to go back to the hospital and start to make tee and feed the dogs with breakfast, in case of......

Ten minutes later he called again and have been talking to his doctor and I should immediately call for a car to him. When I called they checked his personal number...and they say there were no person with that number..and I told them 20 times...but no....No time to loose so I took the car and go to his home to pick him up and at the same time I called my doctor and cancelled my appointment one hour later. When we came to the hospital they start to take blood tests in both his arms to check how far the infection from his operation wound had gone in his body..and after a while there came three doctors to check him. The last specialist say that they should call for an ambulance so they could drive to Gothenburg for an emergency new operation. After five hours I was on my way back home again...


A little while after I was back home Roy called and then he was in Gothenburg already....and they start to make him ready for the new operation as soon as they could.





Wednesday 3 June 2009


This morning just when I have let the dogs out I heard a scream and I run out to the backyard to se what have happened....Muzica was standing with a big bird in her mouth and the other dogs try to take it from her, it was the bird that was screaming!!!!


I try to be angry at them and shout to them and try to reach the bird, but as soon as Moss lay down the bird someone else took it. I was really stressed about the poor bird. I saw that it was injured but still alive.....my heart was bleeding for that poor bird.

I do not know what I did but after a while I get the bird from the dogs and it was so terrible to see how it fight to breath. What could I do..no one at home that could help me I turn around and saw a spade and took it and closed my eyes and ended the birds pain. It was soo terrible and I felt sick. I carried it to the front side of the house and put it there with a blanket over.......Just a bird some people said...but it was a life and I have never killed anything else than flies before, and hope I do not have to do it again.


Roy came with cake and I eat two...but it doesn't help at all.


After some hours I heard the same screaming from the backyard again......NO!!!!!!

 I run out and there were another big bird jumping in front of the dogs....I run in the kennel and put the water on and start to flush my dogs that try to reach the bird...I hope it will fly away but maybe this one was hurt too so it just jump around. After a while it crawl under a dog bed that was turned up side down, in the dog yard and hide there for the dogs. Smart!

Moss and Devlina couldn't forget about it and try to find it. I took them inside and when Rune came home and went out to look for it - it was gone, thank god!


We were looking at a new Swedish movie until late....



Tuesday 2 June 2009


Daddy had problems to decide what to eat...candy or carrot!!!!! He took the carrot *S*... Good boy!



Our small "devils" was very tired after having a "funny hour"!


Just joking...it was me that have put the cable to the vacuum cleaner over a bench while I was working so the puppies couldn't eat on it, but I pull in the cable and everything fell down from the bench.....but it COULD have been the puppies because they eat on everything just now because they have start to change their teeth.


In the afternoon Roy came back from the hospital, there he have been for over three weeks now. We think he wasn't in enough good shape yet, but he just want to come home!!!!

We made dinner that he have been longing to eat. And he went to bed early...hopefully for a good night sleep in his own bed.



Monday 1 June 2009


Today we hired a trailer and put Jonnies tractor on the top and then we drive 200 km to a boy that have bought it. Thank god now there is only 6 of his cars at home *S*!

I was at IKEA at the way back and buy glasses, there are no one left at home..we have crashed them all *S*.


Tired when we were back in time to see "Mama's Boys" on TV, a crazy program every Monday!


Look what I got from Eddie, Nathalie and Jimmie yesterday, and from Hanna at Mothers Day!!!!

Thank You all!

And this is the beautiful Willow Tree box I got from Sara, Tim, Jen and Tom last month!

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