Saturday 1 may 2010


Ekolsund training and training, soo sooooooo tired.


I was falling down the kitchen stair and got my leg under me..thank god the chiropractor was there and emediatelly came with ice for my feet, thank god nothing was broken!



Sunday 2 may 2010


Tired and lot o f pain!!!!



Monday 3 may 2010


We will pay a fortune for a scale *S*!



Tuesday 4 may 2010


It is no holiday here.......it is so hard just to walk to the barn with the gym just less than one kilometer, many times every day!



Wednesday 5 may 2010


Last chanse to do extra and extra training......every part of our body hurts.....

In the late evening we took Mattias on a late walk.......It was even worse for him to do all this training....but he is a fantastic guy and I wich him all the best...I see so much of Jonnie my youngest son in him

Thursday 6 may 2010


New elemination day....


We were still second pair from the top, Hurray!!


Blue couple asked us all to send them home as they now know that they are expecting a baby and would like to go home to their familys to tell them.



Elimination Day!


We were the second Best coule....one more week to go. Such terrible and hard work and we hate it but we will do it!!!


Friday 7 may 2010

Saturday 8 may 2010

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Monday 10 may 2010

Tuesday 11 may 2010

Wednesday 12 may 2010

Thursday 13 may 2010


Elimination Day!


Love Thursdays and the elimination, it is sooo exciting to go on the scale and I love to be standing there. So proud to have such luck in life to come to this program and I am never afraid to be sent home as I know that I can do this now and I want to show the whole world that I took this last chance for me to get a healthier life, I can do it this time, and I believe in myself!!


Rune -2,6 and I -1,9, not bad but not enough to stay above the yellow line, we were there together with the pink ladies.


Thank god that Jessica told us that WE will be the one that decide wich one of us in the team that will be sent home...One from each team.....If the other competitors got the choice they immediately have said good bye to Rune as he is such a hard opponent. No one saw me as a threat in this "game" Not even I!!!!

We were so sure about that I was going home and I was happy to come back and meet our dogs and especially Jonnie again.

But just then we did not think about that we wasn't allowed to keep contact at all and don't talk in phone...this was the most terrible of all but we did not think about that just then.....! After a quick goodbye only in front of the cameras (terrible) Sofia from pink team and I was taken to a hotel in Enköping........I called home to many people at once...SOOOOOOO good to just talk in your own phone....! I talked for may hours and put the TV on at the hotel room, such a luxury!!




Friday 14 may 2010


I had 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bags to carry to the train, and Sofia had some really heavy so we decide to take a cab to the railwaystation.

The taxi driver ask me where I came from and when I told him that I have been at Biggest Loser Sweden he said...Ooooo the place for all very heavy people (and he was really big by himself). Yes I said, and he ask if I was one from the tv team...Oh no I said I am one of the contestants.......he just look strange at me and drive away????? Ok.....I have only lost -8,9 kg and I might start to look a bit smaller????????????????????? Or? Hope so, I feel so much better anyway *S*!

It was like a joke to carry and drag 7 bags and suitcases by my self and to change bus three times....people look at me when I drop my bags al the time and they probably thought it was a tv program or something because this was almost impossible to handle.

At the bus stop in Götene Jenny and Daddy was there to meet me......Daddy look very strange at me and my bags before he found out that it was his mummy that was back home again. Jonnie and Eva and Arne came with flowers and Roy came with cake and smörgåstårta and more sweet things *S*!!!!



Saturday 15 may 2010

Sunday 16 may 2010

Monday 17 may 2010

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Wednesday 19 may 2010

Thursday 20 may 2010


My Weight 92,3, and my Birthday!


Elimination Day!


No idea what happend to Rune today but he was still there for one more week as he did not call for me to bring him home. Hate when he is gone and want him home.....But at the same time I want him to stay until the end!!!



Friday 21 may 2010

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Thursday 27 may 2010


My Weight 90,2

Elimination Day!


I want Rune home, but I want him to stay too, as I know he is the best!!!


Called around in the evening to check who is going home and about 21.30 I got answer at Mattias mobile phone, oh noooo I wanted him to stay at the castle much longer!!!

I got some news about Rune from Mattias, but could just think that it is at least 7 days until I can meet him again (I felt sorry for that, but was happy at the same time that he is still there). Mixed feeling!!!!



Friday 28 may 2010


Gym at 9.00 and then training, and out walking as every day now just to make time pass faster.

Hard to sleep in the night just thinking and thinking how Rune feel.



Saturday 29 may 2010


Jenny drive to Österbybruk with Princess and Jill. Princess became Nr 4 BIS Puppy and Jill won the Group!



Sunday 30 may 2010


Jenny and I drive back to Österbybruk to be there in BIS with Jill in the afternoon....it was such a loooong way and took almost 6 hours to go there. We passed Ekolsund Castle and I missed Rune even more than before. We try to see some of the teams and of course we were looking so much for a ORANGE jacket, but did not see anyone at all. I showed Jenny where we have been walking around in the area close to the castle.


No placement for Jill in BIS and a terrible long way back home and away from my darling.......!

I want him home NOW, but of course I want him to stay until the end of the competition too.....! This is hard.



Monday 31 may 2010


Up early Core Bas 8.30 continue with Body Vive 9.20 then back home and worked in the garden. Have to keep my self busy all time so I don't miss Rune so much!







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